My Urologist Sucks

Kind of share my urologist can't find his ass with both hands. Left nut is killing me again. How is it 4 different doctors in this town can't find a 2.5 mm cyst? He knows it's there he saw the fucking report from the ultrasound. Comes off saying he doesn't know why its hurting, says its stress related. So I have to live with this pain for the rest of my life because I live in a city full of incompetent doctors. Trust me, you can ask other people here what they think of the doctors. Meanwhile, this hurts so bad it's making me nauseous. Jesus!


If I get 10 more good years I will be lucky. I'm hoping to drop dead just when I'm 64 so I don't have to bother with the vast amount of effort it will take to move from Sask disability to the federal old age system and an entirely new system of drug and medical coverage. I'm almost a plant now, can't imagine at 65 doing all that paperwork.
Then again a very close friend and I have talked about after "10 good years" we could just check out in a blaze of glory. Ya know get drunk and stoned for days then just take too much and be found a by a maid in a motel or something.
All jokes aside (I know that was an evil one), if I ever hear the words "cancer or dementia" I'm freaking out of here. No joke - just out of here. Sure I'll fight cancer if I have a chance, but if it's stage 4 and no hope - off I go into the gentle night.
I only wish that the right to assisted suicide here in Canada was expanded to a directive that one could have filed wi…


I've been blocked on Facebook for a lot of reasons. Here are some of them:

• Telling someone sexual assault is not a joke.
• Using the "F word" too much - this came from someone who constantly posted photos of her sex toys.
• Because "I'm starting to like you more than my husband so I have to block you".
• Really a LOT of people because I think Trump is the worst man for the job.
• For voting Liberal in the Saskatchewan and federal elections.
• For saying "who cares, you knew what I meant" when someone tried to correct my spelling.
• For posting too many photos.
• For sharing a persons PUBLIC post.
• For being openly pansexual and/or fluid gender.
• For liking pineapple on a pizza.
• For insisting there is proof the world round, not flat.
• For liking cats.
• For collecting Pusheen toys and posting photos of them.
• For saying everyone should have the same rights, not special rights (they told me they where calling the RCMP on me).
• For sharing a video of a dra…

PHOTO BLOG 6-21-2019

Paint splatter.  ER parking lot at the Moose Jaw hospital.  Typical cloudy day.  Me sitting in the dark about to start reading. My gel-pen don't work to well, but it's got Pusheen on it.


Still dealing with the aftermath of my surgery. I still maintain I got nothing for pain management when I was in the hospital. If they did give me any, it was enough for a small child only, and not for a very large adult.
 When I was told to get dressed to go home (the same day) I was crying out in pain every time I moved. The effort to get dressed and into the van was monumental.
I've looked back at the video I posted the same day - I was shaking and white the bandage you see below.  It's been 11 days and I'm still in a bit of pain.
I've had 3 other surgery's in the past and I have not needed pain management after any of them - just the same day of the operation did I need something. So obviously this was a LOT bigger deal than before.
I don't know what the hell it is with the hospital in Moose Jaw (and doctors) not wanting to give you pain meds that actually kill pain, but it's extremely common. Many people I know have had the same issue.
I don…


Day 3 of on and off soft rain. This is just what we need here in southern Saskatchewan. It's been the driest it's been on record. The crops need to have moisture and this is just how to do it.
If it just dumps rain on us, the water runs off and does not soak into the dirt. The region relies heavily on crops and it's good for all of us to have this rain.
I know I'm the first one to scoff that there is no sun and say I would like to sit outside, but I'll suck it up and stay in, and say "it's needed" to myself.
Have a blessed day.