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Package #667

  I missed it by 1... This is where I had to go for that there package. But I did not have to walk, I got it when I went for coffee with a friend.

A Friend Will Be Left With A Mess

OK My friend has this apartment upstairs in his house. The disabled fellow that moved in there seemed to be a nice fellow and all so they rented to him. Now he is on SAID so this move being talked about is on the taxpayers dime. Before the movers showed up he moved 7 1/2 tone truck loads of boxes by hand himself. Now over 200 boxes of stuff and they are NOT done yet LOL. The time it's going to take for this move will be a right good price. Not to mention he is moving into a place that every 3 months they inspect the place for bugs and to see if it's been kept clean and there is no danger to the other residents and so on. Keep in mind the place he is moving is no bigger than my place. I literally have no idea how he is going to get all this STUFF in there. Not to mention when they see that 90% of the living space is filled with boxes he is going to be booted out. Here is the other part. The particular place he is moving is for disabled people with a fair bit of disability

Mandalbulb 3D - 8 graphics


Coloring Playlist 3

1 Steely Dan - Reelin' In the Years 2 Roger Hodgson - Give a Little Bit 3 Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In the Dark 4 George Harrison - My Sweet Lord 5 Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing 6 The Knack - My Sharona 7 Sam The Sham & Pharaohs - Woolly Bully 8 Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time 9 Rolling Stones - Start Me Up 10 Beatles - Let It Be

Coloring Playlist 2

1 Paul Hardcastle - 19 (The Final Story) 2 Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light 3 The Proclaimers - 500 Miles 4 Doctor And The Medics - Spirit In The Sky 5 Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen 6 The Pretenders - Back On The Chain Gang 7 Buggles - Video killed The Radio Star 8 Billy Idol - Rebel Yell 9 A-Ha - Take On Me 10 Aie Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky

Jan 25, 2017 - A Day In Photos


And The 80's Playlist

1 Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) 2 A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran 3 Men Without Hats - Safety Dance 4 Taco - Puttin' on the Ritz 5 Falco - Rock Me Amadeus 6 Murray Head - One Night in Bangkok 7 Tone loc - funky cold medina 8 M.A.R.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume 9 Paul Hardcastle - 19 10 99 red ballons - Nena

Some coloring fun.


While I Color Playlist

1 Lenny Kravitz - American Woman 2 The Knack - My Sharona 3 Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible 4 Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer 5 Quiet Riot - Bang Your Head (Metal Health) 6 Eagles -- Hotel California 7 AC/DC - Thunderstruck 8 Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance 9 Beck - Loser 10 The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Middle Of The Night Not Sleeping Playlist

1 Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused 2 Ministry - Stigmata 3 Lords Of Acid - Show Me Your Pussay 4 Jack Off Jill - My Cat 5 Combichrist - My Life My Rules 6 Pantera - Walk 7 Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me Down 8 White Zombie - More Human Than Human 9 Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole 10 Mötley Crüe - Kickstart my Heart 11 Lords of Acid - I Sit On Acid 12 Valium Era - Fcuk Me 13 Eisenfunk - Pentafunk 14 Centhron - 666 15 Santa Hates You - Scum 16 Aesthetic Perfection - A Nice Place to Visit

Because Cars Playlist

1 Rob Zombie - Dragula 2 Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod 3 Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln 4 Gene Vincent - Race With the Devil 5 The Rip Chords - Hay Little Cobra 6 Jeff Beck - Hot Rod Honeymoon 7 Rocky Davis And The Sky Rockets - Hot Rod Baby 8 Metallica - Fuel 9 Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe 10 Sammy Hagar - I Can’t Drive 55 11 War - Lowrider 12 Foghat - Slow Ride

Bad Building...

At the time I took these there where people still living in this building. Right now there are business still rending on the main floor. It's about typical of most of the entire block of buildings in the aria for some reason.

More Evidence That Stupid People Exist

OK I know that MOST people are not dumb. But if you go by online sources and the vocal people in your aria, you will think that the vast majority of people are stupid. Like clinically stupid. Here is a perfect example of what makes smart people think the rest of the world is dumb. The item is LISTED as Pusheen 6" Plush - Grey by Gund . What does the review say? That the toy is way smaller than they expected it to be. Sigh. It literally told you how freaking big it was. It seems that the vast majority of stupid people seem to have the need to prove themselves stupid. Several years ago I got this same toy in the mail after ordering it. It was my first Pusheen anything. Like this the web page said 6" Plush. So when it came in the mail I opened the package and thought "OMG how cute" not "I't smaller than I thought". Ya know - not being too stupid to realize how big 6 inches is. I can only surmise that this person thought it was 6' not 6" and wh

Whats On My Netflix Watch List?


Inauguration Playlist

1 System Of A Down - Fuck The System 2 Henry Rollins - Liar 3 Black Sabbath - War Pigs 4 Black Label Society - Doomsday Inc. 5 Discharge - Does This System Work? 6 Sick Of It All - America 7 Anti-Flag - Die for the Government 8 Pennywise - God Save The USA 9 The Kinks - 20th Century Man 10 Megadeth - Peace Sells

How To Tell If Your Pusheen Is A Knock-Off

  Nothing says bootleg Pusheen better than a scanned copy of the moving hologram tag. Sigh...   OK it's close but It's not the same as the real deal. Still cute and all, but I am itchy after handling it. My hands and face are itchy now.  This is not how the stitching pattern should look. Not at all in fact. Also the whiskers should be pointing out and be farther apart.   Not what the cookie should look like.   Poor quality stitching. Beside the itchy from touching it thing, if you played with this toy it would come apart.   Tail should be sticking out not limp like this.   She is really freaking cute though.   Notice the color difference. BTW the small Pusheen is pre Gund so not as quality as the Gund one is. But the color is exactly the same as it should be. This is how she should look. Kind of obvious that it's a bootleg.

Weight Chart for Jan 20, 2017 (Done lost 10.8 lbs)

D ATE Mar 22, 2016 Mar 28, 2016 Apr 3, 2016 Apr 16, 2016 Apr 24, 2016 Apr 30, 2016 May 6, 2016 May 13, 2016 May 20, 2016 May 27, 2016 Jun 3, 2016 Jun 10, 2016 June 17, 2016 June 25, 2016 July 1, 2016 July 8, 2016 July 14, 2016 July 22, 2016 July 29, 2016 Aug 6, 2016 Aug 11, 2016 Aug 20, 2016 Aug 26, 2016 Sep 2, 2016 Sep 10, 2016 Sep 17, 2016 Sep 23, 2016 Oct 2, 2016 Oct. 8, 2016 Oct. 15, 2016 Oct. 20, 2016 Oct. 28, 2016 Nov. 4, 2016 Nov. 11, 2016 Nov. 18, 2016 Nov. 25, 2016 Dec.2, 2016 Dec. 9, 2016 Dec. 16, 2016 Dec, 24, 2016 Dec 30, 2016 Jan 6, 2017 Jan 13, 2017 Jan 20, 2017 KG 211.3 209.2 209.6 210.1 209.1 203.7 203.7 206.4 202.8 202. 1 203.1 200.9 201.9 198.7 197.9 202.4 198.6 195.8 195.1 199.0 196.2 193.6 194.2 194.4 195.2 193.3 194.2 192.7 196.2 195.0 190.4 187.6 190.0 191.2 190.0 191.0 190.2 190.9

Ripped Completely Off on Amazon - No Cookie Pusheen For You!

  OK here is the first problem. You did NOT expect it to be delivered for at LEAST a month but it's rush delivery? The other thing is, I am about 85% sure you literally never sent it or it's been lost in the system... So... How can I be expected to refuse delivery on an item that will never get here? Expected delivery window is between Dec 16 and Dec 27 2016. That was last freaking year and it's now Jan 19th 2017.   I really should have looked at these reviews before I paid these people my money. It seems that if it ever gets here (and I doubt it ever will) the thing will be falling apart and kind of CRAP - not to mention a knock off. The reviews go on for a while are are NOT all of them. Scroll down to the bottom for the pic of the order and the date it was placed. OK remember the first pic? Where they said "Rush Shipping takes longer than usual"? LOL I ordered it on Nov. 15th 2016. This is a full 2 months later (but it's being rushed).

50 Photos of Pusheen