Calm down - it's a stress toy. Yeah it's a bit much for a Chinese toy, but I freaking had to have it. So I ordered it. I'm now broke for the rest of the month other than a few bucks for coffee set aside on my desk. There are a lot of other ones from the company, but this! I needed this one. I mean it's a little penis guy with eyes and everything. LOL. It's too funny. It will however take a month to get here - like everything from China. The reviews seem to be good and they say the paint don't fall off, so I got one. Really have no idea how big it is though. I literally never looked LOL. I'm expecting it to be smaller than normal from the photo. But yeah... Impulse buy. I got sent money to help buy a reconditioned PC a while ago, but that money was put on bills, so I will have a credit come October so I have more ready money for the new PC. So I've spent the last little bit in the bank I had for this LOL. I also remembered to renew my domain name with Go…


Coffee is the drink of the Gods. I love this stuff. Right now I'm sucking on a cup of Full City Dark Roast. I drink 12 to 16 cups a day. Most of the time 12. I've even thought about getting a stove top Espresso maker so I can make Red Eyes at home. That's regular coffee with a shot or 2 of Espresso in it.
Being coffee makes your brain work longer, I have to think if I never drank any my brain would be mush by now. Hell I know people my age who never drank any in their life and they are a bit slower to get up to seed that my coffee drinking friends - so maybe its true.
In any event, I don't do it like most. I start drinking it around noon and finish around 6 PM. I have been a night owl since I was 10 years old. My body does NOT want to keep normal hours so this works best for me. If I don't drink coffee, I still end up staying up till 3 am most nights.
The stuff seems to be good for headaches as well. I get cluster headaches often and in the time of day I am drinking c…


So I closed my old account and then the next day though "well I might use it". I stupidly opened a new account with the same address and PayPal and the bots did not like it and they suspended the account. Sigh - I should have seen that coming - my fault.
So I decide to log into the old account as it takes 30 days to close the dang thing for some reason and found out I could phone them and get it reinstated. So the app tells me "1 minute wait time" and I'm like WOOT.
Well after 40 minutes of listening to the world worst music that is played at a volume you can't keep the phone to your ear, I got a person. She got me threw the hoops to get it reactivated.
It was AFTER getting the old one reactivated that I finally got a reply to my email (3 days later) and it said I needed to phone them to get it sorted out. This is for the new one.
I thought to myself "nope" and just ignored it. I am sure there will be more emails later. The thing is, I can't close…


OK they come in a bag of 2 with 4 extra tips. The price I paid on Amazon was $9.99. It's the Elzo Stylus from a smart phone or tablet. It works perfect on all 3 of my devices. I have used it to draw many times and to do about everything you don on a smart device. Because of my screen protector I have to push a slight bit harder than average, but it will works perfect. The tablet has no protector and it's easy as heck to use on there. I give it a 9/10. If I remember correct, there was a 4 pack as well - but I'm not certain.


Yeah, the dude down the hall leaves the carts in the hall way. He used to leave them down by his door then he got told to knock it off. His response was to leave them by the elevator. I literally think he does not understand that he should be taking them back to the store.
We do have carts to use here to gets things from the car or cab to your place and so on - but this is a Co-op cart. There seems to be several of them in our garbage room as well. Sigh. It seems more than one person wants to save the just over $5 to have delivery.
The thing is I am making less than at least half the people in here and I can afford to have the delivery. I also tend to do it all at once for the entire month. That way I don't have to go out. But it's simple for me - I have the same boring stuff every day of my life and it all fits in the freezer and the cabinet. People who want variety I am sure have issues with getting it all put away.
That being said, there is no reason to not take it to the garb…

Aug 16, 2018 in Photos



Smoke in the sky from the fires in B.C. Canada makes the sun look a bit impressive. No filters, just the raw photos.