Great Disappointment in Moose Jaw Pride and GLAMJ

This is the 27th of May 2015 I ordered it on 30th of April 2015. Tomorrow is 4 weeks and it's still not here. As you see the money has been transferred and still NO shirt. How am I supposed to take them seriously if they can't even have the manufacturer get me the shirt in 4 weeks? I am home 90% of the time so it's not like I missed someone coming over here. Really quite disappointed and soon will be seeking to get my money back. This is not how you do business. I have ordered stuff from Australia and got it in less time that it has been already. Sigh. I was expecting to get it for pride week so I could have it on in a few VLOGS during the week. This is the first real planned pride week we have had in Moose Jaw. But I guess I can't expect people to get off their ass and get things done. My dealings with Moose Jaw Pride so far are a big let down. I won't be making the mistake in the future or recommending that anyone else do the same. I heard so many good things and the seem to have organized a lot of events for pride week. But they sure don't seem to care about the individual. They also claim to "welcome everyone" to the weekly GLAMJ coffee. My friend (the other Dave) was told he was NOT welcome to be with them any more. The reasoning was "we can't talk about personal gay things with a straight person around". Well your in a cafe, is that the place to talk about personal things in the first place. So you exclude the straight person. This is pure preludes on your part. Even several members of the LGBTQ community have been given the cold shoulder. They sit down and many of the members would actually relocate to not be with them. This is not "Everyone is Welcome", if you ask me. Oh if we only had the moral compass that the Regina group seems to have. They do include all people.

.: Peace and Love from the King Do-gooder :.


  1. Just sent this email to Moose Jaw Pride:

    "OK I ordered a T-Shirt on April 30th. Attacked is the payment threw PayPal. This is literally 4 weeks later now and I don’t have my shirt. What the heck. I guess this is when I ask for my $22 back. Shipping information should have been delivered to you threw the PayPal. So there really is NO reason for this. I'm in Moose Jaw for Gods sake. How hard is it to get it to me?"


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