Monday, April 23, 2018

Pusheen FTW

Pusheen FTW. This is Pusheenacorn. I have 11 of the toys and the first one I got is magic. The first one I call my kitten. It's a smaller one (6 inches). When I'm in pain or having a panic attack  hold her while laying in bed and it helps. I can't explain why, it just does. I know it can't fix the pain but I tolerate it better with her.

When  I go to bed or lay down to rest I pick her up, kiss her and Pat her back 4 times.  Then say "good night my itty bitty pretty kitty witty". Yes I am a 51 year old man lol.

I can't tell you why I love Pusheen so much but when I look at one it makes me happy. Sonya know they where worth it. When I Die I want them to make someone else happy.

Anyways I hope you have something that makes you this happy. Life is short and we need to be happy.

Mirrorgraph 2 Playtime

Playing with an app on the phone. It's fun.
Mirrorgraph 2 is the name. Give it a go.

Flooded Hallway

Not a clue so far where this came from but what a mess. Does not seem to have come from this floor. I also don't see them working on anything so I got no idea. All I know is this ain't good to be happening. I don't relish the idea if getting out if bed into a puddle.

Weight Loss Update

Fridays weigh in set me at 4 lbs down. Being I slipped up and went up 8.8 the week before this is good. I only had a little of plan food so far and won't have any more until Friday, so I should be down again this week. He only thing is I'll be diving into a pile of chicken the last 3 days to get rid of it. Need to clean out the freezer.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Food For 2 or 3 Days

 Breakfast and lunch will be lentil soup and veggie with some spice and herbs.
Dinner will be chicken chilli soup. I've made the top one for 3 days worth of eating and 2 days worth of dinner. Just nuke it and eat it.

Sigh I need 1 more can of tomatoes and have like $3 to my name. Oh wait got $13 on that card thing but that means braving superstore for 1 item. What a dilemma....