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White Rabbit – Collide
Dragula – Rob Zombie
Crushed – Collide
Somewhere I Belong – Linkin Park
Forsaken – David Draiman
Until the End – Kittie
Clown – Korn
Blue Monday – Orgy
Blue – The Birthday Massacre
Do You Think – Kittie
Hexes – Bassnectar
Thoughtless – Korn
Right Here in My Arms – HIM
Wings of Steel – Collide
Charlotte – Kittie
Complicated – Collide
I’m So Sick – Flyleaf
Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie
Before I’m Dead – Kidneythieves
First of the Year (Equinox) – Skrillex
Lovers End – The Birthday Massacre
Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye
Shiver – The Birthday Massacre
Bring Me to Life – Evanescence
Dreamsleep – Collide


Little Lover – 40 Below Summer
Sexual Violation – Agonoize
Bloody Pleasures – Blutengel
Sadomasochistic – Carpathian Forest
December – Collective Soul
Hurts so Good – John Cougar
Stung Out – Ultimate Devastation
Cold Mig 29 - VNV Nation
Cold – VNV Nation
All About Your Lyrics – 40 Below Summer
Power Tool – 40 Below Summer
Weak and Powerless – A Perfect Circle
Whip in my Valise – Adam and the Ants
For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert
Poison – Alice Cooper
Who’s Your Daddy – Benny Benassi
She Dominates – Blizkid
We’ll Always Have Paris – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
Bubbly – Colbie Caillat
Super Girl – Cold
Enjoy the Abuse – Comichrist
Get Your Body Beat – Combichrist
Shut up and Swallow – Combichrist
This Shit Will Fuck You Up – Combichrist
You Will Be the Bitch Now – Combichrist
Pleasure & Pain – Cuir Bleu
Venus in Furs – Dave Navarro
I Would be Your Slave – David Bowie
Torture Device – Dawn of Ashes
Bondage – Decoded Feedback
I Wanna Be Your Slave – Demented are Go
Master & Servant – Depeche Mode
Masochist (XXX)…


Faget – Korn
Clown – Korn
Down with the Sickness – Disturbed
Thoughtless – Korn
Duality – Slipknot
B.Y.O.B. – System of a Down
In the End – Linkin Park
Psychosocial – Slipknot
Dragula – Rob Zombie
The Devil in I – Slipknot
Bodies – Drowning Pool
Cry Little Sister – Marilyn Manson
Ball Tongue – Korn
Before I Forget – Slipknot
Killing in the Name – Rage Against the Machine
All Out Life – Slipknot
Shoots and Ladders – Korn
For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica
Lies – Korn
Stupify – Disturbed
Blind – Korn
Bulls on Parade – Rage Against the Machine
Fake – Korn
Unsainted – Slipknot
Good God – Korn


Peter Gunn Theme – Henry Mancini
Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry
Hold on I’m Coming – Sam & Dave
Stand by Me – Ben E. King
The Ramble – Link Wary
Lujon – Henry Mancini
Theme from A Summer Place – Pecy Faith
Rebel Rouser – Duane Eddy
Rockit – Herbie Hancock
For What it’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield
Will You be Staying After Sunday – The Peppermint Rainbow
Walk Like a Man – Frankie Vallie
The Rain, The Park & Other Things – The Cowsills
Miserlou – Dick Dale
Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer
Mr. Lucky – Henry Mancini
The Ballad of Paladin – Johnny Western
Take on Me – A-Ha
Mr. Sandman – The Chordettes
Green Onion – Booker T. & The MG’s
Cortina – Henry Mancini
Sukiyaki – Kyu Sakamoto
Wipe Out – The Surfaris
Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell
The Name’s Bond… James Bond – Nicholas Dodd


OK there is a certain sick kid's hospital in Canada that is thinking about providing medial assisted death to children under the age of 18. I have investigated this and found that there is a great deal of people who are convinced this will be left up to the doctors to chose weather a child is euthanized or not. This is just not the case.

As it stands now in Canada and by the rules in the province of Ontario, a minor can choose to not be treated anymore even if this will result in its death. This also is the case if the parents do not agree with the child’s decision. The requisite is that the child can make an informed decision on the matter. In the case of not being able to make informed consent, the parents can decide.

The idea here is to extend this practice to medically assisted death. The same rules would apply. It would be the choice of the child and not of the doctors.

I do understand that there is question if a child who is say 10 can make informed consent. I do not know at th…

My Fibromyalgia Symptoms & Triggers

Basically this is the reason I can't do much anymore. On a good day I can go out with friends for a few hours but then I spend the rest of the day and most of the next recovering from it.
I have a possible trip to Saskatoon coming up in a couple months and it might be interesting to see how messed up I get over it. I can use some THC gummies to kill the pain while I'm there and some of that toxic crap Arthrotec to keep my joints from locking up on me. But after 3 or 4 days up there doing more things than I should, I'll be down for days. It will be all I can do to crank out a daily vlog after that. Not to mention how expensive the gummies will be.
To be honest, the last time I tried to work, I ended up in the hospital over it. I tried all the tricks to deal with it, but it added up and I crashed. I was literally on the floor and had to call 911. So no can do. Not to mention I was not covered for ambulance then as I was not on disability - so it was a pile of money ($200 I thi…


I'm running a budged reconditioned PC with onboard graphics and only 8gb or ram, but I manage to make a lot of nice fractals with Mandelbulb3d v1.9.9 It's easy to use once you get the hang of it and there are lots of tutorials on the net on how to use it. There are also a lot of peramarer files to tinker with on DeviantArt. It's a nice lite program that does the job.
I'm also in the process of trying to learn a newer more fancy program called Mandelbulber 2. The interface is different and it renders in a different way. It's also not quite as light a program but it's also not big at all. It's also a 64 bit application and not a 32 bit application.
There are many other fractal programs out there but I like these 2 the best. They generate 3D fractals that are pleasing to the eye and can generate some interesting abstract forms.
Others are: Incendia Apophysis ChaosPro JWildfire

Weight Loss

So did not go so well this week. I was doing good with 4 weeks in a row being down, then poof this. Well I was given a a lot of baked goods filled with sugar. I sadly pigged out on them and eat them all in 2 days. So I had a sore tummy both evenings and was up 4 lbs on weigh in day.


~ 40% of people who self castrate do so to control harmful sexual urges. Strangely, 30% are because of a sexual fetish to be castrated. I can understand the first one but not the second one.
~ In 2014 a man in Markham Ontario was taken to the hospital after his sister found him trying to castrate himself with a kitchen knife. The man was treated in the ER and held for physical evaluation.
~ In July of 1991 a man on his lunch hour was masturbating in a machine shop when he climaxed, he accidentally got his scrotum caught in between a belt and pulley of a machine. He was thrown 10 feet and his left testicle was ripped off. He stapled the scrotum back together then went back to work. After work he went to the ER to get it looked at and only then realized he had lost his left testicle.
~ May 30, 2004 Amanda Monti had a fight in a restaurant with her boyfriend. She then reached in his pants, ripped off one of his testicles and tried to eat it, but gagged and spit it out. In court she plead te…


~ I was in the ER one time and they needed my pants down. I was kind of screwed of and needed help onto the bed. Well could not lift my butt to get the pants down and that wee little nurse just looked at the doctor, then pulled them things down. Was about 390lbs at the time. I was actually impressed.
~ The cops where at my last building one time. Ended up myself and 2 other gay guys and 2 women being very suggestive to them. The one cop was having all kinds of fun with it, but the other was clearly not impressed.
~ I met a women in the 1990s who was 32 and had advanced Alopecia Universalis. Not 1 hair anywhere on her body. I found it sexy. Perhaps it was that she was still a confident person that I found sexy.

GRDE 25000mah Power Bank Review

GRDE 25000mah power bank. Been using it to top up the phone 3 or 4 times a day for 14 days and it just now went to 1 lite on the 4 light power indicator. Not sure how many full charges that is, but I'm guessing 6 or 7 form 15%. This is with a Galaxy S7.
Also it does not seem to heat up much even when using the 2.1A charging port to rapid charge the phone.
Charge time was impressive as well when charging the power back with a 2.1A charger. Don't have an exact time for you but by the time I was done 3 movies on Prime Video the thing was charged.
Price on Amazon was $33.99 and there was a $2 off coupon. I'm giving it a 5/5 rating. I've purchased a couple others in this price range that turned out to be far less capacity than advertised so I am happy with it.
One of the best features is the rapid charge outlet is marked. My other charger (20,000 mah) does not mark the rapid charge outlet and I had to refer to a diagram of it to figure it out and then stuck a red cord in it to …



Lots More Mandelbulb 3D Fractal Renders


Really A Lot Of Mandelbulb 3D Fractal Renders