Tuesday, July 17, 2018


So I'm sick today, not in the standard "OMG why would you google that" kind of way - but physically sick. I have some tummy flu thing going on and I'm in level 7 pain. The good thing is, the color came back to my skin and I'm not pale white any more. The bad thing is OUCH.

So what do I do when I'm suffering and sick? Well post a bunch of blogs and edit a bunch of photos, what else would I do? Actually I'm going to sit in the easy chair for a while after this post and watch some TV and have something to eat. The last batch of food upset my tummy not nearly as much as this morning, so it's all good. The coffee on the other hand is not sitting well, but dang it COFFEE NOW.

BTW the photo is a mug I ordered for me and a guy I know, just for the LOLS. He is full on Gay and I'm Pansexual (look it up). Yes that sexuality that most people get wrong when they try to say what it is. In any event, it's been a laugh many times when people see it.

Well off to go die in the easy chair, have fun.


 With the exception of a brief disagreement, Billy and I where like brothers. Yes I realize he was mostly full of it when he talked about all the things he did and so on, but I miss him. Once you got past the idea that he was trying to pretend he was some Radio star, he was a nice guy.

I was friends with Grant from the time I was 9 years old. It was a long lasting and close friendship. We shared a great deal of things over the many years and had a lot of great times. He was not the smartest person I knew, but he would do anything for anyone just to help. We watched TV for hours and did movie night every week for many years. Like me his family where not that great to him at times. He was my best friend for a long time. I will miss him for the rest of my days.


On old versions of Windows like the XP box I am using to post this blog, there is an issue with blocky text. This is most prevalent when you hit the web or start to type things into Word. To make the text nice and smooth follow the example above. Right click on the desk top and select "Properties". Click the "Appearance tab". Then click Effects and in the effects dialog check off the box you see in the image above and select "Clear Type". Apply the settings and nice smooth text from now on. Different versions have a slightly different layout, but you can find it I'm sure. This however might not work in Chrome as some of the older versions had a bug that ignored Clear Type settings.


 Purple Pastel Pusheen.
 Green Pastel Pusheen.
 Pink Pastel Pusheen.
 Fluffykins. He is kind of snooty.
 Pusheenecorn 1 - with her necklace on.
 Cool Pusheen and Cool Stormy.
 Chinese Cookie Pusheen (a bootleg).
 12 Inch Pusheen. This was a fortune when I got it as I ordered it from the USA. There where no Canadian vendors then. Had to pay exchange, big time shipping and taxes. You also see the little dog. Mom gave that to me after she came home from a trip. She had a heart attack and was air lifted to Edmonton. I could not get to her, so I was very worried and she though of me and gave me this little gift when she came home.
 Pusheenecorn 2, she guards the tissues.
 Moms bear I got her when she was in the home, Moms stuffed dog she had in her apartment, Jasmine the Cow and the real Cookie Pusheen.
This is my pre-Gund 6 inch Pusheen Plush. It's my favorite thing on earth and if I can only save one thing, it's going to be her - sorry grandma.


 B.C. Read Duet playing at Bobby's Place in Moose Jaw.
 Some cops learning to use a radar gun.
 The old coffee crowd at Co-op. The cafeteria is now long gone.
 That's me at almost 500 lbs at a friends dinner party.
 They where filming a movie in this shot, with actual film.
 The director, I have no idea what his name is now.
 Red Hat Ladies.
 Dave from Regina and myself at the 2nd Moose Jaw YouTube Meetup.
 This is today, they are doing the roof on the church.
Some of the photos (all but last 2) are from years ago.