Projected Expenses For April 2019

Extra money month in April so I'm getting more money. As well, my advance will then be paid off from disability and I'll then get $1128 a month instead of the $1088 I been getting this last 6 months. So after this I should be better off slightly each month. I get $180 tax rebate every 3 months. I don't know what it will be the next rebate month as it's recalculated then and I may or may not get the same. I just don't know. But anyway, this is all the planned expenses for the month. The Misc. is 2 events I'm going to attend and planning on $45 for each - might very well be less. As well the vacuum and switch I'm ordering might be less as well. I'm planning on $20 for environmental fees on the vacuum. I also have $100 on account already for the vacuum. Food includes smokies on a bun on Thursdays for 5 weeks.


  1. Dang you get more a month than my wife when she was a new teacher and cheap rent wow.

    1. That's actually disturbing to hear. But teachers here get paid worth shit as well.

    2. That was in North Carolina back in 2007 they paid worth crap, Florida is a lot better but still not great for the amount of work she has to do.

    3. No teacher gets paid what they are worth. They do a LOT of work and a good number of them spend their own money helping poor kids get supplies.


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