Jerks Think People They are Being Jerks to are Jerks

Reading a review on a local business. I know the situation so it's interesting to see how they went off on the review. Saying the owner is an asshole and they refused service. The reality is, he would not give them the booze because the woman who came to the door was badly beaten and needed a hospital, yet the guy who beat her up demanded the beer and got aggressive. But yah, he's such a bad person for not giving you beer. Sigh. People are shit. This is why I was pissed off at all the fuck-heads that where going after him when his debit machine went down. If you can't be without booze for a couple days, you need rehab not a fucking bottle of booze. Seriously, when it's worth more than your life or the life of your so called life partner, you are a pile of shit. Every one of the negative reviews is a similar situation. One of the fuckers tried to rob the guy because he had no money to pay and just tried grabbing the bags. But yeah, it's the owners fault right. Animal

When You Don't Know What Graphic Design Is

Good lord spammers need to be better at the language they are trying to spam in. Also if you don't know what the fuck a Graphic Designer is and you are trying to sell the services of one, you need to GTFO my groups and spam some other place LOL. Normally I just report the spam to a mod, but this was too much to not reply to. And I just HAD to share it. The account is not blacked out because if you spam a public group I'm not hiding your name LOL, plus it's a throwaway account anyway, they always are .  

I'll Never Hide My Feelings or Who I Am

This was on my wall the other day. It ended up with a few great replies mostly talking about how most people do hide at least part of who they are. I like this reply a lot. There is no part of my life that I have left unsaid, either on Facebook, Twitter, This blog, or my YouTube videos. I've shared the good times, my memories, my pain, my sorrow, my extreme sex drive - nothing was left unsaid. I've even on rare cases talked about this fetish I have for self castration, something you should never do BTW. I've given more than a little thought about what it might be like to cut the boys off. Fortunately, I know more than most people do of what happens to you if you get stupid enough to carry it out. Lets just say, it can fuck your entire body up and even kill you. But enough of that nonsense. I know a lot of people think I'm crazy for just saying everything I feel or think, but to be honest I literally don't understand not wanting to. Hell I've even talked about th

Religious Tag

1. What religion do you believe in? My own brand that borrows practices from several others. 2. Do you believe in God or another deity(s)? I assume this means "the Christian God" I believe there are many faces of the same God to accommodate the many different people. 3. When did you choose your faith? It's been evolving for 20 years or more. 4. What is your idea of what God looks like? A woman with long black hair. 5. Is heaven real? I think that heaven is many different places. How you live determines what afterlife you end up in. 6. Is hell real? I think if you are not worthy, you just get destroyed when you die instead of continuing on. 7. What does heaven look like? As I said that is determined by your life. 8. What does hell look like? Non existent. 9. Why should someone start believing in God(s)? Because they need it in their life. 10. Does your past play a role when joining a religion? Yes it did in the past and my experiences with organized religion basically turn

Having Pizza for Easter

12" Hand Tossed Extravaganzza (Domino's) Jalapeno Peppers, Pizza Sauce, Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Onions, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Sausage, Beef Crumble, Black Olives  Cheddar Habanero Crust Dip Cup With delivery and tax it was $20.81. It's a medium, I'll eat half of it when it gets her at 11am then half of it at around 5pm. This is my Easter feast. I'm not getting up to much today. I'm just going to watch something on Netflix or Prime. Not even sure what yet. May be a couple movies, may be a series. I've added a couple new series to both services, so might be one of them. I miss the days of family meals on holidays. Mom always went out of her way to make it special, even if she sucked at cooking. It was always special. The best part is being with people you Love. That is long gone now and because of the pandemic, it's harder to even be with friends. There is a limit to the number of people who gather, so they will be with family and I won't be

7 Random Dave Facts

I had a porn blog for over a year, even though I find porn boring as hell. Well it was more of a naked me blog. I closed it because the site started to have a lot of underage content coming up so I got the hell away from it and never went back. I actively dislike having clothing on. There is a time frame from 8am to 5 pm where I have clothing on in case someone shows up at my door. The rest of the time I'm nude in my apartment. I've been to several nude camps and many nude events in the past, but not for at least 20 years. I will most of the time put a shirt on when doing a video just because. My greatest desire is to own a cat. I love cats, and even though I'm mildly allergic to them, I'd give up a lot of my pleasures to be able to have a cat. However I'll most likely never live in a place that allows cats again. I deeply fear ending up in a care home. After visiting my Mom for many months in a care home almost every day, I can tell you I'd much rather be dead

Pusheen the Cat Improved My Life

Ya know a big old hit of espresso in the morning (or just a nice strong coffee), is way better in a Pusheen the Cat mug. Just saying. Pusheen makes everything better. Pusheen is important to me. I'm more than just an average fan, am deeply hocked on everything Pusheen. If I won the lotto, I'd have a tone of merch in no time. There would be an entire room built just for Pusheen stuff. I even have a set of Pusheen pens that I've never used, just take them out and look at them now and then. Everywhere you look in my apartment, you can see a Pusheen. When I'm in pain, sad or lonely, I put on my headphones, listen to music and hold my favorite Pusheen plush. It makes it better in a manner I can't explain, it just helps. When I was in the hospital, the only thing from home I missed was Pusheen. If I ever end up going on a trip some place, she comes with me. To be honest, the strange looking cartoon cat has improved my life dramatically .