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Fishing Much?

Dear Sasktel Subscriber, We are currently upgrading our Sasktel with a hard spam protector due to the incessant rate of Spam, as such all Sasktel users must respond to this email immediately.Failure to comply with the above instruction will immediately render your email ACCOUNT deactivated from our database. Enter your email here: User ID: Password: SaskTel Internet Security Copyright © 2012 SaskTel. All rights reserved ----- It came from ( and not from LOL Right I am going to give them my password...

iPhone 4 and 4S wallpaper

iPhone 4 and 4S wallpaper I just made. Free to do what ever the heck you want with it - have fun :)

The weather is Slater...

This is from my iPhone 4... What the hell does Slater mean? LOL... There is no Slater in Saskatchewan...

New Art


Digital paintings

 Coffee  Self 1  Self 2 Grapes

Buying Out Destruction

We have been trains from birth to be soulless consumers. That empty feeling we can not fill is our primal self trying to get out. We feed it endless things to try and make the feeling go away. If we where instead to just go out and create and play and enjoy the world, the feeling would vanish. But we have the programmed need to stick with our electronic toys and try to find happiness in them. We have replaced mating ritual with the things we have. They are now what we show off instead of our brains or our brawn. This will attract a mate for a short time then they will soon fall out of love with us and move on to the next empty soul. When we find a mate for the right reasons, they tend to stay. Is it a wonder that we are killing the planet? When people stamp green on a product we look at it like it's less than we need. We want out fast turnover of goods and buy into the market. We are doomed for our need to consume.

Photos From The Camp