Thursday, September 3, 2015

Saying So Long To Several Small Site

I have not been a member of Let's Vlog for several years now. There was a disagreement over a few things and the members at the time split. Many of us landed on out own platform for a while called VidiVlogs. But I still remember the fun and excitement of joining a small site with a lot of rather good vlogers. I won't go into the details in full on why we split, it would take too long. But for me personally there was issues with people who where homophobic. Two of witch signed up over on VV as well. They did not last long I did a vlog on Gay rights and Marriage Equality and then out came the face of hate. They took off. I was not mad at them in the least bit and nor did I boot them off (I was the mod). They just quit. It was a shame as I liked them and found them interesting. But when people can not get over their differences in ideology this is what happens.

But back to LV. The sight was mostly at the time geared to Christians. It was a place where you could express your love of God and NOT be ridiculed for it. This was a great thing in my mind. There where several good discussions on the topics that came up as well. It was a pleasure to be there. Yes I did leave the site over several issues. But that is not important. Not all small sites are a perfect fit for everyone. It's that simple. The man who owned it and ran it was well spoken and rather charismatic. I think that helped in the popularity of the site. I don't know why it came to a close or if it will come back in a reincarnation as it did in the past after closing. I just want to congratulate them on making it a good place for like minded people to get along and vlog without the fear of trolling.

I know many people who vloged on the site or at least where members and lurked in the background LOL. They never had a bad thing to say about it. Not like we talked about it often. As for VidiVlogs we had our fun but it became much to expensive for the owner to run after a while. The most of us from there now post from time to time on another mid sized site. That one has had it's differences and almost died off for them a couple of times. But for now it is a fun place to interact. Although there are many members, there are few who view vlogs or comment. This is a shame. I would like to have input from some of them.

Nothing is like YouTube though. The vast giant that is way more than a vlogging site. It is an entertainment hub. Sooner or later I fear that vloging will be a lost art. When I started there where many vloggers and good ones. Now most of them have vanished. The die-hard vloggers will vlog every day. I have done this for over 1100 days now. Unless something happens to me I will continue to do so for a long time to come. When I started the top ten list of video types included vlogging. Now the top 25 does not include it at all.

There are a lot of flash in the pan vloggers who want to become big fast. They come and go in a mater of a month or less. They get mad when they are not showing growth. Well the thing is to be on the top of the game, you need to put money into it. To draw attention and be seen in the search list, you need to spend cash and lots of it. Then there is "the look". If you have a look or a trend that is out of the norm you will draw in the numbers. You have to keep on top of it and keep fresh to keep on top. This is why from time to time the big names quit as well.

But I digress. I miss the small sites and the at home feel they gave me when I posted on them. But it is a matter of money. Others have found that out when they got a lot of members and all the sudden the server owner is telling you that you need to upgrade to a vastly expensive service. This was the doom of one I had hope for in a very short time. That time, there was a big splash and people got very upset at the mention of subscription fees. It was a terrible hit for the people who started it. Everyone acted like a ass hat and a lot of feelings where hurt and a lot of things where said. I felt bad for the one fellow even though he said some cruel things. After all he is a nice fellow who does a lot of good in his own way and has a lot of talent.

There are a couple of small ones left, but they are by far not my fit. In the end, there is no hope for small vlogging sites. Even the groups that open on facebook tend to descend into just a place to drop a video from YouTube then never talk to anyone. So I stick to the vast land of YouTube and hope that the good people I love to watch don't stop posting. For me it's the family vloggers I like the best. They rock. Too bad many of them turn out to be fakes, but I have stuck with the true to life ones for a long time now. Come to mention it, the first person I subscribed too I am still watching and he still watches me. He even spent a couple of days at my place on a road trip he was on. I have met several vloggers from Regina now. I would love to meet up with many more. But that is life.

Good day all and keep vlogging.


  1. Dave, you are defiantly, keeping the art of, "vlogging," alive and well.

    1. I hope so :) Vlog a day until you die...

  2. Great post Dave, hope to meet you someday, we're neighbors!

    1. Not that far at all. It would be an over night trip unless you like driving in the night though LOL.