First shot is what it was supposed to look like. This is just after the sitting when it was done. Second shot is 9 days later.
There was overnight a very thick scab over the grey part. The day after that the scab was starting to ooze yellow slimy thick fluid.
Another day later the top of it was oozing some kind of brown stuff. I then went to the hospital.
They said it was infected and gave me pills to take for it. I went to my doctor a couple days later and it was pealing by then at the bottom and it looked like hell. She again said it was infected.
Not all the gunk is off of it yet and I'm not about to pick at it, it's messed up enough, but it appears all or most of the grey ink has come out and taken some of the black line work with it. The skin is obviously devastated where the grey ink was.
There is a lot of swelling yet but it's obvious that something has gone very very wrong. It's very selective in what it pushed out, so I have a hard time thinking infection is the is…

And Tattoo Woes

Ok stopped losing my mind. It's almost certainly not an allergy to the red ink. That part is not effected by the oozing at all. Only the grey body fill is effected. She took a long time doing it and certainly caused a lot of damage and it's not healing the way it should be. I'm kind of sure that the plasma coming out like this will have pushed the grey ink out and its toast because of that. The grey in the tail is ok so it's not an allergy to the white ink. I just hope there is little scarring after this. So yeah I'm thinking she messed it up. No push came out today, just plasma and ink slurry.


So this is one of the worst things you can see when you tattoo is still scabbed up. It's infected.
The other day I snagged it on my coat sleeve and it ripped a bit of the scab off.
This alone is not a good thing as it is not ready for this to happen. But it seems to have let in some infection.
The doctor in the ER said it looks like cellulitis. All I know is it's not good. Infection can destroy a tattoo. So I don't know if my dream tattoo (Pusheen eating Pizza) is going to be OK or not.
This is a lot of stress I tell you. I been wanting this on my arm for years. Sigh.
Yesterday it was not red at all and now it's got a large red aria around it. It also hurts like hell. When I hang it by my side it throbs. So yes this all points to a not to friendly infection.
I'm on strong pills for it. The shit of it it, a healing tattoo does not like antibiotics. It can in some cases fade color. So I'm in general not a happy camper.



November 30, 2018 In Photos



So I'm slowly changing my entertainment services. Right now it's like $217 (plus tax) for Cable TV and Internet. Unfortunately I have a contract with a large disconnect fee if I drop out before the end of May. Thus there is 6 months of paying an absurd amount of money for what I'm getting.
Right now I am also on YouTube Premium for the Music side of it and no ads on YouTube and the skimp amount of original shows. This is like $12 a month.
Now I want Amazon Prime and have signed up for it getting the 30 day free trial of it. I'm liking very much the selection of TV shows on it - I already in 24 hours am in love with a couple of shows on it. So I'm keeping it.
I've signed up for prime now as I will use it now to watch things. I also get the free rush shipping with it on amazon. Now the Music side of it is a bit confusing though.
You see, there is 2 kinds of Amazon Music. There is Prime music that has 2 million songs and NO playlists and a limited selection of auto ge…


So here we go. This is in reference to the Tattoo blog post and my friend waiting. So I showed up for the appointment at 8 PM like planned. I was told about 90 minutes to do the job.  You expect it to have a bit of time on either side of that estimate, depending on how things go.
Well it turns out that it took 5 hours. Year I know right. That's a long time.
Here is the problem. The person that drove me insisted on waiting for me outside. I messaged her after a while when I realized this was going long (OK a mutual friend texted her). She was told to go home and wait for me to text her. She INSISTED on waiting - she does this often. There have been several times she did not want to come into coffee with us and sat for hours in the car waiting.
So at 9:30 PM my phone turns to "do not disturb" and it makes no sounds after that until 8:30 AM. So I did not know she was texting me about things.
Here is the kicker - I TOLD her to not wait outside and she demanded that she do this. S…