When You Are Too Stupid To Even Lie

For someone who is either lifting weights or working his 24 hour a day job (literally said this one time) - he seems to be on the net a lot LOL. Also said he was an EMT. Also said he worked in IT for 21 years. Also said he was in the army (love that one). Also said he was a professional photographer. Also claimed to be a house wife living in Moose Jaw (he is a man in Ohio). Also said he was a researcher. Also claimed to be a cop. Also claimed to be "Scientist" never said what kind... The list is long...

The wonderful world of a paranoid schizophrenic who never worked a single day in his life. By the way he communicates, I am guessing he was lucky to have even graduated high school. Amazing really how rapped up in his own little world of lies and delusions he is.

But ya know. When you steal someone else's weight lifting videos and post them as your own, this alone says a lot for you. What can I say? Never a dull moment with bat shit crazy people around on the interwebs... After all, if you're on the net and able to dislike a video literally 20 hours out of the day, literally every day of the year... Well there is no possibility that he works or has a social life. Wonder how few times he has even gone outside? Bet it's been months. Mom's Basement must be a wonderful place, as he never leaves it.


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