Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's My Hobby Not My Job

 Not one monetized video any place...

I know some people do want to make money off of YouTube and it's fine. But for me it will literally never be an option. To me I am here in interact and to make friends. To get money for that would make me feel wrong. This this will always be a hobby not a job. I like to vlog and I like to comment. It's what I do for fun. Being disabled and no being able to go out where I want when I want keeps me from being social in the so called real world. Thus most of my interactions are online. Facebook and YouTube are my place of choice to hang out. There will always be some place online. There is too much money in social media not to let people have it for free. Even if YouTube would stop letting us vlog on here for free, I would have Facebook to hang out with people on. After all it's 80% of my online interaction not here. But I do like watching car race videos, vlogs and so on... So as long as it's free I will be here.

Peace - Dave :)

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