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And the Police Get More Money Once Again

Looks like the police are asking for an increase in funding yet again. There is the promise of a stronger presence in Crescent Park and the surrounding Downtown aria. Crime in this aria is indeed up, but it's also up all over the city and in other parts of town violence is more common. But here is my take on it. The city relies heavily on tourists to come to the downtown aria to shop, stay at the spa and gamble, among other things. So this is to make the tourists feel safer and continue to spend money. In essence, they are going to protect profits in the guise of protecting people. Yes, the side effect is less crime in the aria, but what about other parts of town? Just my thoughts on it, I'm no expert, I just know how things look to me.  

Let's Look at My Phones Storage - For Literally No Reason

  Lets look at the storage available on my phone shall we? Oh just because. SD Card is empty because I just deleted 82GB of video and photos from the Trash Can.

Passed Out Drunk And Stained the Carpet

Well a very proud moment for me. I was into my second 1.75L bottle of Dill Pickle Caesar and the second pour from it went wrong. Honestly I've not passed out drunk in 30 years, and I did just as I was tipping the bottle over. It went all over the table and the carpet. This is as good as I can get it clean without getting in product from the store. I tried laundry soap in a rather not very diluted form, and all that did was make bubbles to clean up. After payday I will have to see what I can get at a store. I've got not one clue what to buy. I've never had too. I know the stuff Mom used to use killed my chemical sensitives and I'm sure anything else that will clean this will do the same. Best thing is, when I woke up I just went right to bed and left it until morning. Seriously, I almost never drink a tone of booze, and this is the only time I went lights out from it in probably 30 years. Oh well, there are other spots to be done anyway.  

Paddock Wood Brewing Company IPA Was Yummy

Got this Paddock Wood Brewing Company IPA beer and it was yummy, but hear on it was brutal when trying to get it in the mug. I did tip the mug and do it right, but it still foamed up like mad.  Quite a strong tasting beer and very much not anything light going down, it was very filling. I'm going to give it a 7.5/10. It's the only product from the company I've consumed as it seems to be the only one I can find in town. In any even, way better than the average IPA.  

Jigsaw Puzzle Update

I have been using Jigsaws Galore for many years. I've played thousands of puzzles on it over the years, and in 2022 I started to keep track of the folders of puzzles I have made, and have played. I keep saying I won't make for for a few months, then I see photos online I want to use for it, so it keeps expanding. There is an actual error in this screen cap, but oh well. The original is 7 less than it should be. Not fixing it and cropping out the image again, just not. I've managed to do 12 1000 piece puzzles and they take about 5 hours total play time to put together for me. Most of the are 100 Pieces and I can zip threw a bunch of them waiting for the computer to render a fractal or 8.  

My 56th Birthday

November 18th was my 56th birthday and we went out for dinner. It was a great meal that I paid for with a gift card that I got with my credit card points. The picture shows what my friends got me. The jelly is delicious I have to say. The chips where great, even though I'm not a big fan of Old Dutch. The gummies where good too, and the spice is nice an hot. I just had some of the spice on some sliced tomatoes and it rocked. It was a very happy day, even if it did tire me out rather a lot.  

Make PSP 2023 STFU With Those Annoying Popup Ads

To shut up the nagging to buy more stuff from Corel, go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel\CUH\v2 Delete Everything in the folder This will kill their "helper" and no more SUPER ANNOYING popup ads. Trust me, setting the notification to OFF does literally nothing to shut them up. I love PaintShop Pro, but holly crap, enough with pushing more product on me. This should literally be against the law to do. You pay them a fortune, and the install ad-ware on your computer FFS.  

Nivea Essential Lip Care - My Thoughts

My skin and my lips are always dry. In the winter when it's cold and even more dry than normal, my lips tend to crack and even peal (dead skin). I've found that Nivea tends to work the best for my lips. Nothing fixes it all the way, but using this seems to help a lot. Before when I used another product, my lips still became badly cracked in the dead of winter. I switched and it healed the cracks and prevented bad cracks from forming again. I do have to say mild cracks did however form a couple of times, but not the noticeably deep ones I was getting before. It also does not have any strange tastes to it and does not make my lips look glossed like the wax one did. All in all I'm going to rate this an 8/10 - it could be a bit better, but it's the best so far .  

Instagram and YouTube Don't Stop Scams

None of us want this crap. Well none of us who can think for ourselves. The amount of scam comments and replies on Instagram and YouTube is astonishing. Being they both employ and AI to deal with spam and scams, it's obvious they do NOT work. This one is Instagram. This one is YouTube and was replied to everyone who commented on the video and that was literally 2500+ people. The same posts by other bots are replied on many of the big name videos. So after thousands of instances a day, you would think it would trigger the so called AI, but it never does.  

Two Strange Things

This fan was once one shade of white, now it's two. I've got no idea other than it must be two different plastics used and one yellowed with age. This is on the wall in my bedroom and does not want to wash off. Honestly it looks like a burn, but there is nothing behind the spot that should be getting hot. I'm honestly not sure how long it's been there, I just found it the other day. You can see the paint is pealed slightly in it. No hear source has been even close to the spot.  


This was from the end of October when I got some money I was not expecting. It mostly went to getting stuff I need for around the apartment, but some went to fun, and some to a friend in need. The first one is 40%, middle one is 14.2% and the last one was I think 15%. Had this sitting in the storage room for months and decided to have it wish some beer I got a while ago. The whisky is 40%, Middle is an IPA and 5.4%, last one is a Wheat Beer and 5.3%. I used what was left of my extra GST rebate to get pizza and beer that day. Although the second batch was consumed alone while watching movies, I had help with the first batch and we had fun - they did need a ride home from one of their relatives.  

Out My Window - AKA, It's Winter (photos)


It's This Easy LOL

Fact: Multiple studies point to the fact that sperm counts are going down steadily. Fact: Clinical evidence exists that the average size of the male penis is shrinking over recent years. Fact: Multiple international organizations have tried to get people to go Vegan in the guise of livestock being harmful to the environment. Fact: The eating of meat, in particular red meat, is linked to increased virility in men. Fact: The UN has stated that in the near future we will not be able to feed the growing population and we will go extinct if we do not do something about it. I put it to you, that the UN is part of a plan to reduce the human population to 800,000 people to control humanity for the purpose of using us as slave labor to cater to the people who are really running the world. This same group that meets on a not-so-secret island once a year in order to plan out the wars and so called natural disasters for the upcoming year. They are also putting additives in food and drinks in the g

Weight Update

  Weight 2022 DATE 12/29/2021 1/5/20228 1/12/2022 1/19/2022 1/26/2022 2/2/2022 2/9/2022 2/16/2022 2/23/2022 3/2/2022 3/9/2022 3/16/2022 3/23/2022 3/30/2022 4/6/2022 4/13/2022 4/20/2022 4/27/2022 5/4/2022 5/11/2022 5/18/2022 5/25/2022 6/1/2022 6/8/2022 6/15/2022 6/22/2022 6/29/2022 7/6/2022 7/13/2022 7/20/2022 7/27/2022 8/3/2022 8/10/2022 8/17/2022 8/24/2022 8/31/2022 9/7/2022 9/14/2022 9/21/2022 9/28/2022 10/5/2022 10/12/2022 10/19/2022 10/26/2022 11/2/2022 11/9/2022 11/16/2022 11/23/2022 11/30/2022 12/7/2022 12/14/2022 12/21/2022 12/28/2022 KG 174.7 ??? ??? ??? ??? 181.8 176.3 175.1 174.5 181.4 176.2 174.4 171.0 168.6 176.4 177.6 175.0 175.2 178.4 174.6 171.9 168.3 170.1 174.8 169.8 171.0 165.8 171.4 169.7 170.2 168.4 172.6 171.0 168.7 166.1 163.0 170.4 170.3 169.8 163.9 172.9 171.1 166.5 164.8 171.0 174.8 LBS 385.1 ??? ??? ??? ??? 400.9 388.6 386.1 385.1 400.0 388.6 384.5 377.0 371.7 389.0 391.6 385.9 386.3 393.3 385.0 379.0 371.1 375.1 385.5 374.5 377.0 365.6 377.9 374.2 375.2 371.2

Bad Delivery App Experience

Ordered from this same place 3 times in 7 months. All 3 times, not at the lunch hour or dinner hours. Also, all 3 times, it took over 30 minutes for them to confirm my order. Like seriously, the food is OK and good sized portions, but I'm just not cool with doubling my wait time for them to get it to me, because they ignore the shit out of the order terminal. As well, all 3 times it was a different delivery person, and the last 2 times, they literally could not get into the building with freaking instructions on how. Seriously, I tell them all "pull the handle when you hear the buzzing". These 2 guys just stood there looking at the door, like it would magically open for them. Sigh. The restaurant is the one delivering in this case, not the drivers for the app. I'm just writing them off from now on. And as for the app. There have been 5 different venders showing as closed for delivery for 6 days now. All of them are open. Finally after a few days I asked in a local gro