Depressed, Broke & Annoyed (Podcast Episode 15)


  1. I only had real clinical depression once for two weeks. It was drug induced. It was more dark and more scary than even dying. Thank God it chemically wore off when the drugs all left my body.
    I can't even believe how people live with this for months, years, and even decades.
    Even thinking of myself getting old and dying is not pleasant. It is still ten times better than my two weeks of worse than hell depression. No type of sadness or loss compares to real clinical depression.

    1. It's not comprehendible by people who have not had it. As you say it's not just being sad. The music helps short term as it distracts me even a couple hours after I stop listening, as it's in my mind still. Thinking about how you feel just makes it worse, so I keep my ming occupied. In the past when I needed the hospital, it was like nothing else at all. The meds keep me from getting that dark, but they don't take it away. The annoyed thing is called displacement. Your brain rather be angry than depressed.


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