Monday, December 11, 2017

Pusheenicorn 1 and 2

Pusheenicorn has a sister. My good friend sent me another of the kind. Yeah the new one looks a bit rough, but she just needs to decompress from being stuffed in a box and well a bit of smoothing out the fur. the one on the left looked about the same when she first got pulled out of a box. I did notice however that their faces are different. They are oh so freaking cute though I tell you. Who in their right mind can resist Pusheen? Only the most evil among us don't like her.

Someone asked me if I had names for them. Well Pusheenicorn 1 and 2 I guess. All the others are a certain type and have no duplicates. I tend to call them by the type as in "cookie Pusheen" or "Cool Pusheen". Besides I won't remember the names if I give them one. I named the non Pusheen plush toys and I got no idea what the hell their names are - just the cow being Jasmine... The others I got no clue as to their long lost names.

I really have to stop getting more, I literally have run out of room to put them. If I got more I would have to also get a shelf unit to put them on. Although that is an idea, it's an expensive one - I mean a cheep shelf is a bit much for me. Maybe a second hand one at a yard sale some day... Hmmm more Pusheens toys...

Why I Only Watch Classic Vloggers

90% of the videos I have watched in the last year have the same person commenting "TFS" on every last video. Kind of sure they did not watch any of the videos. But then again 1/4 of the comments on my Thanks video lead me to think they did not watch even 10 seconds of the video. LOL.

Another thing you got to love is these people who show "subscribe" lease a couple of comments then unsubscribe a day or 2 later. Just for the shit and giggles many a time, I have subbed them a week down the road then unsubbed the next day. Sure enough they show up subbed again then 2 days later off the list they go LOL.

There is also a reason I don't click anything with the word "prank" on it, 98% of them are fake as hell and you can tell right away and the other 2% seem to be evil bastards who don't deserve a click because of the terrible things they do to people.

I won't even get stated on the very popular fail videos. I used to watch them then I started to ask myself, "what do you think is funny about people getting hurt"? That stopped that nonsense in it's tracks. Not to mention 50% of them have the worst music known to human kind on them.

Honest to God there are almost no channels over the 2K mark that I subscribe to for a reason. I don't find the content to be what I'm interested in or they feel fake to me. Anyone who scripts what they are going to say in a vlog and you can tell by the 78 jump cuts in the 3 minute vlog - don't appeal to me at all.

The well above normal energy level also gets to me in a short amount of time. I literally find it draining to watch this kind of person. Not to mention I'm kind of sure in real life they don't have 10% of that much energy.

Anyone who sets the camera to show their boobs is an immediate click off to me as well. I'm just not interested in that and even if you have good content, you are pushing me away from it by selling your body for views.

There as well are not many family vloggers I watch as the vast majority of them seem to be exploitation to me.

So what the hell is there left to watch you are thinking by now? Well that would be music videos and talking head vlogs. I enjoy the hell out of a video that documents a person or family's day. Talking on a topic is also good for me as long as it's not dramatic and overblown.

Oh yes and angry yelling people literally give me anxiety and I can't stand to watch it. I know if you know me you might know I put myself threw watching that kind of stuff for one persons videos. Well I was trying to be supportive of someone I thought needed it. Well that did not work out so well - won't go into it though... Let's just say I'm well and truly cone with them.

Evil Pusheen

Two Days of Bean Mix

 Two days worth of bean mix. This was a while ago, today I'm making more with 2 kinds of beans - chick peas and black beans. I used twice the tomatoes even though I said I was only going to use 1 can in a vlog, I used 2. Veggies will be cooked separately then added in later.
 This month long purge with this kind of thing should get me down 15 lbs or more. Last week I dropped 5.6 lbs. I am taking 1 day a week to eat more food than this and different kinds of food, so my body does not get used to having less food to eat. Next month I'll be back to eating chicken.

The Makings of My Christmas Dinner

Not shown is the frozen veggies I will be making with it.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

There is Giving and There is Saying

I like how many times people want to "donate" then when you give them the link to do it, they don't follow up. Seems people on the internet are primarily out to be seen as helping. This is very much the case in several things I have shared for other people and myself. In one case no less than 9 people said they would and the amount on the gofundme was the same a month later. As well it seems the more people really do need money as in for medical reason, the less likely people are to donate to them. Likewise, the more frivolous the fundraiser the more likely they are to get donations. On a side note, the ones who do tend to give actually NEVER say they will - they just do it. A good example was my Dad - I had not one clue how much money and time he gave to charity when he was alive, it was years after his death I found out.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Chose to Do a Good Thing

I have a great deal of love to give this world. I show compassion and kindness to those who I encounter unless they prove not to be worthy of it by harming others. In that case I walk away from them and do not have anything to do with them. You can't make people understand the value of human life after all.

A simple act of kindness can change someones day, make it better and improve the lives of other as the pass along the kindness. Sure not all people will pass it on, some will take it and not care about others - but most will pass it on in some manner or another.

Random acts of kindness and a simple bit of communication in a positive light have saved lives. They have been the turning point for someone who thought there was nothing good left and made the person decide to get help and stay alive. You never know, you could with a few kind words help more than you will ever know.

It has been for me in the past a great salvation. I have been in a place where I thought humanity was not worth any respect. I was shown at that time that it was. It's a long series of stories and I won't go into it deeply. Just know that there where people who helped and never knew how much they where doing.

Every time I needed a sign that there is good in this world I have received it. Every time I needed help I got it. I am lucky in that respect as not everyone can say the same.

Don't let bad things change you for the worst. Good people have bad things happen to them and bad people have good things happen to them, this is just a fact of life. We chose what path we take for the most part and we can chose to make the world a bit better one interaction at a time.

Yes I've had my head bit off several times for saying a kind word or being pleasant to people. Hell I got called a F*ing C*t one time for holding the door for a woman. I understood that she was an angry person and I did not allow it to destroy my day or the desire to show that simple kindness to others.

Giving $5 to the person ahead of you in the line so they can cover the few items they have at the till can give the gift of them not going without food that day. Saying hello to a lonely person can make them happy for the rest of the day. Chose to do a good thing. Chose to be a good person. This world has enough people who chose to take and not care for others. Chose to be positive.

Taking a Photo of My Own Eye With a Smartphone

You have any idea how hard it is to take a good photo of your own eye with a smart phone? Well for one thing, if you use the front camera you never get a clear shot or you have to crop it out and then you are left with a small low quality image. So I used the back camera on 2X zoom and a mirror to line it all up and take the photo. But I ended up with a nice image in good resolution to work with.

YouTube Monetization Messed Up Again

So over there at the bottom, there is a green circle with a $ in it. This is supposed to mean that the video is monetized. Well the deal is I have literally never set one to be monetized.

When I posted this video a few days ago there was that green thing there and I thought, "did I set it by mistake"? I was half asleep when I posted this after all.

So I go and look and NOPE it's not turned on at all. So I turn off my adblocker and go to the video and no ads on it. So now I know something has messed up.

The next day (2 days after I posted) it says it's been demonetized (a yellow $). Well I tap it on the phone and it tells me to log into it with my PC to find out why. Well there is nothing in my account saying anything about it LOL.

Now this was taken on day 3 and it's back to saying it's monetized. So I'm all kinds of confused by now.

I do know that they are messing with the bot that tells if a video needs to have the ads removed, but this does not explain this for my case. It does however explain why a bunch of people I know have had a pile of videos restored to monetization with no mention of it to them at all. Then again there was literally no reason for Google to remove the ads in the first place LOL.

See it's not at all a simple bit of code. It's actually a bunch of very complicated bits of code that are supposed to work together. The thing is they sometimes cause each other to not work right. Like when windows broke the webcams for over 20,000,000 people.

But now there is the 10,000 people they hired to review videos and comments. I have a bit of a worry about this, but that's another story... Have a good one all.

Semi-Vegan Bean Purge Week 1

Well the "semi-vegan" bean purge is going well. I fell off the wagon on Tuesday and had a bacon cheese burger (and it freaking rocked). But other then that I stuck to it and the result was a 5.6 lb drop in weight. WOOT.

My goal for the month was 15 lbs down in the time frame of the month... I did however have sugar for cheat day (Friday is cheat day). Fortunately I don't actually have the money to go all out and order in or eat out for the rest of the month, so I should stay more on track than this week.

Next month it's back to the beans and veggies twice a day and chicken and veggies for dinner. Might actually end up doing chicken chili some of those days and when that happens it will be all 3 meals for the day.

You do get a lot of looks when you load 60 cans of beans in the cart BTW. The other thing is, the bean and veggie thing goes threw your tummy fast and leaves you feeling hungry sooner then if you eat meat. If I was to eat the same amount of calories with meat, it would stick around longer and I would not feel as hungry.

Here is the other deal, today is fine but - there are days when I feel hungry even if I just eat until I feel sick. Other days I don't feel hungry at all. My brain does not work right so I don't get the right triggers as to hunger. This is one reason (of many) why I got to be 498 lbs at my worst.

This is NOT blaming my folks as I know they loved me but... My parents used to make me finish what was on my plate. They both where raised in situations where food was not always in great supply and they where trained that it was a sin against God (I'm not kidding) to waste food. They tried to pass that onto me and even if I was full they said - "finish it or you don't leave the table".

From this made to eat too much the ability for my brain to know when I was full went away and was replaced with the feeling of being filled to capacity with food.

Later in life (possibly due to medication I take) my brain started to get confused as to the feeling of hunger. I do however know once again when I have had enough food, even though this took a couple of years to learn again.

So now I just have to listen to my body when it says "enough" and not go by 20 years of training by my parents...

In any event - have a good one all.

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Weight Loss Log Dec 8, 2017


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Change (lbs)

+1.8 B.
+3.0 P.F.
+12.6 P.F.
+3.6 P.F.
+2.4 P.F.
+4.6 P.F.
+3.0 P.F.
+2 P.F.
-2.6 W.W.
+11.0 J.F.
+9.6 J.F.
+6.0 J.F.
+5.8 J.F.
+2.6 J.F.

From heaviest of 498: 137.4
This term: 31.0

P.F.     Processed Foods
J.F.      Junk Food
P.        Pizza
B.        Burgers

13       Weeks UP
02       Weeks N/C
22       Weeks DOWN

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Can't Think Of A Good Name For This Playlist

The Egles One Of These Nights

David Essex - Rock On

Bing Crosby & David Bowie - The Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth)

Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy's Christmas

Tracy Chapman - O holy night

Todd Rundgren - A Dream Goes On Forever

Blood Sweat and Tears - Sometimes In Winter

Seals & Crofts - We May Never Pass This Way Again

Carole King - I Feel The Earth Move

John Lennon - Stand By Me

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cotton Fields

Rebecca Tomkins - Liminal

Cursi - Because the Night