Friday, May 18, 2018


A sign of dehydration. Wrinkles on the finger tips that is. I been talking to a bunch of others with fibromyalgia and they seem to get this way easily as well. See our body seems to work overtime getting rid of fluids. I do actually drink a lot of water but still seem now and then to end up dehydrated. This may actually acvouac for the constant headache most of us seem to have. My kidneys and liver are always in God health ither than one kidney has a cyst on it.  Get them tested in blood work every 6 months. So yeah no idea why we all seem to pee way more than others.


So the Co-op is not that far from here and this is one of their carts. The guy down the hall brings them home with his stuff in them. He hen leaves them at the end of the hall intad if taking them back. He dies not seem to be alone. Every now and then there is a bunch of them in the garbage room. I don't know who takes them back but sooner or later someone does. It's always the little ones too. I always in the past wondered why there are none if them to be found there at random times. I know there are lots of them so it made no sense. Now I understand. Now to just catch the cart fairy collecting them for the return trip.


Won a Colouring Book

A friend makes hese wonderful colouring books. She does them on her iPad and then imports them to her Mac to finish up and set up for the books. This will keep me busy for years to come. I don't do them often so it will last me. is the link to buy them.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ghost Hair?

So this is a 6 inch long white hair. Not one clue where it's from but I keep getting them on the same leg. The strange thing I it's been haoohappe for years now and soans 2 buildings I've lived in. The other thing in this place is green foam rubber bits and black fuzz. I have no idea where hey are coming from as well. Is there is starting to be bright red fuzz. Again no idea. LOL I'll never know but I'm interested in where this is all room.