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A Flood of Poems...

But for How Long David S. Nicholson Feb 7, 2015 Long and twisted desert road. Faded photo with burned edges. Clown that smiles and cries inside. Voice screaming, fractured and tormented. Desire to be happy and the reality creeping in. Pain of the flesh hides the pain inside. Distant memories so like yesterday. Waters run for wild to calm. The sun warms my face. Flowers, not sand beside me. Happy once again, but for how long? Drinking Coffee David S Nicholson I sit here and drink my coffee. I look around and I see so many different faces with so many different lives. I think that would have been someone else, but by chance I am who I am now. The girl addicted to drugs selling her youth on the corner. The child who fears his father coming home. The young mother who spends hours looking at a razor and wondering. The thug who has never non peace or love. A trucker who has missed most of his children’s growth. The priest who hates in the name