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So this is what I use for pain. It's all I use. I have mentioned it several times I'm sure.
Anyway I have in the over 2 years I been taking this stuff not had to ramp up the dose and it has kept working so far. This is amazing to me as most things literally stop working for me after a short time.
Narcotics are terrible for you and my body gets used to them very fast so they are not good for day to day use - well would not want to anyway as I'm sure that ain't to good for you - so these are a welcome addition to my pills in the morning.
I have had a couple of friends tell me the exact same product just suddenly stopped working for them. I am expecting one of these days it will do the same for me and I'll be screwed. But until then I'm going to keep taking them.
I tend to get 3 to 6 months of them at a time. Last time I got 6 months of them as they where only $7 a bottle - normally $10 a bottle up here in Canada.
Cannabis sativa seeds are what this is made of but the …


This is something people love or hate. It's a hard blue cheese. Now it's just the stuff you get in a wedge at the store, it's not a fancy one - but I love it.
I have had several kinds and the one one over the top good was called St. Agur. You can't get it here anymore and I miss it.
As well I have had blue cheddar and it was great as well. But for cheddar nothing topped the 7 year old one I had - wow was it sharp.
But alas - there is no market for very nice cheese in Moose Jaw - so we have to go to Regina to get some and I don't think it's worth a trip just for cheese. Yet if I need to go there I will stop in and get some cheese.


Well an OK week. Lost 3 lbs. So not bad. Had a couple slips so I want not expecting this. But I'll take it.


You LIE. LOL actually here in town all the palaces that deliver tend to open at 10 am or 11 am for some reason. This is what happens when you just use the same line on the app for every location. I know it says "as early as" but it literally can't happen here - so...

As well the Aurora Sushi place on their web page has a code to use on Skip The Dishes, and it don't work on here at all - it said it was not valid... So we never got sushi from them. That and we thought twice about having Sushi delivered LOL - that being said I'm sure it's safe as it's only a block away. Then again why don't I just walk over and save $2.95 for delivery.

Maybe next month when I have extra money (if there is leftover after getting something expensive I want), I will go over there and get some. I know just who to go over with and just what I want (looked at the menu already). There is a 16 piece plate for $15.99 and it looks good - will ad on an extra roll maybe - will see.


This is the exact same product I got 7 or 8 years ago on sale for $3.99. Now I have no idea why the price was so low even then - but I got it and have been slowly using it for years. I print my med cards on it - so it's literally a sheet every 2 years LOL.
I have in the past printed out some art on them but stopped as the color fades in the sun too easy and it does not look as good as having it photo printed at Wally World.
But since it will take me 25 years to use it all up, I took out about 20 sheets and am giving around 150 or 200 to a friend. I already gave a small stack of it to another person I know. But my friend will actually use it for calligraphy and if I keep it someone will end up tossing it out after they find my cold dead body in here. So - she gets it...
I've never seen it even close to that price again. It was on for about $10 one day, but not $4 LOL. It's dead flat and 67 lb paper as well there is no acid in it so it will last as long as a person will to say …


This is my cheat for a while. It was a 4 topping pizza with extra cheese and covered in extra hot - hot sauce. There was Pepperoni, Bacon, Jalapenos and Banana Peppers on it.
I got it with a coupon code and it came out to the same price as the coupon for a 4 topping large but had a 2L diet pop with it. The coupon was for a large 2 topping pizza and a pop. With the extra charge for 2 more toppings and extra cheese, it was still the same as the coupon for just the 4 topping large.
I will be short on cash again this month as I have extra money put on the bills to carry over to next month as a credit (to get a reconditioned PC). I have an event on the 18th I need to save $40 for and I owe $20 to someone. So in all not much will be left over. Although it will be enough to have some fun with now and then - just not a lot of it.
My saving grace is that the beans and tomatoes are on sale for a good price right now and so is coffee and so is the veggies I get. So I'll end up saving a bundle (…


This blanket was made before I was born (in the 1950's). It was also a product of Canada. I have to wonder if any of my blankets I have other than this one will live this long. This very old blanket has been in the wash hundreds of times and used almost every day for decades. It is what I cover up with at night in my chair if I feel cold. It is also in perfect condition. It's heavy and a bit scratchy, but it does the job well. Just goes to show you, we really don't make things like we used to. If you are wondering it was made by Woolen Mills LTD out of Huntingdon Quebec. Google gives me all kinds of companies with a similar name, but not this exact name or this location. I think it no longer exists or was purchased over the years and moved.




The video player page shows the video being published on the day before it was published. This is an error because of Saskatchewan not having Daylight Savings Time. As you see in the editor page it shows it uploaded on the the 28th. Yup just one more silly and slightly annoying bug on YouTube.


Alone in the night, almost no sounds to be heard. It comes like a kick to the chest. Anxiety once again.
It's been good for years now then all the sudden it came back. I have tried to find a trigger for it and there is none. I recorded everything I did and eat for months and looked for a relationship with something and none came up.
The good thing is, they are not as crushing as they once where. Before I started on the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil they where a lot worse. Now they are mild in comparison. But now and then there is a bad one.
The strange thing is when I first had Anxiety it was only when I was out with lots of people around. Now 98% of the time it's when I'm alone at night. The 2% of the time is when I'm out some place or getting the mail or something. They seem to be very mild ones. The strong hits come when I'm alone.
Holding onto my little Pusheen seems to calm it down a lot and make them go away sooner. As well music seems to help me a lot. Calming music…


"Where The Dead Go To Die" is a low quality CGI animation in 3 parts. This movie is deeply disturbing and should only be viewed if you are not easy to trigger.
There seems to me to be a moral to the 2nd and 3rd parts, but for the life of me I think the 1st part has none.
This movie is basically an inside the head look at the thinking of someone who is dangerously psychotic. The imagery is disjointed and warped.
If you suffer from Psychosis this may be all to real for you in that it's an accurate representation of the kind of break from reality a psychotic person has. From an outsiders perspective this might actually be terrifying and very hard to watch. For an insiders perspective, even more so.
Lets just say, this movie is not recommended for children or even adults that are easy to trigger. Personally I found it disturbing, but the disconnection of the low quality animation made it a lot less frightening as it could have been if it was done on a bigger budget. I'm rath…


11,772 - this is the top amount of page views I've had in 1 single day. I have no idea at all since normally it's less than 100. Also I don't know why as no one single post has more than 592 page views. At that time there was only around 2,200 posts as well, so what the actual hell I don't know.

At this point in time there are 2032 posts on the blog. See I tried to clean up all the dead link posts and there is no doing it - I got 4 pages in and quit. There was links to a video site that no longer exists. That in it's self is a LOL after asking the person if it will be around for many years to come - guess not.

As well there are a bunch of link posts that may have had broken links and so on. So ya know - I tried but I literally don't have a long enough life span to look at thousands of posts one at a time to see if there is a broken link or video embed on it. So they stay broken...


Not everyone's cup of tea, but I love these 2 movies (well it's 1 story in 2 films). It's heavy into alternate sexuality and a bit extreme in points. There is also a 3rd movie that is loosely linked to it called Antichrist. I will be getting that one sooner or later although I have seen it and it's well, violent and crazy to an extreme. When I finally get the 3rd I'm going to marathon them all.

Special Coffee Perhaps?

Thinking of getting some Kicking Horse coffee for the 24 hour challenge. I don't normally spend lots of money on coffee, but I feel like treating myself for it. Also I have decided to make sausage chili for the day - will be a bit more money, but worth it. Already got the topics printed off and sitting here waiting for the day in question.
I'm kind of sure I'll not get a lot of views on the videos as I'll literally be flooding the feeds with them that day, but oh well. I literally don't know anyone from the YouTube days that have done the 24 hour challenge - I'm sure someone out there has, just no one I watch.
I did one time to 24 hours of DJing music on Blip years ago. That almost killed me and I was younger LOL. This is going to be a hell of a task and you can tell from all the blog posts that I'm stoked for it.

Random 3D Art


Mirror Art







So was doing the washing last night and had an attack of whatever this is again.
I first get a headache, then my neck hurts, then my shoulders, then my back, then my chest. This is typical of my Fibromyalgia flairs. But with it I am also getting dizzy as hell and a very upset tummy.
I've told the doctor about this and he did a couple of tests are ruled out it being my brain or my spine. That is where he stopped caring. After all suffering terrible bouts like this is not something a doctor in my aria seems to care about.
Yes if I had an option of switching to a doctor who would actually try and get to the bottom of this I would in a heart beat, but that is how it goes in a small city. See the Saskatchewan government as asked doctors to lower costs and this is the result - less tests and just allowing you to suffer.
I actually went to the point of hitting the floor last night. I grayed out - I did not pass out all the way, but fell down and went splat on the floor. I am just glad I did …


- Aug 24, 2018
- Week 22 Term 3
- 155.4 KG / 342.0 LBS

Lost 1.2 lbs. Mostly because I eat processed food last night and ended up puffing up from it (water weight). But it's a loss and I'll take it. With luck next week will be a bit better - hoping to have about 5 lbs off, but we will see. The week after might not be as good as I am planing on a not normal amount of food the one day. In any event, have a good one and keep to the plan.


This was my first car. A giant 1969 Meteor Redout. I've said it maybe 500 times that it was a 1968. LOL. Looking at it, it's obviously a 1969.
It had a high output 302 in it and did not go all that fast though. It was a heap of a car but I managed to drive it thousands of miles in a trip one time and not get stuck in the deep south of the USA before getting back LOL. I had it for some time (no idea off hand how long). It served me well and then I got a newer car and sold it to this nice lady. She promptly forgot I told her to keep checking the oil as it burned oil. Well she ran it dry and ignored the light on the dash and after so many years of this car being useful, she killed it.
I can't tell you how many trips to Regina I made in it (I live in Moose Jaw). I put at least 25K on that car over the years. We used to fill it up and drive all night. It had a very large gas tank you see and even in the day when it was less than $0.30/L it took $60 to fill the thing. You did end …


I did adore my Commodore 64 in the day. In fact I had it for many years. Some people I know still have one and play it from time to time.
This photo was in the early days, before I had hundreds of games for it. In fact at this time the only games I had, I typed in from "compute magazine". When I moved up to the wonderful world of a windows box I gave a large box of them magazines to a friend. I am sure he never used them and they are wasting space in his basement to this day, but he wanted them.
I actually wrote several educational games in the day for the thing. They where simple basic programs but did the job.
It's amazing to me that a single icon on my smart phone has more resolution that this computer had - but in the day where where amazed by it. Also having 16 colors was the cats meow at the time, now we have millions of them on our devices.
I had a memory expander and a super snapshot cartage for it. I modified the expander to have 2mb of memory and this was something…