Week 4: +6.4 to 387.8
Week 5:-1.8 to 386.0
Week 6:+2.0 to 388.0
Week 7:N.C. to 388.0

From heaviest of 498 lbs: -110.0
This term: -4.8

02 Weeks UP
01 Weeks N.C.
04 Weeks DOWN


So there is this fellow in my building. He has the idea that people are taking his photo from their windows when he's outside. Not one clue why, but that's just paranoid.
Yesterday I was sitting in the spot I like by the door waiting for a ride. He also likes this spot. He reported me for sitting in his spot. He grabbed some paper and wrote I was doing it on purpose - or so someone else at the table he was using at the time tells me. It will be Monday by the time anyone reads it from the drop box - but I'm kind of sure it's not a violation of any kind to sit in a public spot.
He seems to dislike a few people for no valid reasons. He has not even talked to any of the people he dislikes - so what the qualifications are to not like someone is, who knows. Seems to also only talk to women most of the time. There are very few men he likes.
The few times I've encountered him while he was talking to people it was all about complaining about this or that. I sat for 40 minutes …

We Need To Rethink The Practice of Circumcision

The topic of circumcision came up on Facebook then I moved it to Twitter and what I thought was some crazy person posted a poster saying it caused brain trauma. To anyone I hang out with this will sound foolish at best if not outright crazy. So I went ahead and looked it up on credible web sites including Psychology Today. Turns out it's true and I have to apologize to these people now. They where correct.
Turns out extreme pain during the first few years of life literally changes the brain. The boy will for the rest of his life be more affected by the pain response. Thus yes, it damages the brain for life. Other things that have been linked to the damage by actual credible studies include anxiety, anger, altered need for attention, lowered ability to love others. The list goes on.
We do this in the name of health. There is a risk of in your adult life for taring of the foreskin that can lead to infection that is hard to treat. Improper cleaning of it can also lead to infection that…




This was when I checked the menu on my Facebook app. I'm kind of sure I don't have 95 messages I've not read, to they are not "new" if you ask me.
Now the dang app is doing an annoying then when I try to comment or reply to a comment. It is closing the keyboard instantly and I have to tap the comment box a 2nd time.
There has literally never been a time in the many years I've been using their app where it worked 100% the way it should. As well, why do I need 2 apps for everything? I have a different one for messenger and Facebook. There is no need for this at all. Unless you are using a phone that's 8 years old or more, one app should work on your phone.
There is also the app for the place I shop - the points app and the shopping app are both actually kind of small as apps go, so why is it not one app?
It's like everything out there has more than one app now. God my cable company has a raft of freaking apps you can install. There is no reason I can't …

ChocoVine Chocolate Wine

Well it has a balanced taste of both milk chocolate and red wine. It's sort of sweet and a bit fruity. I enjoyed it quite a lot and think it a nice one for desert. I gave it an 8.5/10.
If I remember, it's made in Norway, but imported to Florida by a US company. The price for me in Saskatchewan was $20.99 before taxes, or about $25 after tax. It's 14%ABV if you are wondering.


So I finally get enough points on my Credit Card to get a $25 gift card. I click the fecking link to "brows rewards" and I get a fecking error. It's been doing this all fecking week.
Sure, phone the number. Well the point is, I have not one clue in hell what the name of the card is I want. I have to look at it and read the description to know it's the one that will give me $25 to use at the restaurant I want to use it at. So not much use there I think.
There are dozens of cards and the card I want is good for several places and does not actually have the name of the place on it. This is just how my world is working this last few weeks. It's been a no go with every turn.