Monday, June 25, 2018


After spending time in the "help forums", I found the fix. But it was not to any help of the tech people from Blogger, it was a user named Cavebear. The "update" posted in the forum does not actually do anything to fix the situation.

OK. Go to settings on the left panel on Click "Settings". Click "Posts, comments and sharing". There is a box with your email address in it. Delete the email address and click "Save Settings". Now type your email into the box again and click "Save Settings".

You will now get an email at the address you entered and it will ask if you wish to subscribe to receiving notifications for comments being posted. Click "Subscribe". After this you will receive comment notifications once again. They look a little different than they used to look, but they are there at least.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


 So all week from 8am to 4pm (with and hour to fill the system so we can use it) we have NO WATER in the building because of upgrades to the system. Being that I live here and have no other place to ever be all week, I have had to set water aside for drinking and flushing the toilet. This is the drinking water, there is like 3 days of it in there, but I'll top it off ever day in case I hurt my back or something and can't go fill it up for a couple of days. As well the tub won't hold water, as the plug in it don't seem to work. It's one of them built in plugs with the handle to make it go up and down. So I have to have a 25 gallon storage container with about 18 gallons of water in it and a bucket sitting there to do the job. As I have issues with my innards, I end up hitting the bathroom kind of a lot - 3 or 4 times a day I poop. So I do kind of need the water to flush with.
 From not to Saturday or Sunday I'll be on this for eats, veggie chili. It's a bit bland as I have no peppers and only $5 left for the rest of the week, so I have to eat it this way. It's just chili powder in it and some hot sauce basically. I have 2 more days of it in the fridge and will have to made another batch up before this week is up. I need to get more of the small containers because the big ones take up too much room in there and I can only make 4 days worth and the entire fridge is filled.
This is tea I was sent from the UK and I freaking loved it. The thing is that it does not seem to be sold in stores in town and ordering it online is more than I'm willing to pay for tea. I mean it's $1 a bag on Amazon. Wally-World has it but it's in 6 packs and they want $145 for 6 boxes of it. NOPE. So back to my coffee I guess. NO TEA FOR YOU.


So I already got pissy about the Samsung update on my S7 to Android 8 and the things it did. Well this is a solve for something people are looking for. The notification tone for plugging in the charger is missing.

Well here is the thing, before it was NOT part of the system sounds volume setting for some reason and if you hated the annoying sounds forever coming on when you did anything at all, you set that to 0. Well the notification for charging still sounded after that before hand.

Now it falls under the system sounds and you have only the choice of hearing every single system sound or not having the tone play when you plug in your charger. I have not one clue why it was not under system sounds before and who now it is, but there it is.

What I and a great deal of other people would like is (1) to be able to set the system sounds to custom sounds and not just the ones that Samsung picked for us and (2) be able to turn on and off individual system sounds from a list of all of them.

Come on, having Captain Power say "power on" when you plug it in would be EPIC. Oh wait only nerds in my generation even know what the hell I'm talking about - but you get the point. P.S. I had the gun to play the game at the end of the TV show. I can't believe the same guy who wrote for B5 did a lot of the scripts for this show BTW.

Oh is you have a Samsung with Android 8 and this is not why it's acting up for you, let me know - I would like to see how many have the system volume up and it's still not playing.


 Self explanatory.
 Because I have an addiction to Pusheen issue.


 So coffee went well and it seems it was a free coffee that day. The lady that served us told me my friend had paid for my coffee. Was not expecting this at all, but it was nice of her. It left me with just enough in the bank to get a new bit of music I wanted to get on Google Play Music.
 BTW I've given up on the flavored creamers as they seem to bother the hell out of me tummy. I get cramps a few hours after I consume them for some reason. Then again I been told they bother a lot of people. They are fake cream that is made to sit out all day and not be in the fridge. They taste great, but no can have.