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Light seems to have been knocked off it's mount. Very sure the wind did not do this. Got to wonder if a meth head tried to take it, or some twat gave it a thumping with something heavy. Still lights up, but can't good for it to hang from the wires like that. Making coffee in my Moka pot. I love this thing. They sell them as "stove top espresso makers". To be technical, they don't produce enough pressure to be called that, but you do want to use espresso in it, not regular coffee. It makes strong and very tasty coffee. It also maximized the caffeine level. A drip, or pour over, just does not make it this strong or this good. I watch a lady on YouTube that sins with hers, and ads water to her coffee in the mug - this is sacrilege! LOL. BTW It's even better if you fresh grind the espresso beans. I don't tend to do this as it's expensive, but using distilled water makes better coffee.  


In my time this was the nurses entrance to the Moose Jaw Union Hospital. The building was demolished in 2016 and is now a lot of vacant land. The new hospital is out on the highway and really does not have the character of the old place. BTW, before my time, this was the entry to the hospital and the newer wing where most of the stuff happened was not built yet. There was also a hospital on South Hill, but I have no photos of it, just when it was being demolished. Can't say that I have fond memories of the place. The only times I was there, it was not a good thing. I was either visiting a person I cared about or was hurt, having tests or locked up for being mentally ill. Have to say, although the new hospital is out on the edge of the city, at least there is enough parking for it. The old one had no parking for patients and you had to park on the street and walk a couple blocks or more, but the new building is literally ugly as sin.  


Well DANG. I asked for donations to get some vodka so I could have some fun. Well I got way more money than I needed. In fact $110 in total if you count someone buying a bit of art from me ($20). You have to realize, when I have my fun, it's very much not to the extent I did the other day. Normally it's $31.07 for some vodka and that's it. Maybe $5 for some chips on top of it, but never more than that. I also tend to only do it once or twice in a month. Well I have been very behind with money this last few months and I really had no fun since November, so I was dew for a blow out. My excess came to a total of $91.33, below is an itemized list of what I got. I really don't normally do things this big, but there it is. Now that I look at it all, I feel a bit guilty, even though I very much know I deserved a day of fun. There is also the regret I did not save some of the money for next month. But no going back to change things, so move on and hope for the best. Next month

Jigsaw Puzzles Update.

I love doing jigsaw puzzles with Jigsaws Galore . I have exactly 4444 of them right now. I've been removing them as I complete a folder and tossing the "done" puzzles into a ZIP file. Slowly but surly, I am thinning out the pile of folders. I'm almost done all of the "original" puzzles - this includes the ones that came with the program and the free to download ones that are on the site. In fact, at this moment, I only have 16 left in the original puzzles then they will be completely done - this should happen today or tomorrow at the rate I'm going. I recently added 4 puzzles just to get the total to 4444 instead of 4440. In any event, I love doing them and will have years of fun to go. There has been only 2 bugs I've noticed so far. Older iPhone photos seem to not work and will crash the app if you try to use them for a puzzle. As well, now and then when you are done a puzzle, it won't say "complete" and have the check mark on it, ins