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Live with Love and Forgive...

Oh no thumbs down on my Videos what will I ever do... Been stalked by 2 people since I started with YT, a nut job in town here that comes around once a month or so and leaves a stupid comment and I always know it's him by how he uses words. And the other that watches every single thing I put up reads every blog post and so on... That one thinks he is a street preacher and lives in Main. The best thing is he went after someone on YT for being on the sex offenders registry. Turns out he is also on it and for the same reason. Exposing himself to a child. So Mr. hand of God against all things gay is not so pure as well. I thank Jesus every day that I live a good life with good friends. I have all I need and a bit more. I have enough to help others when they need it. I don't have to get my thrills by being destructive and going against Gods will. There is always something to be thankful for. Even when the time comes I am stuck in a care home in pail 24/7 there will be the sun th

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Wrong Number...

Got a text, "Hay hun what are you doing"? I Replied, "getting the ass humped off me by Ed". They replied, "WTF? How could you just out and tell me that"? I Replied, "Well your brother came over with this big ass bad of killer weed. So you know things just kind of happened". They replied, "Jake?" I Replied, "Well yes and when he was done Ed stopped in and ya know". They replied, "I am going to kill all 3 of you". I replied, "Then your going to have to do Father Ted as well". They replied, "Who the fuck is that"? I replied, "Well he won't be a priest for long after tonight". They replied, "I am getting my gun bitch". I replied, "That's cool because the cops just drove up for all the noise we where making". ... There was no more replies...

Poor John

Who is John? He is his own worst enemy. This is a person who spent a lifetime seeing himself as being bullied and pushed around by everyone he knows. All of the people who showed him any love or compassion where in turn treated as oppressors by John. His stories of school days are filled with endless torment and violence. The reality is that no one even knew he was there. He was left alone just like he wanted to be. But John remembers it as everyone picking on him all the time. When someone befriended him it would not take long till he started to phone them up and try to hide his voice and make harassing calls. The entire time trying to unload his stories of torment on the unsuspecting friend. It does not take long for this friend to figure it all out and walk the other way telling John to get lost. But it will never end there. There will be calls to the cops and stories of all manner of bad things by John. He will stalk them online and try to seek revenge for all the shit his mind in



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The Good Out Balances The Bad

Don't you love people who just can NOT accept that you don't have the same view of the universe as they do? Well this will happen all too often on the internet. The kind of people who will attack you for not being a Christian for example or for supporting Gay marriage. The ones I love the best are the narrow minded people who attack you for believing in a God. I for example am a universalist and thus have some form of God in my life. This has made me the target of the small minded who think that no one should believe in God at all. I had one example on a video when I was talking about the universe as an intelligence that is beyond our comprehension and that we are part of that intelligence. This person was always a bit of a child in the way they chose to communicate, but they crossed the line with this video comment. Referring to me as needing to take my medication. This is of course a perfect example of a narrow view of how to think and the lack of understanding of diversit