Saturday, August 29, 2015

Windows Fan With No Reason...

Seem to have run into someone that thinks windows can not be at fault for it's obvious bugs. LOL. Yes... It drops internet connection and the modem tests fine. Still it has to be my ISP not windows. Mean while 2 other devices on the network have never had a problem with connectivity. I even know how the bug is happening. Winsock is being corrupted. You reset and it's fine. That can NOT be the ISP. Resetting your PC does not fix a faulty modem of cable connection. Not even possible. Still some people just like to argue. We call them stupid people. See you literally can not reason with someone who does not have the intellect to reason in the first place.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Essential Blues Playlist

Blind Willie Johnson - Jesus is coming soon
Robert Johnson- Crossroad
Willie Brown - M & O Blues
Charley Patton - 34 Blues
Richard "Rabbit" Brown - James Alley Blues
Mississippi John Hurt - Spike Driver Blues
Luke Jordan - Cocaine Blues
Bo Carter - Please Warm My Meiner
Bull Moose Jackson - Big Ten Inch
Blind Boy Fuller - What's The Smells Like Fish
Clara Smith - It's Tight Like That
Etta Baker - One Dime Blues

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Church Music Play List

Vusi Mahlasela - River Jordan
Boney M - Rivers of Babylon
As We Gather At Your Table
Son House - John The Revelator
Psalters - Home for Refugees
Glass Harp : Whatever Life Demands
Bob Dylan - Slow Train
Blind Willie Johnson – Mother’s Children Have a Hard Time
Skip James - Let Jesus Lead You
Larry Norman - Feeling So Bad
Doug Burr – Ain’t Got no Chains
Odetta - Aint no grave can hold my body down

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wow Look at all Them Updates

Service Fee Hay?

1. This was a charge that was not supposed to be coming. Smith Micro made a "Mistake" and charged me for something that was candled after I paid for the full version.

2. The FreeStyle checking account is NOT supposed to have service fees. So I am so happy to see that Conexus Credit Union has charged me $5 to have money taken out of my account when in fact I did NOT authorize it to happen.

As of yet no sign of the $45 NSF fee they threatened to charge me over this matter. Will be trying to get my $5 back as well I think. Also wondering how the hell long PayPal takes to issue the refund. Money was taken out the same moment that the "Mistake" was made. Day number two of the word "Pending" on the refund. They say it can take up to ten days to get it refunded. Well it seems you get things done right the hell now when you want the money from me, but when it's time to pay me - ten days...

Ah the wonders of finance. The mystery to us that is banking and online transactions. All those ways to screw you over if you don't watch for it. They always claim it's a mistake when things go wrong. Seems that a lot of people have mistakes made on their charges all the time. Seriously have to wonder about it all. Is it actually a common business practice to randomly bill people and see what happens? Or am I just paranoid?

* NOTE: Sarcasm is intended... Peace and Love - Dave :)

* UPDATE: A nice lady called and talked to me after I made noise on twitter. To make me happy, they waved the $5 fee. I am happy with this :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Had Trouble with Smith Micro and my Bank

 Charged twice for the same software from Smith Micro. A google search turned up several others with the same plight, as well as a couple who literally did not know where the charge was coming from.

Now the thing here is they have a shady practice of charging you for the full program after 30 days of using the trial unless you cancel it. If I remember this is not even legal in Canada, I don't know about the USA. But on the 29th I put in a cancel request and paid for the full version threw paypal. Smith Micro then seems to have lost of ignored the cancel email and charged me for the same program twice. The difference in name is because one is the so called trial and the other is the full version I paid for. The difference in price is due to the change in the Canadian dollar compared to the US price of the product.

Now I phone the bank and tell them I want to stop the payment, as I only have $4 in the account right now. The rest of my money is in investments and I literally can't get them our or they charge me $100 to do so. The lady on the phone tells me I need to have $15 in the account to be able to stop the payment that I did NOT authorize as they charge you $15 to do so. The fact that I am on a disability pension and have very limited income and need to keep the little money I have on hand to get to needed medical tests seems to fall on deaf ears. So obviously Connexus Credit Union does not much care about the fact I will be hit for a $45 charge for not having the funds in the bank for a payment I did NOT authorize. The fact that the charge should literally never have been made is not even of consequence to them at all.

So I am out money I can't afford to pay and will be short for the next month coming up over a shady company with a shady way of doing business. Not to mention a bank that literally does NOT care that I am being ripped off and will charge me $45 to be ripped off for over $93. So it's almost $139 in total that I am actually being screwed out of.

Smith Micro tells me that if I give the information the request they will send a refund to me. The thing is I am still out $45 for a screw up on their end that seems to happen more than it should. If I was the only one with this trouble from them, I would pass it off as perhaps something I did wrong. But I am far from alone.

As you see this is for poser 8 and 10 is out now. So they have been doing this practice for some time now. I wonder how many people literally did not realize they where going to be charged for the thing and just uninsulated it thinking that would be the end of it? Not to mention the fact that another person I know from online has told me the same thing happens to him as to me. They never cancelled his trial and he was charged for it anyway. He did not actually buy the full version though, as it did not fit his needs.

Twitter Accounts...
Smith Micro: @smithmicro and @SMSIGraphics
Connexus: @Conexus_CU
Me: @AxeMoose

* UPDATE: I have won the appeal with PayPal and they have refunded the money. So all is good with that. I just now need to try and get the bank to wave this $45 NSF fee for something I did NOT actually authorize. Will be doing that as soon as it shows up in my account.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Shomi on the Cable Box and my Smart Blue Ray

 Shomi on the Shaw cable box. There is no search function, so you have to go looking threw the list of titles to get to what you want. The phone and tablet app has a save function to let you get quick access to shows and movies you want to watch - so does the online version threw your browser. The thing is for people like myself, I can't sit in front of the PC for more than 20 min at a time before having to move around or lay down for a bit. My Fibro and CFS just won't let me. But the recliner is a lot more easy on my body and I can sit for almost 2 hours in it. Thus I like to watch on the TV instead. Watching on the phone makes my eyes hurt by the way. This is a problem for me that may make me not continue with the service. As well there is not as large a selection as other streaming services. The advantage comes with the type of content. It is selected to be desirable to the Canadian market and the older TV shows are very fun to watch again. If there was the same functionality in the cable box version as the online, I would have no reservations about spending the $9 a month on it.

This is the menu for my "smart blue ray". There is netflix, CinimaNow, YouTube and Facebook apps on it. It was only $50 at the time on sale, and I only wanted it for netflix and blue ray media. It will also hook to the PC threw the network and stream my music and videos off the PC. This is a nice feature if you ask me. The only problem is when I upgraded to windows 10, it seems to have lost the ability to stream. I had to play with the settings on the PC for some time before I figured it out and got it back online. The folders where still shared and the device was still authorized, so I have no clue really. But after guessing my way threw it for some time, I got it to work. Don't ask me how and searching online was no help at all - all the articles I found said my setting where right to be able to stream. So it's a mystery to me... It also has a USB port for a thumb drive or card reader or even external hard drive. The ad on the web page said it was WiFi and it was not, so it's cabled in to the modem. Both TV and Blue Ray are Samsung so it talks to my phone as well...

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Windows 10 buggy

OK down at the bottom are the first 2 updates. This was literally the same day they released Windows 10. So there where 2 patches for it the sane day LOL. Then on the 5th there was another patch. Being that it does NOT always have internet connectivity, and I am by far not alone with this bug, it may need some more fixin'... This is the 8th and I just had to reset to get it to work on the internet. Not only that something seems to be taking control when I am working just for a second. The task bar keeps getting a icon then it's gone - all in less than a second. What the living hell Microsoft? What is going on here?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Went to the Lancaster Taphouse with Dale

I started with a pint of Bohemian  Lager. I got the Smoked Cheddar Bacon Burger with fries. I finished with a Black Bridge IPA beer. The lager was sharp and tasty as all get out. The burger was out of this world good. The fries where OK. The IPA was in the top 10 beers I have ever drank so it was a treat to say the least. Total price (including liquor tax) was $33.20

I give my meal an 8 out of 10 and well worth the price. 

The bottom photo is my friend Dale pigging out on 3 - yes 3 - deserts. The cheese cake is well cheese cake. The Chocolate Torte I had a small taste of and it was rather good. The big deal was the last one, the Ale Beignets. This thing was so darn good that you can hardly imagine it. The taste was out of this world.