A Life Update in 4 Parts

I have had a bought of edema in my feet and legs. The left side, as always, is worse. I could not stand at the stove to cook my bean mix for several days. Being it was so painful I ended up ordering in a bunch of Ramen noodles. Sadly, these things taste great, but they are nothing but carbs and empty calories. I'm doing better not but not totally there. I'll be cooking my usual bean mix later on today for the next 2 days or if I feel up to it, the next 4 days. One pot of them is 2 days (6 servings).
This stuff tastes great, but I'm sure I'm going to be 10lbs up when I weigh myself on Tuesday (it's Sunday now). I spent a literal week (7 days) eating this bad for you stuff, time to get some healthy food in me again. But I have to admit, this stuff is just so tasty and comforting.
Thursday I only eat the noodles once, as I had a free 2 topping pizza on points and I added double cheese and had it delivered. I should have skipped the cheese, and picked it up after coffee, but I did not. I also had someone send me a 26 of Vodka. The store did not have it in a 750ml, so they game me 2 325ml instead, works out the same. So I got drunk, eat pizza and did my podcast for YouTube.
I've done a tone of 50 piece puzzles the last while. I set several folders to 50 piece so I could do them fast. Tomorrow maybe I'll do another 1000 piece puzzle, but today as I wait for a render to finish (fractal), I did a bunch of the small ones. The fractal is a tweak of another persons parameter they provided to tweak.


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