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The greatest downfall of humanity is it's lack of humanity. We have become the beasts of the field. We share nothing and take it all. Millions stave to feed our obsession for things that have no meaning. Most of the world does not have enough of anything and we cry over not getting something we want. Children die all day every day of starvation and we buy more food that we can eat. There is no place on earth that is not polluted in it's air and we drive to the corner store for smokes. How many times have you been pissed off that the store was out of your band of something? Now think how many people will never see anything like it in their life? When you celebrate Christmas, know that most of the world does not know about it.

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Happy holidays

Happy holidays and may the spirit of the season be with you all year long.


So constant pain across my chest for a month now. ER keeps telling me I am fine and sending me home. Going to be 2 years until I see a cardiologist... No wonder I get this feeling I am going to die soon. They ignored Mom till it was too late and now it's my turn I guess...

Your Credit Card Is TOAST - Get Out Of The Way

Yes I am bad I used to "R" word. I have been programmed for over 40 years to say it. It's so hard to stop using it.