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Russian scam spam...

Linkes to a .ru site... Like that would be trustworthy LOL... Nice try though... See here in Saskatchewan - there is ONLY Saskpower and Saskenergy. No other companies exist for power and gas. Kind of a fail that it gets threw the Sasktel email spam filters though.

Spam LOL I will get right on that...

NOTIFICATION FROM DHL DELIVERING COMPANY Am happy to inform you that we have finally succeeded in sending your delivering agent again, regarding  the delivering of your own compensation, he will need your information to complete the delivery of your package {BOX} with him,it contains $3.5 million dollars being your compensation, You’ re to provide him your Name,Address, Nearest Airport and Telephone No:,is due to our agreement with the DHL Delivering Company and Noted That you have to provide him the information correctly for the smooth delivery of your package to you , he is in Atlantic International Airport United state of America, please make sure you take care of him and know is not American Citizen  thanks. INFORMATION NEEDED FROM YOU (1)Your Full Name============= (2)Mobile Phone Number====== (3)Current Home Address==== ==== (5)Country==================== (6)City====================== (7)Nearest  Airport  ============== AGENT NAME: Patrick Diego

In these Eyes.

Can you see the quiet surrender to what may come in these eyes? Can you see the acceptance of suffering? Can you see that I hold onto the simple joys? If not look again :)

Photos Eh 1

From Dale Bell :) Thanks man. I'm This Gay :) Stuffing Pizza In My Head. Ready For A Nap. Parking Lot 1 Parking Lot 2 Parking Lot 3

Ordered my Home Barber Kit From AirMiles

  Good deal if you ask me. 3 Trimmers and a bunch of other stuff. Will be nice to get the hair nice and short like I like it... Or gone LOL. Most of the time I just get music from AirMiles but since I made so many shopping last month I figured I would get this.

I Am Us

I am. I have always been. I will always be. There are limits and no limits at the same time. I am all things and all beings. At the same time I am in all things and all beings. The reality of us is more than this world. The reality of us had and will exist for limitless time. Out reality will never end and is not limited by what this body knows as real. If you can think of it, it exists. If you can think of it, you have experienced it. We are vast and we are small. We are all things and we are nothing. All faces of God are real. All faces of life are real. All things are life, even those things this world thinks as a think are alive. The only true reality is love. Hate is a limitation of this world and does not exist in the reality of one. You are me and I am you. We are I and I am us. The body is a dream and there is nothing important but the mind in this world. There is nothing and there is all things at once. Only two states exist in reality, Light and Dark. We are both and our exis

Lotto Time

My friend playing the Lotto here in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. At the Petro-Can on the North Service Road. Yup the chips are mine... All the slips on the counter are his. From this month alone... Remember this is the 12th of the month... He then picked up a $20 combo on top of the 5 free plays he got from the last combo...

Stick that smoke in you but...

So the smell of cigarette smoke fills the air in my bathroom. You see all the vents are on one line to the outside. So the smell carries from one place to the next. The thing is there is a clause in the lease that states there is no smoking in the building or within ten feet of the entry ways. I hate the smell of that disgusting thing. It is not only repugnant but it also reminds me strongly of the slow death of my Mother. She died of lung cancer. It was a horrible site to see. She faded away growing more skinny and less with it all the time. In the last two weeks she did not even know who I was. I spent two years of my life caring for her only to see her slowly drift out of reach and have to hand her over to a care home. Then to see her fade to bone thin and die before my eyes. That is what the vile smell of your disgusting addiction to a drug does to me. It brings the memory of her dead to the front of my mind every single day I smell it. If I find out who it is I will dime their as


So I am laughing so hard I can't see. Was watching Archer on Netflix... The one woman comes into the office and they are all passed out drunk. She says, "Oh my God it looks like Jonestown in here". Nothing in my life has sparked me more funny. It's been 15 min and I am still LOLing. Best thing is crazy next door is coming home when I am LOLing hard. Being paranoid I bet she thought it was about her. She blurts out (loudly) "Oh For F* Sake"... So now I can't stop LOLing. They are going to show up and take me away to the nut house... HAHAHA... Dave.

There is more to reality than what we know.

Our world, our lives are only a shadow of reality. We see a thin layer of paint on a vast universe that is beyond words. If we lose the concept of self and time and pain and want, we can get to other layers of reality that are fare different than this world. For all we know and are sure of, is just a dream. There is far more than we can know in a million million life times. We have always been and will always be. There is no beginning or end to existence. When we die, we change only where we are. The new reality that we will know may leave us unaware of this existence, but it is shaped by all we do and think now. Time is not real, it is imposed. The flesh is transitory. Pain is imposed by perception. The world can change around us if we only allow it to do so and wish it to do so without the limitation of fear. Death has no meaning but life must be the most sacred of all things to us. Every time you chose to do something or think something about yourself or others or the world or real

.: Wash That Dirty Kitty :.


Ummm... No...