A lot of people complained about the old hospital being torn down. Some wanted it fixed up and still used and others wanted it to be turned into a care home. To be honest, the building was past it's time to say the least. The price to fix it up would have actually been greater than to build the new hospital. I do agree with almost everyone that the hockey arena should have been built in the place the hospital was and the hospital down town. That is a given. The sad thing is, there are a couple of rental properties in town where the building is in no better shape than the old hospital was. I was in one a while back and it was like walking into the third world. The smell of cat shit and stale booze mixed in with filth everywhere I looked, all topped off with the fact the paint was pealing and the walls where cracked. No one should have to live like that and I often wonder how in the world it passes inspection. I kind of am to the point I wonder if they even bother to inspect these pl…


Very early this morning in photos. Actually about 3:30 am. Strangely it's when I did the dishes. Been piddling rain for days. This is the parking lot. Mixing bowel ready to be washed. The empty sink after the dishes are done. My scrubby sponge.


I used to use the diced ones, but now I use the hole ones. There seems to be a vast difference in taste. The diced ones don't taste that good at all compared to these ones. There also is a bit less salt for some reason.

I been using the no salt added beans as well with these when I do the bean mix. Sometimes it's more money for them, but they are better for me in the long run.



ME X11



Been using Amazon for years now and have had almost no issues with things I got. Only 3 times have I had to return anything or ask for a refund. The first time was a blind I ordered and it did not have all the hardware in it. Instead of sending the mounting brackets, they had me send in the unit and sent a new one. The second time was "fortune cookie Pusheen" a bootleg stuffed toy from China that was an obvious knock off. The last time was a $1.85 item that never got here in the mail.
So I've noticed that now and then there will be a review like this one shown in the screen capture. They refer to the wrong item and I have to wonder how this happens. You see when you have a list of items to review, it shows an actual photo of the item and the name of the item. So how they clicked the wrong thing I don't know but - yeah I'm sure it happens now and then. LOL.
The best 1 star review I ever seen though was on the "6 inch Pusheen plush". That was LITERALLY the …

Weight Loss Term 3 Week 26

Term 3 Week 26: -1.4 lbs

Cheated a little bit this last week. Won't be doing that this week as I don't get paid until after I weigh in the next time. Well I do the day before, but I think I can hold off 1 day before I hit some chips or something.
Legs where bothering me so I did not get my walking in. Next week I should get my walking in just fine I think. Interesting side note, when I have a fibromyalgia flair my legs are almost never effected.