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Fancy Sauce is Dijon Mustard Sauce.
Got everything at the Moose Jaw Co-op Food Store. The thing with the till tape is the lady rang it all in one at a time when there where a great deal of duplicate items. Normally they tend to type in how many then scan just 1 item to save time. The till does the math for them you see. Good example is 26 of the same kind of tomatoes in there. This should have bee way shorter LOL. But I think she is new. At least I don't remember seeing here there before. But can't trust my memory much.
After it was off to coffee. I need to get Coffee by the way but at $15.99 I really don't think it's much of a "sale price" so I'm going on Friday to the Safeway to get it with air miles instead. Even if it is at the same price I don't care as I get $10 off from airmiles. Also then the toilet paper will be on sale for $5.99 so I can get some to top off the supply. I'm kind of sure I have enough for the month but I literally have an ir…


OK for the price you would think these are the size of a house cat, but NOPE just the plain Jumbo Sized ones. In the store they go from $9 to $12 depending on where you go. It is a family sized bag, but not that big a family LOL.
Got to love how many of these things slip into the market place on Amazon. The normally $7 to $10 supplements I order once ever 3 months I found on for $140 one day. Kind of a markup at that hay.
Also got to love when they have a low price about 10% or 15% lower than normal on a small item that is not much but also want to charge you $45 for shipping. I saw this on a skull ring that I got - one of the sellers was $4 less but wanted $35 for shipping.
Yup you got to watch it. As well there seems to be a lot of knock offs out there. I was looking for memory cards last night and found one for 1/3 the normal price (name brand) and "free shipping". The delivery date range made me realize it was from China and there is a 99% chance you are getting ripped off.


So I'm watching this vlog and had to hit screen cap - The ad is for Facebook and has Pusheen on it. Well everyone I know, knows I LOVE Pusheen and am addicted to Facebook. So I thought it fitting that my friends vlog had this ad on it LOL. PUSHEEN! BTW Pusheen and Stormy are eating Corn Chips and Salsa in the cartoon. It's sad that I know this, but I do... Also the WFP on the bowl stand for World Food Program. I actually don't know much about the organization and have only heard of it through the Pusheen community.
P.S. Check out my friends channel HERE.




This is an ex-SD card... Sigh it died. See I got this thing (order date) on June 30, 2017. It is now May 28, 2018. It died yesterday.
See on Google Play Music you have to option to save (download) to the device so you can play music offline. I was in the process of doing this and half way along, the card stopped functioning.
It said on the phone that the card was not inserted. Knowing it was, I took the bother of opening the case and taking out the card and putting it back in. No go - it was still saying there was no card.
Well I tried to format it on the PC but it said it could not be formatted. So it's a dead card.
I put in a claim with Lexar and will see what the say. I included a screen shot of the order (with order number) from Amazon. I do hope they will replace the card 15gb that is left on the phone is not really that much and if you do a few hours of video it will be full in no time flat.
I'm very glad that my photos go to the cloud as soon as I take them or they would hav…

The Unfortunate Story of Mr. J

Well this is the story of a person a few of us in town know. Some of us for a long time. I actually went to school with him from K to 8. At that time the school was a bit rough but no worse that any other school in town. The problem was that Mr. J though that he was the only good person in the school and that everyone was out to harm him. Sure enough there where a couple of people that did pick on Mr. J. Those people being the victims of a bad family situation and it made them lash out. This is no justification however, just the reason.
But in the mind of Mr. K. All others around him where out to cause him problems and where talking about him behind his back. You can see the problem here, as in reality he was unremarkable to the rest of the student body. In fact he blended into the wood work so well that I and many others where barely aware of him and most of us did not even know his name. Mr. J was a loner you see and unwilling to make friends. Personally several of us tried and where…


Well, coffee went well today. See on Saturday a group of us (at least 3 sometimes more) go and have a good time out at coffee. There are really no off limit topics and we some times have people looking at us as if to say "WTF"? But most of the time it's just fun. We do however (some more than others) get a bit excited and start to make some comments that most others would tend not to tolerate. We know this is not meant to harm, just in the heat of the moment - so we pass it off.
It's nice because the staff there knows us by name and treats us friendly. The also don't tell us to shut up LOL. But anyway - here is to many more years of going for coffee.


So more beans and veggies. This time I managed to make 4 days worth. On top is 2 days worth (large and small containers). Middle and bottom is 1 day worth on each. The bottom only has 2 containers as I had eaten one by this point in time. So now I'm good till pay day. Then I'm going to have to shop as although I will have 10 days of beans left I have no more veggies and no more caned tomatoes to use with the beans. Can't call this vegan as the spice mix has a small amount of feta cheese in it. So any way most of next month will be the same as this. I intend on not getting any chicken at all. I will however, get a different mix of beans and not JUST chick peas net time. If the price of beans is low enough I will also get canned mushrooms to put in with the bean. I know the mushrooms are on sale at least. P.S. Spelling mistake left in the image to freak some people out, after all - it's the end of life as we know it if you have a typo HA.


This is really the only game I ever play with. I think it was $19.95 US when I got it a while back. I have done all the puzzles on it and made a great deal of my own, but since the fail of my last PC this reinstall has me playing the puzzles again. Just google the name and you will find the site to get it. BTW I'm out of practice as this is a slow time for so little pieces for me.


So here it is day 76 and still not all the way healed. Sigh. There is just the one spot now instead of 2, but it's 76 freaking days now. I'm kind of wondering what the actual hell? It should have healed a long time ago. The spot does not seem to be getting any smaller as well it seems. I have to see my G.P. next month after some tests and I'm going to mention this dang thing. See what he has to say.

Weight Loss Week 8

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