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Too Much Pain Can't Sleep Playlist

1 Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner
2 Manfred Mann - Blinded by the Light
3 Suzi Quatro - Can The Can
4 Gary Glitter - Rock And Roll (Part 1)
5 Gary Glitter - Rock And Roll (Part 2)
6 The Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz
7 Ram Jam - Black Betty
8 The Knack - My Sharona
9 Heart - Crazy On You
10 Joan Jett - I Hate Myself For Loving You
11 Genesis - I can't dance
12 Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
13 ZZ Top - La Grange
14 Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
15 AC/DC - Thunderstruck
16 Europe - The Final Countdown
17 Queen - I Want To Break Free
18 Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
19 Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine
20 The Pretenders - Back On The Chain Gang

Stuff You Young Folks Never Heard Of Playlist

1 Frank Sinatra - As Time Goes By
2 Dooley Wilson - As Time Goes By
3 Chet Baker - Every Time We Say Goodbye
4 Charles Mingus - Moanin'
5 Nina Simone - Sinnerman
6 Janis Joplin- Summertime
7 Janis Joplin- Cry Baby
8 The Monkees - Mommy and Daddy
9 The Turtles - Buzzsaw
10 Harumi - Sugar in Your Tea
11 Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days
12 Petula Clark - Downtown
13 Patrick MacNee & Honor Blackman - Kinky Boots
14 The Gentle Soul - Our National Anthem
15 Mystic - weekend people
16 Small Faces - Itchycoo Park
17 Troggs - Love Is All Around
18 Grass Roots - Let's Live For Today
19 Africa - Louie, Louie
20 Vistas - Moon Relay
21 The Swanks - Ghost Train
22 Marmalade - I See The Rain
23 The Lemon Pipers - The Shoemaker Of Leatherwear Square
24 Nick Garrie - Can I Stay With You
25 The Common Cold - Come Down
26 M.F.Q. - Night Time Girl
27 Flavor - Sally Had A Party
28 The Montanas - You've Got To Be Loved
29 Dotti Holmberg - Sea Of Tears
30 Gary and Ray - Why
31 Timi Yuro - H…

Pigging Out Remorse

I can't believe I eat all this food in 2 hours and 1 sitting. Started off with 30 hot wings (3 orders). 12 Corndogs. 2 Extra Large Pizzas (All Dressed). Washed it all down with 4 Litres of Ice Cream.
OMG how could I do this to myself... The horror, the horror.
P.S. If you think I could even get 30 winds down, you are more than likely not all that smart to begin with... Let alone all the other stuff... But you more than likely assumed being that I am of size that I do eat like this every day. Guess what, I don't really eat much more than an average person my ages does. There are more factors to being my size than society is willing to think about. Instead they take the easy path and just blame it on poor diet. Some times, it's not the diet that is of fault. Some times it's the disability the person has working against them. Think before you say things to someone my size. You literally do NOT understand and you case more damage than good when you try to "help" most o…

How to make a Christmas Drink.

First about 3 OZ of this stuff. Now about 3 OZ of this stuff. End it off with about 1 OZ of this stuff.
Now sing Christmas songs in the nude and be happy :)

11 Cannibalism and 11 Necrophilia Songs Playlist

1 The Police - Friends
2 Alice Cooper - Cold Ethyl
3 The Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood
4 Slayer - Necrophiliac
5 Magnetic Fields - Queen of the Savages
6 The Misfits - Last Caress
7 Judas Priest - Eat Me Alive
8 Siouxsie and the Banshees - Night Shift
9 The Cadets - Stranded In the Jungle
10 Alice Cooper - I Love the Dead
11 Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
12 T.S.O.L.- Code Blue
13 Radiohead - Knives Out
14 Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven
15 Hall & Oates - Maneater
16 Dark Lotus- We Danced
17 At The Drive-In - Arcarsenal
18 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance
19 Slayer - 213
20 Gnarls Barkley - Necromancer
21 Patti Smith - Summer Cannibals
22 Tyler, The Creator - Sarah

3 Sarcastic Rants in 1 Blog post :)

So I turn on twitter. There is a "sponsored" post. It's a picture of a box that seems to be something electronic. Says the name of the company and the name of the box. No place at all does it say what the hell it does. So I click it... It downloads a PDF. I look at it... Still none the wiser what the hell this thing is for. It has a nice photo of the box. It has a list of prices for different models that it lists by part number. It has a banner that says buy 3 get 1 free. So tell me, am I supposed to guess what the hell this thing does? It literally never said at all what it is. With all the wealth is some of the Islamic countries, where is the help for the Syrians? Tell me why the western world is the only one that seems to be giving a shit? I hate to say this but I am starting to think badly of the entire lot of them. If you won't help your own people what are you? I want all suffering to end. I want to never see a child starve or a woman being harmed and much mor…

Windows 10 Reliable? LOL, Come on Pull The Other Leg Now...

OMG you have to be kidding? It flipping BLINKS. I will be sitting here and BLINK goes the desktop, the icons and so on. Now and then I will have something that I have in the background come to the foreground instead of what I am working on - all by it's self... Literally at LEAST once a week I need to tell it to open my phone and my USB thumb drives when I plug them into the PC - it seems to forget this. Almost every DAY I need to tell it to open BMP files with Infranview and YES I click the box to "always open with". At least once every 2 weeks, all other image formats will be LOST in regards to open with Infranview. Not to mention unless you go an manually delete many gigs of CRAP it leave behind when it updates, it will just forever be wasting space on your hard drive. Then there is the matter of OneDrive NOT working for months and me not knowing it... Sigh... As in not working since I upgraded to windows 10. I went looking for a fix when I found out about this and o…

My Day In Photos Dec 10, 2015


Canada in the 70's and 80's Playlist (OK mostly 80's)

The Guess Who - Running Back to Saskatoon
Gordon Lightfoot - Alberta Bound
Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down The Crazy River
Martha and the Muffins - Echo Beach
Sheriff - When I'm With You
The Northern Pikes - Teenland
The Grapes Of Wrath - All The Things I Wasn't
Spoons - Nova Heart
Eight Seconds - Kiss You (When it's Dangerous)
Blue Peter - Don't Walk On Past
Strange Advance - Running Away
Glass Tiger - 06 Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)
Luba - Let It Go
Rush - Limelight
Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Big League
Colin James - Five Long Years
Paul Hyde & The Payola$ - Eyes of a Stranger
Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe
Kim Mitchell - Go for Soda
The Payola$ - Dirty Water
The Pursuit of Happiness - I'm and Adult Now
Triumph - Magic Power
Prism - Young and Restless
Helix - Rock You
bob & Doug MxKenzie - Take Off