More Reasons I am Fat

OK this is yet more reasons why I am fat. So I fired up Netflix and ordered a pizza, bread sticks and cina sticks. Then I made myself a drink and a large one with Clamato juice and Vodka. I then made 4 move like it while watching 3 movies and eating most of the food. Only the cheese bread sticks where saved for later. Then I staggered to the bathroom then to bed and slept from 9PM till 10:31AM. It was a great sleep but I am sure it lead to all them carbs and all that sugar going straight to fat. Oh well once you hit 400LBS it's all down hill in the first place and the likelihood of you ever dropping 250lbs or so is not too good. So Nextflix and Oink it is. Then on to Facebook to complain that it's hard to walk and breath and that I hurt like crazy. But it has to be someone elses fault, after all I am well above the average intelligence rating, why would I ever do this to myself? So it needs to be the fault of society, my long dead parents or at least the relatives that have abandoned me in the face of disability. The fact that I keep choosing to binge eat my way into an early grave just for the pleasure that it gives me is nothing to do with it. So to hell with it, lets have some chips!

Peace and Love - Dave :)


  1. What else can you do when take away, processed food, is cheaper to buy than, wholesome foods?

    1. It's so much more complicated than people realize. Most of the time the blame is NOT 100% on anyone or anything. It's shared. But in the end there are a lot of choices I made that lead to this.


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