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Young faces with old souls

David S Nicholson May 31, 2014. Young faces with old souls. They have the look of the dead. The blood they have seen and the lives they took never to be forgotten. They gave so much for you to be able to be free. And you can not even smile as you pass them. Sitting on the street broken and homeless. Only wanting to forget. You pass him by and do not remember him. You have done more than the wars to him.

Stand up.

Can you hear that sound? The one on the edge of your perceptions? It's your past and it has teamed up with your actions and is about to make you accountable for what you have done. Will you stand like a man and take responsibility for your actions or will you put the blame on many others? I know you. I know you better than you know yourself. You will spend energy to the last moment you have shifting the blame on those who do not deserve it. How do I know this? Because your an average person.

Why is what he said beeing seen as bad?

Confused now. Why is this bad? It's true. The parallels between Nazi Germany in the early years and Russia right now are rather striking. History may just repeat it's self and for some reason people are upset over it. What I really don't get is why Jewish people would be pissed off. This is a nation of people who have never had anything good to say about the Jewish people. There is a long history of hate there. Open you bleeping eyes people! It's all happening again and we are sitting here thinking how bad it is to say the obvious. WTF?

Older First Aid Kit


A Day In Photos


Geocaching and Canada Post Rant...

 Me FTW :)  It was in the 2nd place I thought of. King of obvious actually. Geocaching FTW. So postal worker person... You think this is a good place to put something I payed for? Good thinking... After all sitting there visible from a bust street - no one will ever see it. And no one has ever taken anything at all from my building... LOL - It always amazes me how little people think and this is proof that most people don't think before they do things now. When crazy lady was here she took everything in site. Out of 7 packages in 2 months I had 5 go missing. Never to be seen again they where... They where things people sent to me as gifts. Thank God the other 2 I had to sign for or they would have vanished as well... THINK PEOPLE.

Jeep Mod...

Interesting little thing :)