T-Shirt Gate is Over

It's finally here 35 days after it was supposed to have been mailed out in the first place. I had to send several emails and even ask for my money back. But now it's here. They tell me there was a mix-up in communications and it was mailed very late. I don't know. I just know I want to support the organization as it seems to be trying to make a difference. Moose Jaw is not the most LGBTQ friendly community on the planet, so there is a need. There is a strong fundamental Christian base here that shuns the good people who are NOT like them. So to be openly gay in this community is to limit jobs and social interaction. Personally I have literally been told just why I am going to hell after being recognized from the news paper in relation to a GLAMJ event. Moose Jaw Pride is the next step from GLAMJ and is taking over the task of education and so on, doing what we could not do in the first place. It seems to be well organized and has the resources and pubic backing that is needed, while we just went for coffee and so on. I am hoping this is not a reflection of how they chose to interact with people of size. After all this took way too long to sort out and in the end caused a lot of frustration for me. It also made a lot of people who know me well question the validity of the willingness to serve all of the community on the part of Moose Jaw Pride. When I was at the Pub Night I was about the only large person there. I did not see anyone even close to my size. Perhaps this is because not many people of size chose to socialize in this city. After all there is a lot of discrimination here to people of size. This is strange to me being the large amount of people with a weight problem in this city. I know first hand that people would rather give a job to someone way less qualified than to a person my size. But in the end I got my shirt and all is well. Wish I could have gone to the Drag Show, it looks like it was a blast. But it's too far to walk for me and a cab was an expense I was not willing to put out for.

Peace and Love - Dave :)


  1. As long as your happy that's all that should matter, who cares what disgruntled people think of you, they are just unhappy with their themselves who need to start enjoying life as it comes.

    1. You got that right, Actually the guy who told me why I am going to hell ended up so mad at me he lost the ability to talk. I was quoting bible verses that contradicted him. So was my friend who has a masters degree in Theology. Then the manager told him to get out. So it ended well.


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