The worst blizzard of my life was in 1978 and I can't find a single reference to it happening in Saskatchewan on the net. I know people with personal photos from it and several of us remember it well. Dad had to go to work as a cop on a snowmobile and so did the EMS workers. They where phoning houses to see if they needed to be rescued. And why the hell there is not one post on the net that I can find is the strangest thing ever. We where out of school for a week. It took several days for the city to be plowed out and that was just the main streets. I've seen a photo of a friend on the roof of his home and the snow up to the 2nd floor windows. I remember full well my brother and I going out the window to dig out the back door and a path to the 2 gates then the next day a path to the street. Yet nothing at all I can find. Not one photo. I can find them for Manitoba but not for here. Just strange.

A friend found a reference HERE - it's the last entry from Feb 1978. That is th…


Ya know I like to get drunk now and then. Not blind drunk, laying on the carpet till 4pm the next day - but drunk. But I know first hand what it's like when people escape reality all of the time. It never ends well.
We all do it. We have a few drinks of a THC gummy or we watch Netflix all night. We get away from reality for a little while. But then we go back to it and deal with the things we need to deal with.
For people like my brother, escape from reality became the norm. I saw what it did to him. It destroyed him. At one time he was quite fit and strong. By the end he was neither of those things and he has lost his mind.
He had spent years drinking heavily and taking narcotic pain meds at this point. The result was he was not able to tell reality from delusion. This is a pain I know first hand but for a different reason and thank God they got me stabilized with medication. For my brother the medication did not work and had horrible side effects.
In the end after they finally let h…


The 2 orders where done at once. The other one is all ad-on items. I got the coffee travel mug I wanted so I can take coffee down with me when I do laundry. I also got the emergency radio I wanted. It cranks up to charge and had a light on it. There is a 1000mah phone charger on it as well - you can at least have the phone able to make a call if you need it. It does the weather band radio and AM/FM local radio. These are the ad-on items. The body wash I've not used before but at this price if I end up not being able to use it, it's not a great loss. The deodorant is less than in the store for the same size. I for 2 of each of those. I also for 1 100 pack of green friendly coffee filters. I know everyone tells me to get a metal one - well I don't like them - I think it changes the taste of the coffee and I hate cleaning them out. People say - just dump it, but it's not clean after that - so NO.

I'm short on money for the rest of the month as I'll only have $42 I c…


Christmas Dinner Pizza from Boston Pizza

Turkey, house-made stuffing, rosemary sage cream sauce and Italian cheeses. Served with cranberry sauce and warm turkey gravy.


Bourbon BBQ Chicken from Boston Pizza

House-made Bourbon BBQ sauce, bacon, BBQ chicken, balsamic-roasted red onions, pizza mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Finished with a buttermilk ranch drizzle.

Veggie from Domino's

Double Cheese, Jalapenos, Black Olives, Tomatoes, Pineapple

Chicken Bacon Alfredo Feast from Domino's

Double Cheese, Alfredo Sauce, Onions, Mushrooms, Bacon, Chicken, Cheddar, Provolone

Philly Cheese Streak from Domino's

Onions, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, American Cheese, Philly Steak, Provolone


Jacob Barlow's Song

Jacob Barlow's Song David S Nicholson Dec, 03, 2019
Jacob Barlow did not have any friends. Jacob never wore clean clothing. Jacob kept it himself. Jacob lived in a different place every week. Jacob got hurt a lot. Jacob did things for his mother's friends. Jacob was only here for one semester. Jacob went missing one September day. This is Jacob Barlow's song.
(This is fictional and not based on a real person).


In your browser go to:

If using your phone or tablet set it to "desktop version".

Click "Settings".
Next click "Advanced Settings".

Click on No (middle option) to be set to not child friendly. Click on Yes (top option) to be set to child friendly. Third option you have to mark each video one at a time as child friendly or not. If you do not YouTube will decide for you. There is a possibility of getting a rather large fine and losing your channel if they think you are marketing to children and it's not child safe.


Number one reason I don't do BDSM anymore is my health. Lets also face the fact the people I used to play with are in about the same boat.
So there would be the possibility of needing to call 911 for me and then I have to explain that the ligature marks on my wrists and ankles and the whip marks on my ass are consensual.
There is also the possibility of me being chained to a bed and the other guy grabbing his chest and hitting the floor. Then what the hell do I do? Chew the straps off for the next 27 hours and get to my phone and have to explain to the cops why the guy died yesterday and I am just calling now - oh and why the hell he is only wearing a leather dogs head mask?
Besides the bad pain is all I can deal with now, so the good pain would be too much pain. If that makes sense. It's like that "wafer thin mint" thing in the meaning of life you see... one slap and POOF.
Besides I get examined by a doctor at least once a month - do I need to explain my my ass has brui…