Monday, August 17, 2015

Shomi on the Cable Box and my Smart Blue Ray

 Shomi on the Shaw cable box. There is no search function, so you have to go looking threw the list of titles to get to what you want. The phone and tablet app has a save function to let you get quick access to shows and movies you want to watch - so does the online version threw your browser. The thing is for people like myself, I can't sit in front of the PC for more than 20 min at a time before having to move around or lay down for a bit. My Fibro and CFS just won't let me. But the recliner is a lot more easy on my body and I can sit for almost 2 hours in it. Thus I like to watch on the TV instead. Watching on the phone makes my eyes hurt by the way. This is a problem for me that may make me not continue with the service. As well there is not as large a selection as other streaming services. The advantage comes with the type of content. It is selected to be desirable to the Canadian market and the older TV shows are very fun to watch again. If there was the same functionality in the cable box version as the online, I would have no reservations about spending the $9 a month on it.

This is the menu for my "smart blue ray". There is netflix, CinimaNow, YouTube and Facebook apps on it. It was only $50 at the time on sale, and I only wanted it for netflix and blue ray media. It will also hook to the PC threw the network and stream my music and videos off the PC. This is a nice feature if you ask me. The only problem is when I upgraded to windows 10, it seems to have lost the ability to stream. I had to play with the settings on the PC for some time before I figured it out and got it back online. The folders where still shared and the device was still authorized, so I have no clue really. But after guessing my way threw it for some time, I got it to work. Don't ask me how and searching online was no help at all - all the articles I found said my setting where right to be able to stream. So it's a mystery to me... It also has a USB port for a thumb drive or card reader or even external hard drive. The ad on the web page said it was WiFi and it was not, so it's cabled in to the modem. Both TV and Blue Ray are Samsung so it talks to my phone as well...

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