Remember It's For Your Freedom And Your Rights

Step 1: Teach people to conform to the "common good" and of course tell them what that is.
Step 2: Erase history and make a new history that fits the profile of the soon to come empire.
Step 3: Start to arrest people who do not follow the plan for the good of the "people".
Step 4: The minds of the people are controlled so anything can be forced on them.

It is literally happening as we sit here blindly letting it. The manipulation of society into thinking the way the higher ups want you to think. We are also starting to take away anything that reminds us of a past that they don't want you to remember. That being people who stood up against the US government.

Got into a discussion about if the confederate statues should be removed or not. The fact that someone literally said they are a symbol of people going against the USA as a country and that is why they need to be removed - never once sparked the person as being 100% why I think they should stay.

It is a fact to anyone who knows me that I have no love for those who abuse others or those who think they are somehow better than the rest. This includes the White Power morons. But the fact remains, this is an attempt to remove this part of history and the symbol of decent that it is form view.

It has nothing to do with "white heritage" or "white privilege" or the common good. It is the manipulation of point of view. If we remove the signs of decent then people forget that they existed.

Sooner or later the people then become more complacent in what they are told and less likely to stand up to a government who is doing wrong by them.

This is exactly how it HAS happened in the past. This is exactly what is happening now in the USA.

All I can say is I am glad that I probably won't be around when the world is at war in the name of the great GOD America.

We have already found an enemy to fight that can not be defeated without a global conflict. Just like Germany once did under the leadership of a man they all thought was great and would save them all.

history is repeating it's self once again and like every other time, when people point it out - they are cast aside as either crazy or an enemy of the state who wants to destroy democracy.

Just remember, we are all special and the government will make us safe from the people they literally created in the first place. The only difference here is they actually did create conflict instead of just symbols of our fear. Oh and also remember it's all for your "rights" and your "freedom" that we take away the symbols of discontent with the system.


  1. No nobody is blind, it is just that we do not want to jeoperdize our Internet, Cable tv, junk food, fancy cars, and all in all lavish lifestyle, why would we risk all that for the sake of our dirt poor neighbors who we dont give a hoot about or the handicapped woman down the street? huh? in this time and age there will be no revolution in America because we have it too good, notice how all the countries that rise up against their governments have nothing to lose, but americans they have a lot to lose and our government is not torturing us or putting us in prison because we flap our gums online, oh no we hate and we see what is going on, it is just too big a price to do anything about it ;)

    1. We are all disabled by a illution and ignorance is the only medicine we have.

  2. fantastic post by the way

    1. I'm actually seeing more and more people who think the government is always right. Hell they tell you this in a round about way in school now. It's not a good situation. Not to mention the middle class is getting smaller by the day.


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