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Chernobyl's Cafe 2016
Very interesting

Fukushima robots in hell 2016
Very interesting

Cannibal island 2015
Very dull

Cold war secrets stealing the atomic bomb 2015
Interesting but a lot of subtitles.

The business of war 1997
Fascinating but so many subtitles.

Exploring Hitler's Mountains 2006
Dad would have loved this one.



VEDA 2019 (August)

1. Who are you?
2. Something you overcame.
3. Your bucket-list.
4. Show your home.
5. Describe morning and night routine.
6. Day in the life.
7. Review a book.
8. Five facts about you.
9. Story from your past.
10. A rant.
11. Something you are good at.
12. Reaction to recent local news item.
13. Review a movie.
14. Talk about a trip you took with family.
15. How do you prefer to do the shopping?
16. Family outing gone wrong.
17. An embarrassing moment from the recent past.
18. Talk about the music you used to like as a teen.
19. Talk about your love or an Ex (be nice).
20. How did you meet your (up to 4) best friends?
21. Talk about the music you like now.
22. A game you like to or used to like to play.
23. What you hate about summer ending.
24. Review a product you often use.
25. Your summer playlist (10 songs you listened to a lot this summer).
26. Talk about someone you admire.
27. Sunrise or sunset and why.
28. An embarrassing moment from your childhood.
29. Talk about a restaurant or business you like local…


Front page. Yes I have a lot of apps, but I use them all. Second page. A few apps and a note pad and room for more apps. Page 3 is my calendar widget. And this is the tablet.


If there is one thing in this world I don't like, it's having clothing on. So when I'm alone, I don't have any on at all. Alone at home that in. It's a bother when someone comes to the door though - I have to yell "just a minute" then go put on some pants and a shirt.
As a child I also hated clothing with a passion. I honestly don't like the feeling of them on me. I also tend to like the feeling of a fan on my skin. When I'm at home I have the fan running on low blowing on me most of the time. I also use a fan to sleep better.
When I was living at home, my Dad, my Brother and I after 9 pm would remove all our clothing and run around the hose with nothing on. All the blinds shut of course. Mom on the other hand would literally never do this - she would hide in the bedroom and put on her night gown. I never did ask her why she did not join up. I sure it had something to do with being raised in a strict Catholic home and the shame that goes along with …


Well that sucked. I packed on a bunch of water weight and I'm sure a little actual weight. So yeah. Sigh. Thing was I was not that bad. But next month (August 2019) I'm going to try very hard to only eat my bean mix 6 days a week and the not so bad for you hotdogs I got on Thursdays.

Week 30: +4.6 lbs
Weight: 371.6 lbs (168.6 kg)
Total for the year: +19.6 lbs
Total for all time: -126.6 lbs


So I just had to do it. To be honest I did NOT look at how much these weighed. I ended up with 5lbs of cabbage rolls in a big ass box that would not fit in my freezer. So I had to cook them the same day and consume them. I killed them in 2 meals. It was a discount brand, but worth the $12 I paid for it. I only wish it had bacon in it. For my Christmas load I'm going back to Co-op for them I think. There is a LOT of them in the package and it's generally $25 but dang they are better and if you are lucky you can get the ones with bacon in them. Normally I only get these on Christmas BTW.


1 540ml can white kidney beans.
1 540ml can red kidney beans.
1 796ml can stewed sliced tomatoes
1 tsp Italian herb mix (or to taste).
1 tsp hot chili powder. (or to taste).
Mix well.

2 cups mixed frozen veggies (still frozen)

Cook in 8 quart crock pot on high for 2 hours. Mix well and place in containers (I use 6 containers for 6 individual meals). Microwave and eat. Stays well in the fridge for up to 6 days.



Hight School Senior Year Tag

1. Did you know your current love? Did not fall in love until I was 25, so no one.
2. Type of car? 1969 Meteor Rideau, hunter green – I put over 30,000 miles on that car and had it for 10 years.
3. What kind of job did you have? I did not have my first job until the summer I lest high school and that job was grounds keeper assistant in a graveyard.
4. Where did you live? Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. All but the first 11 months of my life where lived here.
5. Were you popular? Was kind of in the middle. I had a lot of people I hung out with but was not in the “in crowd”.
6. Were you in choir? We did not have one at the time I was there.
7. Ever get suspended from school? Never.
8. If you could, would you go back? No.
9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with? I did not go to prom. I spent the night at a “bush party” out on a farm with about 100 other kids from several high schools. We where all punk rockers and metal heads.
10. Did you skip school? Not once. The only times I ev…


I’m writhing this as a blog post instead of doing a video. The reason is, I will start to cry if I try to talk about this and I really don’t want to post a video with tears running down my face. The event I am about to document has left me scared for life. I dream about the event and it will never leave me. What happened has changed me and not for the better.

I went a little more than a month ago to the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada to get a hernia repair with mesh. I don’t have any idea what they first gave me for pain medication, but it did literally nothing for the pain.

I was wheeled into a room (in a bed) to get dressed to go home. At this point I was in pain, but I had no idea how much worse it was going to get when I tried to get out of bed and get dressed. I was left crying out in pain the entire time. When I started to get out of bed, I started to feel the worst pain of my entire life and I started to cry out in pain. At this point the nu…


To be honest I'm only staying alive for the sake of my friends. My family turned their back on my years ago. The pain is getting worse again and it's hard to even walk now. I don't want this anymore and the doctors won't listen. Even if they give me something, it's at too low a dose to work. I've told so many of them I'm extremely resistant to pain medication and no one listens to me. The only thing thar works is pot and I don't have $30 or more a day for it. I'm fucked. I'm trapped in a body that is falling apart and I fear I'll loose my freedom soon and end up in a care home. I'd rather be fucking dead than that. If it was not for the kindness of those who love me, I'd just end it. I'm so tired of pain, depression, anxiety, being broke all the time and being alone most of the time. And I'm just tired all the time. I know there are good days, but I'm not strong anymore, its breaking me down.

Mandelbulb 3d Renders



1 First job: Grounds keeping in a cemetery.
2 Dream Job: Getting paid to eat food.
3 Astrological sign: Scorpio.
4 Favourite food: Curried chicken extra hot.
5 Favourite dog type: Miniature Poodle.
6 Favourite shoes: Don't have a fave.
7 Favourite candy: The old Red Hots you can't get anymore.
8 Favourite Ice Cream: At this moment I'm all into Salted Caramel.
9 Pet peeve: Screaming kids, it makes me literally feel sick. I know strange reaction.
10 Your Vehicle colour: Don't have one, but the last one was red.
11 Favourite Holiday: Halloween.
12 Night owl or early bird: Night owl.
13 Tattoos: 2 good ones and one that feck near killed me and looks like shit now.
14 Like to cook: I used to but I really don't anymore.
15 Can you drive a stick shift: Yes.
16 Favourite colour: Purple.
17 Do you like vegetables: Yes I do.
18 Do you need glasses: Yes and I hate the freaking things.
19 Favourite season: Fall.

Look UK Spelling a lot of people will thing is wrong LOL.


Turns out the movies lie. Most men who have their junk cut off don't bleed to death. In fact, it's less than 5%. 2x as many die of infection however. There is a documented case in Germany where a guy in his late teens had his balls severed while he was drunk and managed to walk 3 km home and then was sent to hospital and survived.
Now if you where to prevent the blood from clotting it would take up to 2 hours to bleed out from a severed bag or so I read. There was a post on Reddit saying his friend chose that method for suicide. Kind of unlikely unless the guy also took a bunch of anticoagulants to ensure enough blood loss.
I also managed to find out it's a bad idea to try and use castration for a means of repressing sexual desire. Yes it will do just that, but you need testosterone for other things it seems. You will suffer from bone loss, brittle bones and anemia, if you cut them things off and don't take hormone replacements.
The thing is unlike a dog or a cat, sexual …

Mandelbulb 3D Renders