Social Retardation An Information Guide

Social Retardation:

1. A condition in which a person heaves inappropriately in public or on the internet. Normally they have no idea how to act or communicate with other people. They generally do not understand at all that they are socially retarded at all. They are also unaware of their own deficiencies in many other facets of life.

EX: Please excuse Al, he is socially retarded.

2. When someone lacks the skills a person normally picks up in elementary grades of school in able to be able to communicate with others in day to day life. Excessive use of internet with purpose of gaining attention any way possible normally leads to social retardation.

EX: A person with a large amount of accounts on any web site with the purpose of trolling is a social retard.

There is generally no help for these people as their brains are deformed. Many scientific studies have proven their lack of intellect and social skills are due to severe and irreversible brain damage. This damage is normally caused in the stages of development from ages 9 to 14. After this time span, there is no way of them gaining the neural pathways needed to interact in a normal manner.

Chronic gamers can be close to this status, but never pass over the line to being social retards. In fact, most gamers function very well with others and have to do so to play a lot of the modern games. Although gamers can be shy and uneasy, they are normally able to interact without offence. Game Trolls on the other hand are never able to play the games and are just there to disrupt the people who do have the skills to play games. These are social retards.

The saddest thing is, that socially retarded people generally think they are extremely intelligent and/or witty. The reality is they can not actually string words together without proving they have a damaged brain. So it is important to not get made when you encounter one, instead feel deeply sorry for their sad fate.


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