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Wireless Emergency Alerts Settings

I'm posting this because most people don't know where to turn them off or adjust the settings. Thing is, at least in Canada when they first came out, there was no way to turn them off (by law). Now you can turn it off or parts of it off as you will see. As well the app was indestructible unless you rooted your phone in the day. Go to settings then notifications. 1 Advanced settings. 2 Wireless Emergency Alerts. 3 Turn off the annoying tests (and in my case Amber Alerts). 4 is the setting to turn on the option to have it speak the alert to you. At the top is the toggle to turn them all off if you like. Personally I want to know if a severe storm is coming. Amber alerts are meaningless to be, because I will forget the description and I'm almost never out in the public.

Jigsaw Puzzle Update

Been using Jigsaws Galore for years and have made a great deal of puzzles with it. For a little more than a year, I have been keeping track of my puzzles and backing them up, so I don't lose them if I have a hard drive failure. Below is the current list of in progress, not played yet, and already done. BTW, it's been 5 days since the last puzzle update, and I've been doing a LOT of them every day, so there is a big change in numbers. Also I have done a physical count and corrected the numbers that where wrong.

A Friend Gave Me Soup

Spicy chicken noodle soup. I had the water off and needed to cook. The only thing is, everything I had needed water to cook. So a friend dropped off a can or ready to eat soup, and I just added a bunch of hot sauce and had at it. Everything tastes better with hot sauce in it. Thankfully, that evening the water came back on and I was able to cook my bean and veggie mix for the next few days.

Remembering the Commodore 64 and GEOS

I have been remembering when I used a Commodore 64. The think had a total of 64kb of ram only. The program you see above was GEOS. It was a windows like interface that allowed you to use graphic oriented apps like the paint program and the work processor that actually had fonts. Oh man the graphics where not much compared to today, but back then it was astonishing. Can you imagine running an office with a 64kb computer that ran at 1mhz? Your average top end smart phone runs about 2000X faster and has around 62,000X the memory. The storage on an average smart phone now is around 370,000X more than one of the floppy disks as well. In fact a photo you take on you phone would be way too big to fit on the disk. The only thing that is not massively more is the printer resolution, that is only about 10X to 20X more than the dot matrix printers, but a modern printer makes a hell of a lot less noise and prints way faster. A color printer in the day had the ability to print 8 colors if you where

Jigsaw Puzzle Update.

I've been using Jigsaws Galore for years. Only about a year I have been keeping track of my puzzles and saving the ones I finished. When I am done with a folder of puzzles, I move them from the app folder into a ZIP file just for the done folders. I also have a ZIP with the active files in the app folder and one with the app it's self and all of my puzzles not played (no save files). Below is the current list of in play and done puzzles. I'm soon to be making two more Not Safe For Work folders (NSFW), but as of yet, this is the count. Currently working in the "(NSFW) Fantasy Art" folder.

Finally Got to Sit Outside (With Photos)

I finally got to sit on the bench out front, and not the smoking bench. The smoking bench is shoveled off all the time and kept clear. The non-smoking aria on the other hand is left under snow and ice all winter, so I can't get to it. There is just no way I'm exposing myself to smoke just to sit outside, so I don't go out. As you see, something decided to take a poop there. Not a clue what animal did that. It's also going to be a while until it's cleaned up, it's still too cold to be out power washing the place. I missed it, but the last photo is only a hint of how flooded the street gets. It was up to the top of the curbs for a couple days. Anyway, hope soon to be able to go to the park and sit there for a while and maybe wonder around a bit. Got to get back in shape though. I slacked on my walking in the basement for a few weeks and it seems to have added up fast to me not having any stamina.  


Started seeing closed captions on videos on Instagram. Setting them to OFF seems to not make them go away. I actually am rather distracted by these things and I don't want them there. I do congratulate them for putting them on for those who need them however.  

Just for the 3 1's

  I tend to notice patterns, so I saw the 3 1's and had to screen cap it.

Made Food and Coffee

Made 4 days of bean mix that is easily turned into Lentil Soup, just add some water and some chili and it's yummy. Stuffing the coffee in my Moka pot. You fill the bottom with water then put in the basket, and fill it with coffee (espresso) and tamp it down. Not too hard, just enough, and don't fill all the way up. Then screw the top on and put it on the stove and let it do it's thing. Don't leave it on too long or it will burn the coffee and it will taste bad. Remember this is the hottest coffee ever, so let it cool a little.  

What's On My Devices


Jigsaw Puzzles Update

Again using Jigsaws Galore on an older Windows 10 machine. Been doing a great deal of puzzles the last few months. I enjoy them a lot, but sooner or later I'll ignore it for a while, I always do.