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Dualistic Moral Standards Of Religion

I think the view that most people have on nudity is a useless outdated stigma based on a desire to control people. By telling people they are a sinner and you have to follow a bunch of rules that make little to know sense - like naked is bad - you then set them up to do anything is asked of them by authority. This was the reason that religion formed in the first place if you ask me. That being said, religion has gained humanity a lot of thinks like civilization for example. We would not have come half as far I think without it. This it is dualistic in nature. It holds us together and makes us better people, it also holds us back and makes us follow blindly. I am glad that there is a new age moment in religion to take the parts you like and skip the rest. This is how it should be done. But perhaps in a few more generations we will be done with words in a book telling us who to like and who to hate.

Chrome Is Having A Stroke

So Chrome is having a stroke I see. This is a FLASH video playing and chrome is telling me flash is blocked on this page. Well how the actual hell is it playing a flash video then? Chrome has been acting up this last while since the last time I let it update. It has also been hanging up and not loading pages and if I hit the stop then refresh the page loads instantly. It's not that my internet is slow as it's moving along at 150 or so. It also seems to keep forgetting where I last got a file to upload. Normally it stays linked to the folder I last got something out of - now every now and then POOF it's in the root directory. Being that it's own folder should be where it's defaulting to, this is kind of strange. BUT it does seem to be handling YouTube better now - so that's at least something. BTW I'm running "Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)" - at the time of this post it's the latest version...

10 More 3D Fractals


While I Do Art Playlist

1 Rob Zombie - Dragula
2 Korn - Got The Life
3 Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence
4 Slipknot - The Devil In I
5 Rammstein - Du Hast
6 Avicii 'Levels' Skrillex Remix
7 Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show
8 Skrillex & Rick Ross - Purple Lamborghini
9 Rammstein - Feuer Frei!
10 Korn ft. Skrillex - Get Up
11 Disturbed - down with the sickness
12 Skrillex & The Doors - Breakn' A Sweat

Aukey 20,000 MA/H 2 Port Charger

This is my Aukey power bank. It will charge my LG G4 5 times to full charge then a bit more on the 6th charge. It will put out 3.1A on the one port and 2.1 on the other port. So it will "rapid charge" my phone and my tablet. Charge time I have no idea - I put it on in the evening and it's done in the morning. If you are in a hurry you are kind of out of luck - it does take some time to charge. When charging it sucks 2.1A and I use my Aukey 6 port charger to charge it. You can get this on Amazon for not very much - depends on the seller; this one set me back $40. They also offer a 5,000 ma/h pocker sized one and a 30,000 ma/h 2 port bank. This one is 20,000 ma/h. The small one is 2A output only 1 port. Anyway - I like the brand and recommend it. I have used this one over 100 times in the time that I have had it. It also has a flashlight on it.

12 Canadian Whisky's You Should Try

Danfield's Limited Edition 21 Year OldForty Creek Confederation Oak ReserveForty Creek Copper PotGibson's Finest Rare (18 year)Gibson's Finest (12 year)J.P. Wiser's Double StillJ.P. Wiser's 18 year oldLot No. 40Crown Royal Limited Edition (And it's a nice bottle)Crown Royal Northern HarvestAlberta Premium (This is my go to - I get it often - it's simple but I like it)Alberta Premium Dark Horse (More complicated but some don't like it as it has the taste of black currents in it) These are in descending order of how well I liked them. 70% of the time when I get a bottle it's Alberta Premium. The one on the top is about $50 a bottle at most liquor stores in Canada. It can actually be very hard to find and we most of the time don't have it at all in Saskatchewan. But I have had it by the glass in the bar and it's out of this world good for a Canadian whisky.

Computer Desk Smells Like Blue Cheese

I swear there is a bit of rotting blue cheese hiding around my computer desk. I smell it at the PC for 3 weeks now. I have even looked in the drawers and I can't find it but the smell persists... I pulled the stuff out from under it and vacuumed - still smells like blue cheese.

Why can't it smell like coffee or lemons? Sigh...

I even checked the lip of the metal brace under the top of the desk. There is no blue cheese. The only place I have not actually looked is inside the PC case.

Thing is I eat blue cheese at the computer desk 3 weeks ago. So... I don't know...

Trump is a Puppet

Trump is a puppet. The lizard people have actually taken over and soon the reduction of human population will take place. Once down to 800,000,000 people world wide, then we will be enslaved. I hope eternal slavery working to keep the lizards alive forever was worth your moment of empowerment!

Cough - best thing here is there are people who believe this...

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10 more 3D Fractals


Rocking Out To Canadian Blues Legend B.C. Reid

So sitting here rocking out to the Canadian Blues Legend B.C. Reid with Pusheen and Stormy rocking along with me. Pusheen is rather partial to the song 1000 miles while Stormy likes Didn't Sleep At All. I am pleased to be able to see them live in Moose Jaw about twice a year. I also have all of their CD's and will always be a supporter of them - even if almost no one knows who they are. You can check their dates on their web page above as well they are open to doing small events for the right price and are reasonable I am told.

Of Mice And Men 1939 - Review

Of Mice And Men is a 1939 movie directed by Lewis Milestone. Writers John Steinbeck and Eugene Solow based on a book by John Steinbeck. Staring Lon Chaney Jr., Burgess Meredith and Betty Field Typical of the time this is a very dramatic style of acting and Betty Field shines in her role in this movie. But the acting of Long Chaney Jr. and Burgess Meredith are of the top caliber.
The setting is in the depression era ranch where two misfits looking for the chance to start their own farm get in trouble. The movie starts with the two main players running for their lives and hopping a train.
This is a look at mans inhumanity to man and the fact that the one character should never have been in this situation to start with is important to the plot. But he is part of it as no one else would take care of him but his friend.
In the end a tragic ending taints the fact that the money is in place for the farm and the kind hearted manner in witch this tragedy is presented is of mixed feeling. It is in…

The Lost World 1925 - Review

The lost world from 1925 is a silent film featuring stop motion animation from one of the inventors of the craft. Screen play by Marion Fairfax based on a book by Sr. Arthur Conan Doyle. Directed by Harry O. Hoyt. Staring Wallace Beery, Bessie Love and Lloyd Hughes to name a few.

Well I loved this movie but after a short time I hit the mute button as that sound track drove me nuts. It's just the same annoying music over and over again. But the acting is not all that typical of a silent film where over dramatizing moment is often the case.
Basically a diary of a fellow scientist is disused with other scientists who find it to be absurd and outlandish. A rescue mission is set into place and the lost world is found. Adventure and discovery are the forefront of that mission. For the times it must have been rather outrageous for a woman to have done along on the journey, but this added to the story and the fun.
BTW Willis O'Brien is the man who did the stop motion animation for this m…

God's Trying To Keep Me Off Facebook

Had 6 days of this. OK all day it's totally overcast then all the sudden after I'm done watching TV and want to be on the computer the clouds go away and the sun comes through the window and blinds the monitor. The best thing is, it will cloud back up after it goes down behind the church roof. Yuppers - God's out to keep me off of Facebook...

Well That Worked...

So I boot up windows 10 extra silly edition (or what ever the hell it is now) and this comes up. No clue what it is - the process is literally BLANK and is something in the system 32 directory. It just stayed there until I killed it. Best thing is it was on top even when I opened the browser LOL. Good one Windows... At least the icons stopped blinking CRAP that annoyed me. Oh and my USB mic works again, so there is hope yet...

New Windows Desktop HEHE

It's just some splatter added to a windows logo overplayed on a dirt photo...But kind of funny to me after I did it.

Amazon Phishing Scam

Find it kind of interesting that this phishing scam is coming out of the UK. Normally it's the Middle East or some Russia... Anyways, nice try but it does not actually even look like an order code and well the URL there kind of gives it away not don't it? BTW why the crap would I order what ever the hell that is?

11 Mandelbulb3D Fractals (With 1 peramitor)...

Perpetrator below - copy it then load from clipboard in the program...