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Having Fun With Myself :)


Cable On Internet Slower

As good as it gets with only 1 phone line and 1080p cable on the same line as the net. The building I am in is old and uses twisted strand wire to get the service in here. You need 2 lines to go any faster... Oh well. When they get the fiberopitics in place it can be faster and I will pay the extra $10 to get 20mbs internet with my cable.

Day in photos


Anti-Virus Programs

Said it to 100 people at least. An AV does NOT stop a virus. It just keeps you safe from the bad ass ones. Your the most important part. Don't click things you don't know and don't get any shady copies of stuff... They are almost ALL virated. 99.9% of key generators install stuff that your AV will not even know is there. Your asking for it if you run them. Keep it legal and it's safe. Only use an AV that is trusted as well. There are fakes out there. Look for reviews on credible sites... Don't just search for something. Hell even Avast and Mulwarebytes had emails claiming they where from them asking people to click the link to re-subsctibe to the programs. Then you get to a page that looks like theirs and are asked for a PayPal logon. It's not a real PayPal and all the sudden your money is gone... The key generators for Avast and MB and many others install key loggers - then your banking is no longer safe. The patches are the same - they install bad code and tu

Rodo's North being demolished

Rodo's North being demolished. Spent a lot of time there in the day... We would go for coffee at 2am some days and spend several hours. Even watched the sun come up there a few times. Although it's been closed for many years now, I still miss the place.