There is this show called Legion. I honestly ignored it after someone said it sucked. But I saw the promo for the current season and though "I want this".
So being I have Crave as part of my Cable - I fired up the app (the app SUCKS on Fire TV BTW) and watched literally off of it from the start a week before the first episode of  season 3.
Now I do have to say, I can see why people don't like season 3. It's trippy, disjointed and outright strange. That is to say hard to see where the hell this is going and why. But I'm hooked.
Then there is The Walking Dead. Sigh I just had to stop watching the last season was total suck and I hung on then this one came out and it was worse. So I deleted it from my record list.
Fear the Walking Dead however I do still enjoy very much. I just hope they don't drag it out too long and kill it for me like TWD.
There is talk of other sin-offs and a few movies - so they are milking this for all it's worth. I however think the time h…


Well there is the idea that we are God. Now this is NOT to say that we can do things if we only unlock how to create a city or something - it's to say, when we call out to God we call out to ourselves and each other.
When you pray you are just using a different way of thinking to come up with an answer that you are looking for. When you get into a group of religious people and ask them to pray with you or to council you it's the same thing but in a group form.
There is also the idea that if we do believe that our thoughts can help, they will - so prayers and positive thoughts can case things to happen. This is proven wrong so many times over, but it's a thought.
Some of course think that God is listening and if he wishes he will answer you somehow and/or give you what you need. Most of the time this is not what you want by this theory. Then again a lot of right wing Christians believe that God will give you money, power and fame if you do it right - they literally have never …


I swear to God I'm going to have my friend paint my nails before we go for coffee one of these days LOL.
I just want to know how long before someone notices them. Just to see if they look and don't say it, or they say it. I'm kind of sure most would not even notice.
I'd have to get a bottle of polish and some remover however then possibly never use it again. Like the lipstick I tried in a vlog a few years ago - I had no idea how to put it on even.
It might be entertaining.


Well this is me waiting for the laundry to finish washing so I can toss it in the dryer. I tend to get 2 cans of coke from the machine but this time did it different.
See 2 cans of coke is the same size (about) as this bottle. This bottle was $2 and 2 cans of coke are $3. So saved $1.
Some think that is not much but when I do it several times it pays for a coffee and pie out with friends. I don't have much so I end up trying to save all I can. This drink is a much needed treat while doing the thing I least like to do with my evening.
Also to save on money I decided I don't want to get Shudder after all. 2 days from now the free preview is over and I won't be picking it up. Unfortunately all these "channels" on Prime now are confusing as you see content that you need to pay more to watch. I wish they would piss off and let you just search what you have - make it a setting so we can turn off the channels we done have.
Yeah, it's only $6.65, but that is a plate of f…


This is me outside the dermatologists office a while back. I have one more appointment and I should be done with her. I just hope the skin reaction to the inc on this BAD tattoo does not come back. For not it's clearing it up quite well, however I need a second tube of it.
I'm going to order it tomorrow for pickup after my surgeons appointment. I'll also be ordering my normal meds a week early so I don't need to make 2 trips. Obviously I need to go and not get them delivered - they have skipped giving me the airmiles 3 times now. I did not keep the slip so I can't go get them dome manually.
The screwed me out of $20 of airmiles on that last one. This next one will put me just over $20 when they come in. But I'd have had $40 after this order if it where not for them missing the number linked in my profile on their system. It should be automatic, but obviously it's not. Also I've had bonus points NOT show up at the till there many times and most of the time…




So self image. Well I actually have a good self image. I like who I am and accept all parts of my body. It was not always this way however.
When I was a teen and in my 20's I hated having my photo taken because I did not like how I look.
It took years to get past it, but I did and for many years now I've literally not cared what others think of how I look.
It is to the point that I have even posed nude for photos that where published on the internet. This despite the fact that with my extreme size, a certain part of my body don't look all that big.
As well I now have a lot of scars on my belly and still have no issue with people seeing this.
I think it helped that when I was living with my family my Dad, Brother and I would actually walk around the house nude after 9PM at night. We would even sit there and watch TV naked.
Mom however had issues and would never have been undressed in front of us all for one reason or the other. But everyone is different.
 I have in my 30's and…