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This is just that I find it interesting how Google does things. See I have a counter (and tracker) on my blog. It tells me that I average about 72 views a week on the blog. On the other hand when I look at the numbers on blogger, it will say I have 80 views on just one post that week. I really do have to wonder how they are doing the math and what the hell they are calling a view. I do know that the tracker does NOT count bots. So is literally 80% of my views bots? The counter only shows me people views after all. But that being said, think if you are one to have the ads on here. Google is pissy at handing out money these days and if they are counting a great deal more hits than you actually have, this would be good for you money wise. But I freaking hate ads so I won't bother to make $5 a year off them. Any who, I'm off to listen to Willy Nelson and drink the rest of this coffee. BTW over on YouTube, I've seen more people comment on a video that it shows views a couple of…

Happy 151st Birthday Canada AKA Drinks on Canada Day

It's the Canada Day long weekend. Thus I have booze. It's the Canadian thing to do after all. Nothing like celebrating the 151st birthday of my nation by being drunk.
Honestly my Dad had to work most of the time on Canada day, but I can remember the times he did not have to going like this. BBQ lit, drink some rum, put the steaks on, drink more rum, wait for steaks to cook while drinking more rum. You get the point right?
God help us if there where friends or relatives around as well, then it ended up in a noisy day on the patio with a great deal of drinks being had while Mom and the lady folk sat in the kitchen talking how much a bunch of louts their men folk where.
In them days, it was OK to give a few drinks to the kids. So here I was like 12 years old and my brother 17 and we had a few in us as well. I mean not to the point of going to sleep on the lawn, but a rosy glow caused by cheep rum and a hot day.
Strange thing is, in his older years, my Dad all but stopped drinking. I …


So in about 8.5 years from this point in time I will no longer be on disability with the province of Saskatchewan. On a quick look, one would think this is an improvement in what I will have for myself.
The reality is it will be about $400 more income. BUT when you factor in that my rent then goes up a bunch, I no longer have ambulance coverage and need insurance to cover that, my pills are no longer covered and I have to pay for them and so on, I end up in the same boat of a slight amount less spendable income.
This means the for everything else money is no different or a little less. So this is not a good thing at all. In fact it cases me to end up having to manage more things on my own.
Part of the income is taxable and so on so I have to end up paying out every month for that. This all ads up to little to no advantage to me personally at all. It also leave me with a lack of ability to save for future needs just like right now.
It also leaves me with the lack of ability to get an advan…


Another month of twigs and bark for me. It has worked all month well, so I'm on the bean mix again this month. Was going to go back to chicken, but I'm still on this stuff.
I take vitamins to supplement the lack of meat (yes it has good things in it) in my diet. You also have to eat a great deal of beans to get the same amount of protein as a single chicken boob.
I was hoping to get all crushed tomatoes this time as you see in the photo, but they did not have any at all out on the shelf and I did not have time to have someone go get me a bunch out of the back. So diced it is. It's less tasty, but with the right spice it's all good.
The thing is, when you stop eating meat and start to eat all veggie, your body does things different. See there is a great deal of fiber in veggies and that all comes out. In my case 3 times a day on average, so more time in the bathroom.
But I have to say that my thinking is more clear (I still get brain fog just not as bad) and my joints feel …


Interesting the letter I got the other day from Moose Jaw Housing. They are part of a provincial group of subsidized housing. Seems they are going smoke free in the buildings and for people like me who are bothered by smoke this is good news. Although I'm kind of sure people will still continue to smoke in their rooms and have to get a warning notice before they knock it off (if they ever do).
The thing is, this includes vaping, tobacco of any kind, pot (yup mentioned by name) and "ceremonial smoke". That being things like incense and smudging. Well the last 2 might be an issue that goes to court.
I'm bothered by the lot of it coming through my vents and would be gladly rid of it. The thing is, there is a constitutional right in Canada to freedom of religious association (and freedom from it). This could end up in court. There are more than one religion that uses this kind of smoke as part of cleaning a dwelling or the person or a form of carrying prayers.
So I'm wo…


So tried for days to get my music library from the old days (ripped from CD) onto Google Play Music. What a pain in the ass this was to say the least.
See first off I'm using a very old PC with windows XP on it. I can't afford to replace my last one quite yet, so here it is a system from 2005 still being used. It's 32 bit and because of that the desktop app wont work. It installs for some reason, but says "not a valid Win32 program".
So I was stuck with the browser upload method. That is to say you have to log into Chrome (has to be Chrome) with the SAME email as the play account then install an ad-on to make it upload.
Well this was a pain in the ass because I normally use Chrome with a different google account. Sigh. But got it almost working.
See it takes a great deal of time to "process the music" before it even starts to upload. Then it takes a vast amount of time because of the way XP handles upload (and files). Fast internet is no help at this point.


Sometimes we have to age a bit before we know why things happen. See when I was a young boy I had this cat named Boots. I freaking loved that cat. Boots was my world.
One day I came home and there was no cat. Mom told me the cat had run away. Long story short, we ended up at the animal shelter and I saw Boots and Boots saw me. Well Dad insisted this was not my cat and I knew he was lying.
My view of my parents then changed. I knew they got rid of my beloved cat and I had no idea why. It was a few years later when they finally admitted it to me. The damage was done though, I never looked at them the same again. Before they where almost God like and now they where just people. A layer of trust was gone and never came back.
See the got rid of Boots because I was rather badly allergic to him. If they would have told me this to start with I would not have understood it. I would still have insisted that Boot come home. I simply was too young to get it.
When they told me the real story, I still …


I was born to a mother who was far too young to have a child. The father was far older than her. But I don't have any recollection of them at all. Before my first birthday I was taken away from them by the government and soon after adopted out to the people I knew and loved as my parents.
I had a brother who was also adopted. He was five years older than I wan. He also was very much a bitter person and never grew past the need for self pity and self destruction. In fact he made of life of making his own life and the lives of those around him miserable.
My early memories where of playing with my brother in the yard as there where no other children on our block. It was a happy time and one filed with love. The family was hole and we where there for each other.
I don't actually know when it changed or it happened so slowly I did not notice until he was a very different person. But sooner or later by the time I was in grade three he had started to be very much in need of being the ce…


After spending time in the "help forums", I found the fix. But it was not to any help of the tech people from Blogger, it was a user named Cavebear. The "update" posted in the forum does not actually do anything to fix the situation.

OK. Go to settings on the left panel on Click "Settings". Click "Posts, comments and sharing". There is a box with your email address in it. Delete the email address and click "Save Settings". Now type your email into the box again and click "Save Settings".

You will now get an email at the address you entered and it will ask if you wish to subscribe to receiving notifications for comments being posted. Click "Subscribe". After this you will receive comment notifications once again. They look a little different than they used to look, but they are there at least.


So all week from 8am to 4pm (with and hour to fill the system so we can use it) we have NO WATER in the building because of upgrades to the system. Being that I live here and have no other place to ever be all week, I have had to set water aside for drinking and flushing the toilet. This is the drinking water, there is like 3 days of it in there, but I'll top it off ever day in case I hurt my back or something and can't go fill it up for a couple of days. As well the tub won't hold water, as the plug in it don't seem to work. It's one of them built in plugs with the handle to make it go up and down. So I have to have a 25 gallon storage container with about 18 gallons of water in it and a bucket sitting there to do the job. As I have issues with my innards, I end up hitting the bathroom kind of a lot - 3 or 4 times a day I poop. So I do kind of need the water to flush with. From not to Saturday or Sunday I'll be on this for eats, veggie chili. It's a bit bla…


So I already got pissy about the Samsung update on my S7 to Android 8 and the things it did. Well this is a solve for something people are looking for. The notification tone for plugging in the charger is missing.
Well here is the thing, before it was NOT part of the system sounds volume setting for some reason and if you hated the annoying sounds forever coming on when you did anything at all, you set that to 0. Well the notification for charging still sounded after that before hand.
Now it falls under the system sounds and you have only the choice of hearing every single system sound or not having the tone play when you plug in your charger. I have not one clue why it was not under system sounds before and who now it is, but there it is.
What I and a great deal of other people would like is (1) to be able to set the system sounds to custom sounds and not just the ones that Samsung picked for us and (2) be able to turn on and off individual system sounds from a list of all of them.
Come …


Self explanatory. Because I have an addiction to Pusheen issue. Cough...


So coffee went well and it seems it was a free coffee that day. The lady that served us told me my friend had paid for my coffee. Was not expecting this at all, but it was nice of her. It left me with just enough in the bank to get a new bit of music I wanted to get on Google Play Music.  BTW I've given up on the flavored creamers as they seem to bother the hell out of me tummy. I get cramps a few hours after I consume them for some reason. Then again I been told they bother a lot of people. They are fake cream that is made to sit out all day and not be in the fridge. They taste great, but no can have.




OK now blogger blew up. I have to have comment moderation set to "always" now to be able to get an email that I have a comment. Before a month ago, it sent a notification AND posted the comment right away.
WELL this was some how thought to be a silly thing to allow you to know you have comments, thus they changed it.
Honest to GOD people have flipped out in the forum and there is no fix to this yet. I mean it's like they don't actually want people to know their comment posted.
So I put a message in the comment form saying that I have to have moderation set to always to know you commented. Sigh. Why does Google mess with everything that is working and make it complicated as hell to use?
Over on YouTube the YouTube studio app for my phone has this shinny new interface for posting a thumbnail on the video. For one thing this option SHOULD be on the YouTube app when you upload the video and is NOT. The other thing is, you have to go threw hell to find your thumbnail and post…

20 Movies People My Age Wont Admit To Enjoying

1. “The Andromeda Strain” (1971)
Me: 8/10 | IMDB: 7.2/10

Scientists investigate an alien virus that may end life as we know it. The virus seems to have been carried to earth by a probe sent out by the government to find such things. I find this a great deal better than the remake. I enjoyed the tension and the plot a lot. I have also read the book and found it to be better than the movie, as I often do.

2. “The Black Hole” (1979)
Me: 6/10 | IMDB: 5.6/10

A research ship encounters a missing ship commanded by a strange scientist. They end up entering the black hole they found the ship near. The effects for the time this was shot where great and the acting was good enough to pass. Story line was not bad as well.

3. “A Boy And His Dog” (1975)
Me: 4/10 | IMDB: 6.6/10

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland a young man and his psychic dog who communicates to him with thought explore the aria and i…

Werewolf Tag

1. What is your favorite werewolf film and why?
An American Werewolf in London (1981)

2. Are werewolves better than vampires?
No Vampires are way more cool and fun and interesting.

3. Name the most brutal scene you've watched in a werewolf film.
Just pick anything from Autumn Moon (1992) - It's Japanese I think.

4. What's the best werewolf transformation you've seen?
Has to be one from "The Company of Wolves (1984)"

5.What is the silliest/worst werewolf film you've seen?
Silliest I'm not sure but worse is Silver Bullet (1985)

6.What was your first werewolf film?
I don't remember the name I was like maybe 9 and it was on TV. It was from the 1930's I think.

7. What is your favorite werewolf legend? (historical tales count too)
One from Quebec that goes back to the 1800's. The location seems to change by who is telling the story. The Canadian post office issued a stamp in honor of this legend one time BTW.

Mythological Creatures Tag

1. What is your favorite mythical creature to read about?

2. Pair up your favorite character from one book with your favorite creature sidekick from another book.
Lestat and Frodo go on a quest to find the golden chalice and visit many brothels in their search.

3. If you had to choose one mythical creature to read about for the rest of your life what would it be?

4. If you had to choose one mythical creature from a book to be a pet who would it be?
Tinkerbell - just because.

5. You and your magical pet can travel to one fictional world together.
So Tinkerbell and I went to Arrakis and rode a spice worm today.

6. Recommend a book with some mythical creatures.
Since I'm hung up on it, Interview With The Vampire.

7. Tag some friends! 
Nope. They can do it if the want to.


Wound day 101. Kind of wonder how this has not healed yet. See this is a very small part of a much larger wound to start with. The rest (all but about 1 inch of it) healed up in 10 days before the staples came out. But this little bit at the top is still not doing well.
I snagged it here so it looks worse. The Africa shaped bit at the bottom is where I snagged it. The top half though is what I'm talking about. It is still a little hole there after the shower (scabs hate showers and tend to come off).
But it seems to almost be done here. For some reason it goes in spurts where it heals a bit then stalls for a while. I don't know what the hell.
I know "see a doctor" Well in 2 more days I'll be in my doctors office for test results (unrelated). I'll mention it and see what he has to say. I'm sure he won't be bothered by it though.

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