So when you claim to have been the one who took the photos but then someone sees one he has seen before... Well in this case I have seen literally all of them before. They are cropped out of videos that where shot by little known YouTubers like the fellow on in the screen cap. Shame man shame. There is no need for this at all. How empty is your life that you would need to post other peoples work as your own. In the old days of digital art the would call you a smudgy for this. That is when someone takes someone elses work and crops out or smudges out the copy right. Man most of the time when people do this shit they get caught. Man he had me fooled for so long... Not any more...


  1. Plagiarism is such a shame really, all people need to do is give a little credit where it is due, who cares who took the photos if they are good.


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