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The Strange Nature Of Morality

I just got deleted on Facebook by a sex addicted woman who had me take a tone of very private photos of her. Evidently to need 4 men to pleasure you is morally acceptable but saying the word "f**k" is too much to stand. I am reminded that often when people judge you imperfect they think very low of themselves.

Laugh When I Remember.

First time I took a friend to the gay bar in Regina. We checked out coats and I the song "it's raining men" was cranked up on the dance floor. I told him, "I am going to call Terrence". He thought I said, "I am going to call your parents". He was freaking out. I explained what I said. He was relieved and the nice woman at the coat check was falling off her stool laughing.

When you have nothing but time and no one loves you...

It's sad to think that someone needs attention so bad that they will go threw 300 videos and post 13 hate comments to get it. It is also sad that they need to post a video with no tact to it at all to get attention. When a person is unable to grow as a human being and they go around being a jack ass to try and validate their empty lives - you have to feel sorry for them. I will not hate them back. I will not judge them to be unworthy of love or unable to climb out of the whole they have dug. I will however report the comments and block them. No need to delete them as YT will do it for me.

Using 100% Processor time.

Well This program sucked on the resourced for a while... Maxed out the processors and used up most of the memory. But I have to say it is amazingly fast for the job it does. Link below. Have fun with it and there are tuts on deviant art for it and some on the forum.

The Keek Satire...

Deleted my Keek account... What a retarded site. Nothing but moronic drugged up kids. You search for over 30 and you find 10 year olds trying to pretend they are 30... Every post I made I got at least 3 retards asking me to follow then. WTF? If you think FaceBook is for people with no life, you need to see Keek. I have no idea why the hell anyone with the IQ over 50 would want to be on there. Twitter is bad enough, thank you very much. I spent days trying to find something of substance on there and never found it. This goes to prove that the wave of the future is catering to people with no education and the mind of a toddler. No wonder TV is so stupid now if this is the next generation. We are doomed as a race if this is what is supposed to take up the mantle after us. I have to warn you - if you find your kids on Keek take away the internet from them, before they are permanently brain damaged. There are medical professionals trained to repair the short term damage that may have accrue

A Day In Photos


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Xenodream Fractals

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