Monday, September 25, 2017

Sun Comes Up

Bright light, big city.
Dirty streets, dark corners.
Cat howlers, guitar playes.
Drinks clink, couple dance.
Victim bleeds, baby born.
Doors are closed, sun comes up.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


LOL It's been going up but 3 or 4 for hours now. Here is the ticket, it's EMPTY and I don't have any filters set - so there should never be anything in here. I've also had it show that I had up to 8 spam's messages in the spam box and there was nothing in it. Not to mention the notification bell keeps saying 3 and there is literally nothing new in there. Nothing has changed in 5 hours and every 15 minutes or so DING 3... LOL OMG what the hell did Google do to it now?

For The Person In Garden Grove, California

All using an app on my phone...

4 Random Photos My My Pile Of Them

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