Monday, December 11, 2017

Pusheenicorn 1 and 2

Pusheenicorn has a sister. My good friend sent me another of the kind. Yeah the new one looks a bit rough, but she just needs to decompress from being stuffed in a box and well a bit of smoothing out the fur. the one on the left looked about the same when she first got pulled out of a box. I did notice however that their faces are different. They are oh so freaking cute though I tell you. Who in their right mind can resist Pusheen? Only the most evil among us don't like her.

Someone asked me if I had names for them. Well Pusheenicorn 1 and 2 I guess. All the others are a certain type and have no duplicates. I tend to call them by the type as in "cookie Pusheen" or "Cool Pusheen". Besides I won't remember the names if I give them one. I named the non Pusheen plush toys and I got no idea what the hell their names are - just the cow being Jasmine... The others I got no clue as to their long lost names.

I really have to stop getting more, I literally have run out of room to put them. If I got more I would have to also get a shelf unit to put them on. Although that is an idea, it's an expensive one - I mean a cheep shelf is a bit much for me. Maybe a second hand one at a yard sale some day... Hmmm more Pusheens toys...

Why I Only Watch Classic Vloggers

90% of the videos I have watched in the last year have the same person commenting "TFS" on every last video. Kind of sure they did not watch any of the videos. But then again 1/4 of the comments on my Thanks video lead me to think they did not watch even 10 seconds of the video. LOL.

Another thing you got to love is these people who show "subscribe" lease a couple of comments then unsubscribe a day or 2 later. Just for the shit and giggles many a time, I have subbed them a week down the road then unsubbed the next day. Sure enough they show up subbed again then 2 days later off the list they go LOL.

There is also a reason I don't click anything with the word "prank" on it, 98% of them are fake as hell and you can tell right away and the other 2% seem to be evil bastards who don't deserve a click because of the terrible things they do to people.

I won't even get stated on the very popular fail videos. I used to watch them then I started to ask myself, "what do you think is funny about people getting hurt"? That stopped that nonsense in it's tracks. Not to mention 50% of them have the worst music known to human kind on them.

Honest to God there are almost no channels over the 2K mark that I subscribe to for a reason. I don't find the content to be what I'm interested in or they feel fake to me. Anyone who scripts what they are going to say in a vlog and you can tell by the 78 jump cuts in the 3 minute vlog - don't appeal to me at all.

The well above normal energy level also gets to me in a short amount of time. I literally find it draining to watch this kind of person. Not to mention I'm kind of sure in real life they don't have 10% of that much energy.

Anyone who sets the camera to show their boobs is an immediate click off to me as well. I'm just not interested in that and even if you have good content, you are pushing me away from it by selling your body for views.

There as well are not many family vloggers I watch as the vast majority of them seem to be exploitation to me.

So what the hell is there left to watch you are thinking by now? Well that would be music videos and talking head vlogs. I enjoy the hell out of a video that documents a person or family's day. Talking on a topic is also good for me as long as it's not dramatic and overblown.

Oh yes and angry yelling people literally give me anxiety and I can't stand to watch it. I know if you know me you might know I put myself threw watching that kind of stuff for one persons videos. Well I was trying to be supportive of someone I thought needed it. Well that did not work out so well - won't go into it though... Let's just say I'm well and truly cone with them.

Evil Pusheen

Two Days of Bean Mix

 Two days worth of bean mix. This was a while ago, today I'm making more with 2 kinds of beans - chick peas and black beans. I used twice the tomatoes even though I said I was only going to use 1 can in a vlog, I used 2. Veggies will be cooked separately then added in later.
 This month long purge with this kind of thing should get me down 15 lbs or more. Last week I dropped 5.6 lbs. I am taking 1 day a week to eat more food than this and different kinds of food, so my body does not get used to having less food to eat. Next month I'll be back to eating chicken.

The Makings of My Christmas Dinner

Not shown is the frozen veggies I will be making with it.