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Movie Ratings Aug 30, 2016

Tallulah (2016) (2/5) Darling (2015) (5/5) The Abandoned (2015) (5/5) The Last Heist (2016) (4/5) 1971 (2014) (4/5) Nurse 3D (2013) (3/5) Family Man (2011) (2/5) Forsaken (2015) (5/5) The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) (5/5) Little Mrs Sunshine (2006) (4/5) The 5th Wave (2016) (3/5)

Remembering My Life

Remembering My Life Part 1. There was a time when I was a young person. I think I was about 10. We decided we were doing to get naked and play in this deposit of wet clay we found when on our bikes out in the countryside. See this is the way kids think. If I take my clothing off, they won’t be covered in clay and Mom won’t know. The reality that there was no clean water and that at best we could just be less dirty did not strike us at all. Us being two friends and I. So we rolled nude in the wet clay bank and pushed each other and had the best time ever. We never thought that someone might come along and do anything to us. Things then where so different. No one talked about that kind of thing. To see this in the light of a distant memory now is to think how fucking lucky we got that we were not picked up by the RCMP or nabbed by some sex offending low life. But at the time it was just three good friends rolling in the clay. The result of course was that we could not get clean enough

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Good Actions, Great Actions and Selfish Actions

To be a good person you need to think of others now and then. To be a great person you need to think of others first most of the time. The ego wants us to be the centre of the universe. To be a great person you need to kill the ego within. This is the death of personality in one respect and the birth of personality in another respect. It is also the reason I will only ever be a good person. I like to be attended to and I like to be seen as someone special. To be great I would have to look past that and see others are the goal all of the time. This is also why all but a small handful of people in politics will never be great and almost none will even be good people. We can do good for the wrong reasons. If it feeds the ego then it is not a good act. If no one ever knows it was you, then it is a great act. Just some words I will let you think about. Peace and Love - Dave.

Are You Blessed?

I rather long to be one of those people we tend to call unfortunate. The person who literally does not understand what is wrong with their life and simply accepts it is being another day. I have had the belling to know people like this. People who others have used very hurtful words to describe. But to them, life was great and full of wonder no matter how hard the times where. So how could I say that they where less than I? How could I say they where unfortunate? For the most part they had love for all people with no conditions. For the most part they saw the day as a thing to experience in splendour. But for me, all I can see some days is that I don't have enough to be secure or comfortable. All I see other days is that I am disabled and will never be more. To spend my days seeing this world as a beautiful thing with no worry would be a gift. And yet people called them names and looked down at them. Those who think they are blessed often are cursed. Those who find the simple ple

It Started With A Bag Of Sprinkles

November 4th 1995. It all started with a bag of sprinkles and a jar of jam. It ended with a ride in an ambulance with a police escort and me trying to explain to the nice Doctor why I was covered in jam and sprinkles in the middle of a parking lot. I thought the part where I was singing I am the walrus was obvious, but I had to explain it twice. Thankfully the charges where dropped as long as I attended therapy sessions. Little did they know I was going to turn up in a latex  walrus suit playing the trombone. Now it looks like I will be spending my birthday in the nut house. But this magic dragon plays a good game of chess and the coffee is not bad, although I think it's some form of decaf. I think that giant spider is trying to escape. Maybe when it tries next time, I can slip out the back door. I have fashioned a key out of soap and I am sure it will work in the door. Your's truly the Great Tomato... P.S. please don't mind if this is written on toilet paper.

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Weight Update Week 21

DATE Mar 22, 2016 Mar 28, 2016 Apr 3, 2016 Apr 16, 2016 Apr 24, 2016 Apr 30, 2016 May 6, 2016 May 13, 2016 May 20, 2016 May 27, 2016 Jun 3, 2016 Jun 10, 2016 June 17, 2016 June 25, 2016 July 1, 2016 July 8, 2016 July 14, 2016 July 22, 2016 July 29, 2016 Aug 6, 2016 Aug 11, 2016 KG 211.3 209.2 209.6 210.1 209.1 203.7 203.7 206.4 202.8 202. 1 203.1 200.9 201.9 198.7 197.9 202.4 198.6 195.8 195.1 199.0 196.2 LBS 465.0 460.2 461.2 462.2 460.0 448.2 448.2 454.2 446.2 444.8 447.0 442.0 444.2 437.2 435.4 445.4 437.0 430.8 429.2 437.8 431.6 UP or DOWN (lbs) ----- -4.8 +1.0 +1.0 -2.2 -11.8 No change +6 pizza -8 -1.4 +2.2 Pizza -5 +2.2 Pasta -7 -1.8 +10 Junk Food -8.4 -6.2 -1.6 +8.6 Unknown -6.2 Total -33.4 (21 weeks)

How I Will Survive Aggressive Cuts To Disability By An Uncaring Government

How I Will Survive Aggressive Cuts To Disability By An Uncaring Government So making changes to fit the new you don't got no money for anything life I am about to start and phoned up Shaw Cable... Me "Hi I would like to cancel the cable so I can afford to eat". Rep "We have packages that cast less". Me "No I need to cancel it". Rep "you are on a service agreement and we can't do that till October" Me "I want to do it in October because that's when they are cutting my disability way back". Rep "It does not look like we can schedule you that far in advance, you will have to call back in September". Me "Well OK if I have to, but it's a bit inconvenient". Rep "OK have a nice rest of your day OK". Think about it - I just said my disability is being cut way back and that it's a choice between cable and FOOD. "Have a nice rest of your day". Sigh... --- So

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

So the Anniversary Update - all 18GB of it is installed. It seems to have fixed a lot of irritating bugs like the extremely low audio on the USB mic and the recycling bin taking literally over a minute to come up with the dialog to empty it. There is improved apps in the mix and some extra features in setting up the display and so on. There are a lot of pluses for sure. There is however, the fact that the nice fast boot time is a thing of the past. I mean the boot is 4 times as long now. Not to mention run times are slightly slower on some of my more memory intensive apps. Oh well - once you uninstall all the stuff it installs and you don't really need it's not bad. The only thing is, that darn just up and reset even know I told you to NEVER do that thing is back. Sigh... Well nothing is perfect and you can't pay me enough to use a Mac - so I will live with it.

Two Kinds of Soup

 Lentil Soup. Veggie stock, mixed veggies, tomatoes, lentils, Salsa and the last bit of alphabet pasta LOL. Slow cooker on high for 3 hours. Pasta in at the last 15 min mark. TexMex Chicken Soup. Chechen breast meat cut up small, Mixed frozen veggies, veggie stock, kidney beans, hot peppers, minced onions and celery. Slow cooker on high for 4 hours.

I almost have my keys back

Well what can I say. I almost got them back. A friend has them and I'll be getting them back sooner or later. But this was one sad state of affairs I tell ya. That and he went threw a mutual friend rather than give them to me face to face. That kind of says a lot as well. The big shame being I was well willing to forgive his behaviour until the time I saw all the rabid posts about me on his Facebook. Man to say things like that after someone was there for you for 35 years of your life. I get it that he is mad at something else and might not even know what it is he is mad at; but I just won't put up with that kind of stuff. It's a shame we had a lot of good times and so on. But in the end he was literally never there for me without complaining his ass off about it first and for days after. He was never one to listen to my troubles or my pain. So after all that time of this one sided thing we had - It is best to just say never again.