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Turning off YouTube Short Remix on all Your Videos at Once

Go to YouTube Studio in your browser (no way to mass edit in the app) Click on "Content" on the left pannel. On the left just above your latest video, click the check box that has "Video" beside it Click "Select all" Click "Edit" Click "Shorts remixing" Click the pull down tab that appears Click "Don't allow remixing" Click "UPDATE VIDEOS" If you have a lot of videos, this may take a few minutes.

360 x 180 Panorama in Mandelbulb 3D

Open your parameter in MB3D then set viewing to at least 1:2. Next click “camera” (it’s on the right by where you put your name in) and set it to 360 Panorama. Now set the size of the render so it is twice as wide as it is high. I generally set it to 4096 x 2048. Render the image then save it. Now open the browser and go to and upload the MB3D image to it. It will then input the EXIF data needed to make the image a 360 x 180 Panorama you can post on Facebook. The altered image should auto download. It is ready to be viewed in Facebook as is. Find MB3D here:

Angie's Movie Tag

1. A movie character that you would want to be more like? Tom Hanks in The Green Mile 2. Who is your favorite female movie villain? Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction (1987) 3. If you could have any car from any movie, what car would you want? The Green Hornet (2011) 4. Your favorite Hero & Villain Costumes?  Superman in Justice League for Hero and for Villain Pontius Pilate in Superstar 2000 5. What  Animated secondary / side character would you like to see them create a movie starring? Watson from Sherlock Holmes (2011) 6. What novel would you love to see portrayed on the big screen? The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka 7. If you had to pick one Animated movie to remake into a live action (that hasn't been done yet) which one would you pick? Wizards (1977) 8. What actor would you love to hear as the voice of a new Animated villain?  Morgan Freeman 9. What movie have you seen the most and how many times have you seen it?   Phantasm (1979) and over 400 times. I stopped counting 10.

What's on My Phone?

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Turn Off Windows Spam Suggestion Notifications

 CLICK Settings. Click System. Click Notifications & actions. Under Notifications, turn off the "Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows." Couple more things in there you might want to turn off as well, but leave on "sugest ways I can finish setting up my device to get most out of windows." Sounds if you don't like them can be turned off as well, but you may miss an important notification. NOTE: In 11 it's the same place just worded a bit different.

Some Backgrounds I Made


125 Question Q&A

1) Are you ready for 125 questions? Yes 2) Was your last real relationship a mistake? Yes 3) Do you believe in God? Yes 4) Who did you last say, "I love you" to? A friend 5) Do you regret it? No 6) Have you ever been depressed? Yes 7) Have a best friend? Yes 8) Are you a boy or girl? It’s not that simple but physically I’m a man 9) What is your relationship status? Single 10) How do you want to die? Very quick and painless 11) What did you last eat? Tomatoes 12) Have you played any sports? Yes in school many years ago 13) Do you bite your nails? No 14) When was your last physical fight? More than 30 years ago 15) Do you have an attitude? Not really 16) Ever been arrested? No but been questioned 17) What is your real name? David Nicholson 18) Do you have a lot of friends? No, just a few very close friends 19) Are you going to get drunk later? No 20) Do you hate anyone at this moment? No 21) Do you miss someone? Many people 22) Twirl or cut your spaghetti? Twirl 23) Do you tan

Box Elder Beetles Invade

Box Elder Beetles are all over the place in here. This is on on the security camera. It's like a plague from God. They are in most homes in western Canada right now as it turned cold and they moved toward the heat. They get into everything. If it's not sealed, they have been in it. Often I find one crawling on my arm as I watch my TV. It's horrific. If you swat them they end up attracting even more in, so you have to catch them in toilet paper and flush them. As soon as it gets warm out, they are all over the side of the building. I have always seen them inside, but this old building I live in is the worst I have to say. They are all over.