The Confusing Nature a Comment I Saw

See, the same people who are responsible for the firing of the principal, also support the banning of Dag shows, including "Drag Queen story time." In fact they have already drafted legislation in Florida to ban these activities. So in essence this person is saying we need to take rights away from one group (cancelling them) but if it's something he is not mindlessly offended by, it should not be banned. Astonishing isn't it? So if you're doing the cancelling, it's not cancel culture then I assume? It's like people screaming snowflake when they offend someone, then painting a teen age girls face on your coal rolling monster truck because she hurt your feelings. Personally I'm not for taking away peoples rights even if I don't like what they are doing. If they do no harm, it's cool with me. Just got to look at statistics of who is hurting the children and see the ones doing the banning are extremely more likely to harm children. But when you cho

You're Problems Won't Go Away When the Old People Do

I just saw a damaged person lashing out in a group I'm in. Their thinking has led them to the idea, life will improve when all the people over 30 are dead somehow. This is utter folly and to say the least on the edge of hate speech. There is only the one post ever by her that I can find, but it was an angry one. To be honest The only time in public that I have been treated badly for being a person of size or disabled, it was a person under the age of 30. I'm talking 95% of the time literally. Things like rude comments, or taking the fat guys photo to make of fun of me on social media. You can generally tell an age group online by the way they use words as well, and the vast majority of the time I have been targeted online it seems to have been teens or younger. But to be honest when it comes to threats on the internet to people it seems to generally be people in their 20's and 30's - at least the majority of people I've seen that where found out as to who they actua

Shut Up Windows Security

OK I had an issue where a detected virus was literally removed, but it kept telling me it was there when security scanned. It was detected and REMOVED weeks ago. There used to be a clear history function, but there just is not anymore, and the detection was stuck in it's system and kept thinking it was there. The file was in a zip and the zip was never opened let alone running the app in it. The zip is gone from desktop, but it just would not shut up about it. Even if you allowed it, a few days later, there it is again telling you to take action. Go to "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History" Open all the directories and delete anything that can be deleted other then the 2 log files. Then open the log files (just like a text file) and delete everything in them, then save them. It will now get lost with telling you a virus is there when it's not. You can now scan again, and nothing will be found - no more nagging.

Samsung A53 Weirdness

OK two strange things. One there is always this hidden file you can't see on the phone but it you port it to the PC, you can see it. It is 0 bytes and is there every time I make a video on my Samsung A53. The other thing is, it updated one day and then for some unknown reason, I can no longer copy photos or videos off of it to the PC with file manager. It keeps telling me "the file is in use". Well, no it's not, the camera is off and literally nothing show be using the dang files. Ya know, sometimes "improvements" don't improve things much.

Make the Memories Go Away!

Make the memories go away! OK, so you go to your account on OneDrive and turn off the notification setting and it won't annoy the crap out of you with these "memories". Well, that's how it's supposed to work, but it's still giving me these dang things every day. I don't want them and it won't go away, sigh. But this is a service that I had to literally delete 120gb of files, then re-upload them to make the bloody thing work again. But it's not much money and I get 1TB of storage.  


Besides the fact I liked my own video LOL, I somehow became a partner on Facebook and I'm now monetized sort of. I did NOT want to turn it on and the place you go to turn off "stars" won't load on my browser, so I can't turn it off. So I guess people can "tip" me on Facebook now. FFS. I full on don't expect anyone ever to click it, but it's there now and it won't go away. To be honest some of the videos (daily posts) are getting thousands of views and I have not one clue why, it's literally me naming a song to go listen to. Reals are public by default, so anyone can see them, and they will be showing up in random peoples feeds.  

Fix Windows 10 Not Shutting Down All The Way

There is an issue with Microsoft having the fast boot turned on by default. This prevents the PC from turning all the way off when you select "Shut down". Follow the steps below to fix that. Windows + X (hold windows button then press X at the same time) Power options Additional power settings (link on the right) Choose what the power button does Change settings that are currently unavailable (Un check) Turn on fast startup, Hibernate and Lock

Shady AF Web Pages

So I was looking at Google One. It's actually a great deal but I'm happy with my cloud, so I wanted to see if I could get just a VPN and if it would be a total of the same or less money. I searched "Best Canadian VPN". The second link took me to a nice looking list of the top ten. Well I clicked the link to go to the site on one I liked the description of, then all the sudden crap stated to pop up in my task bar over on the right. They would pop up then go away. I clicked the show hidden button and there it was 4 app icons I did NOT want or manually install. "Safer Web", "Rav Endpoint Security", "VPN by Rav", and one I forgot to write the name down of, so I forget it. The shady bastards had installed unwanted crap on my system. It did not set off my security, and when I googled them, it said they where not harmful, just annoying. I uninstalled them and cleaned off every trace of their existence. Then did a deep scan, it found nothing. The