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Honestly when I first saw this, I thought it was silly. But then I talked to someone who does this and it works for them.
Now the trick is to press on the we of your thumb hard when you have a serious headache. It depends on the person what side works - for me it's the left - for my friend it's the right.
I tried it last bad cluster headache and it dulled the pain enough to make it tolerable. Before that I was laying in the dark praying it will go away.
Now like all these strange "cures" they don't fix anything for some people. Nothing works for everyone. But it's worth a try. She uses a large plastic clip in the spot I just hold it myself as I don't have a clip.
A post on Facebook reminded me of this. Honestly the first time it came around I thought "bull-shit". Then she said to try it. Well it does not cure it, but it helps me. I got no idea how this works and it literally makes no sense - but there it is.
Next time give it a try, if it don't w…


I am reminded of a review of a computer monitor on amazon. Remember it's NOT a TV, it's a monitor. The guy gave it 1 star because there was no sound with the HDMI input - sigh. See almost no monitors actually have speakers and this one never said it did.
Then there was the guy who gave the "6 inch Pusheen plush toy" a 2 star rating because - it was smaller than he expected. See the size is actually in the title. Sigh.
The best yet was a guy who rated printer ink 1 star because "It won't play music". I literally have no words for this one. It's a freaking printer ink cartridge.


Ya know I was thinking of going streaming only and getting rid of cable. However the services I wanted would be about $50 a month for all 3 of them. The cool thing is when I went to my cable company about it, they changed my plan and now I am getting everything I wanted for $45 less than I was before. So this is like paying $5 for cable compared to my alternative. Being this give me a lot more options for entertainment - I'm very happy with it.
I was going to get Crave TV and being I wanted the HBO and Movies with it, it would have been $20 a month plus tax and with the other 2 services it would be like $50.
That being said, I am still paying like $8 for the Prime and $14 for Netflix. So ya know... But I love having Cable TV - I just do.
However I have a TV from 2011 and it does not do streaming. The cable box only does Netflix and YouTube. I want to also have my Prime on there. So I got a streaming box.
Well at first I wanted a FireStick - but they keep flippin on weather you can wat…


This is a perfect example of the subjective nature of what we think is beautiful. I took this owl vase because I thought it was very ugly.
Well I posted it on Facebook with the title "ugly own vase" and people on mass corrected me by saying how much they liked it.
I seriously do NOT like the look of it by the way. But what do I know - I also hate most of the VERY popular TV shows that exist. For example if it's a reality show, I'm going to hate it before even seeing it - as the format to me is BAD. Yet most people love reality shows.
The same thing goes for what I think is beauty. To me a more rounded and dare I say it, over-sized women it what I think of when I think beauty in the feminine form. Yet the rest of my culture things the stick figure model types to be the ideal.
If we look at different cultures, the ideal of art, human form and entertainment - it is widely different than it is here at times.
That being said, the "American ideal" of all 3 seem to be …


This is the "Full screen mode" for the Windows 10 start screen. To exit without clicking an app, you have to hit start again. Other then that, I much prefer the look and feel of the full screen version. Above is the tile view and below is the app list view. It toggles by an icon on the left edge of the screen - the 2nd from the top and the 3rd from the top. Top icon expands the left panel for full view of it. Below that is your account, documents, photos, settings, power and of course the start button.

You can toggle the full screen version in "settings - rationalization - start - use start full screen".

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I seem to run into a lot of crazy people on the interwebs. People who will go out of their way to try and push their viewpoint on you. They also are incapable of accepting that you don't agree with them.
Several things happen when you disagree with a crazy person. 1 They go bat-shit crazy and start to attack you. 2 They try to change your mind and won't shut the hell up until you block them. 3 They start posting to your friends what kind of monster you are.
The deal is, most people who are out of their minds crazy - I'm talking should be in an institution - don't realize they are crazy and often they think everyone they talk to is crazy. Seems a great deal of these people have the internet and spend literally every waking moment on it trying to force their demented view of the universe on others.
I know a lot of people on both sides of the political coin (in the USA) for example. The vast majority of them right or left are kind, caring and giving people who don't want…


This is the over sized chicken I got from a friend. Her friends raise these big birds - I've got no idea the name of the chicken it is, but they are very big. They also grow fast I'm told.
One drum stick fed me for the evening and the other went in the fridge. I had them with some veggies and sliced tomato. It was good and not too much food.
The taste of them is not to be matched in store. They are free range and are just very yummy. So I enjoyed the hell out of them. I'll have to look into getting more of this from her friends - if the price is right. I prefer breast meat though.
I also did have 2 large breasts with this batch. That was cut up and cooked with veggies, spice, herbs and caned tomatoes. They fed me 3 times as a meal by it's self. If I had more veggies in the mix it would have made 4 times.

Random Photos Feb 25, 2019

I freaking love my Crock-Pot. I can cook 2 days of food in this thing all at once.  This is the only thing left from my childhood. It's a dice cup from a game we used to place but I've been using it to play dice for many years - very many years.  My dead phones LOL. Both of them are toast now. Bigger one the power button is broken the smaller one is just borked - it won't turn on for more than 2 seconds then it shuts off. Pusheen on the fridge - Yes I have a billion fridge magnets. There is also the instructions for a test I need and am not looking forward to.



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Christian Logic

The cure for the black death was to scrape the sores to rid the body of infection before it got into the blood system. Well this was considered to be against the will of God because it came out of the middle east. Turns out that in the BIBLE it mentions this practice in the book of Job. Job literally used a broken clam shell to scrape his sores.
So not only does religion often ignore reality and science - it often ignores it's own book. For example what they are trying to do in the USA with this wall crap - it's against the teachings of the bible where it says to protect the vulnerable.
Also modern Christians tend to think wealth is a gift from God and if you are not "blessed with wealth" you have sin in your life. The bible says "it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God'.
Side note: The eye of the needle is a pass in the mountains that is so narrow you had to unload the camels and l…

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I freaking love music. I also freaking love YouTube music. They have auto generated playlists that are WAY better then other services - hell they are better than the "hand picked" playlists over on Amazon Music in my mind.
I literally listen to music most nights well into the wee hours of the morning. I'll sit there in my chair with the headphones on and just let it play. Now and then searching something specific - YT music generally has GREAT related songs to what you looked up.
Ya know for how many times I've talked about loving this service, I should get 6 months free by now LOL.
But yes, I am all over the place with music. There is literally nothing I hate so much I won't try it to see if I like it. I can listen to acid jazz, country, classical, hard rock, death metal and electro all in the same night.
I've also got my friends albums saved in the favorites. I have a few playlists I have generated myself, but I almost never listen to them, instead choosing to …


So there was talk of data mining and companies snooping at your files on Twitter today. This reminds me of a place that used to exist here in Moose Jaw.
See they sold reconditioned P.C.s and also repaired them. In a span of 2 months they had found illegal pornography on 3 peoples computers.
The thing is their justification for finding it in ever case was "something did not look right". Several of us had to think "what, did they have a folder on desktop named porn"?
The thing is it got around that if you went there they where going to literally search your hard drive to see what is on it. People rightfully did not like this idea and stopped going to them. The rumors got darker from there - accusations of planting the evidence. This in my mid was unfounded, but it was obvious they where searching your files to see what they could find.
In the many years of people operating numerous computer shops in this city, they where the only one I am aware of that found things on so…


So should do well enough if I don't get silly. I was going to get an android box but that would leave me with only $13 or so to play with if I need something.
So the android box will wait until April when I have extra money from the GST rebate.
I hope to God I don't have unexpected expenses this next month like I have had the last 5 months in a row. Sigh. Good thing for the overdraft I can use.
Might actually end up having a couple of drinks with a friend this next month. We will see how it goes. Nothing much, just a couple of them. Or maybe get a cheep 26 and share it - then we will get more bang for the buck. That would be like $30 off the pile - but it's only a maybe.
I'm also hoping that the stuff I need to order goes on sale when I need to order it (food shopping). Then I'll have slightly more money left over.
In any event, aren't you glad your not me?