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Preconceived Notions

A place here in Saskatchewan called Martensville is famous for a notorious reason. That being a "devil worship cult" that never really existed.
There where allegations of sexual abuse at a day care there and the police who where interviewing the children unintentionally lead them to say things and fantasy became reality.
The children ended up claiming (threw no fault of their own) that a large devil worship cult was in action in the community. The allegations even included such outlandish things as a baby was sacrificed every day. This should have been a clue to the officers investigating that something was wrong and it never clued in.
One child claimed that an "axe handle" was put in his penis at one point. This being physically not possible never deterred the investigation of these fictitious monsters...
Long story short, the lives of a couple where destroyed and their son convicted of molestation. In the end almost a million bucks was paid out in compensation to the…

Time To Stop Following Blindly

Anybody who tries to make you mad, and stop you thinking, is not your friend. - Bill Clinton

It's actually amazing to me that a lot of people are willing to listen to foolish people going on endlessly about how bad everything is. The reality of it is nothing like what they are seeing, reading and hearing. Yet they take it all in and think "this is reality".
It never dawns on them that they are being lead around and told what to think. It never dawns on them that the reality of a situation is right in front of them and they are too angry to see it. So they rage on and the divisions between people gets wider.
Most sources of information be they Fox or CNN or just some random group on social media have an agenda. They want you to follow them instead of leading yourself. Once you give into this mentality, it is all but lost.
We give credence to people who exploit the irrational anger that we have inside. We give them power to cause us to do and say things we would never do or say…

Sun Comes Up

Bright light, big city.
Dirty streets, dark corners.
Cat howlers, guitar playes.
Drinks clink, couple dance.
Victim bleeds, baby born.
Doors are closed, sun comes up.


LOL It's been going up but 3 or 4 for hours now. Here is the ticket, it's EMPTY and I don't have any filters set - so there should never be anything in here. I've also had it show that I had up to 8 spam's messages in the spam box and there was nothing in it. Not to mention the notification bell keeps saying 3 and there is literally nothing new in there. Nothing has changed in 5 hours and every 15 minutes or so DING 3... LOL OMG what the hell did Google do to it now?

For The Person In Garden Grove, California

All using an app on my phone...

4 Random Photos My My Pile Of Them


Playing With Text... AKA I'm Bored...


6 B movies I Watched On YouTube

You can find all of these over on YouTube - quality is not great but who care...

The Creation of the Humanoids (1962) 4/5✪

The Day of the Triffids (1963) 4/5✪

Tobor the Great (1954) 2/5✪

Twelve to the Moon (1960) 1/5✪

Day the World Ended (1955) 3/5✪

First spaceship to Venus (1960) 1/5✪

Extra Money Month Hay?

Next month I am ahead a bit but there are things I need to get to catch up - so won't be much spent on myself. BUT I have a $50 credit on my phone bill so it's going to be a lot less and $40 more a month because the advance I took out for clothing is paid off now. Then the GST rebate is $198 for me. So I will have $288 extra than normal.

$120 or so will be going for insurance and $30 to $60 for cleaning – going to get the pro’s in so they can get where I can’t reach. There are a couple other things I don't normally need that I need - so not much will be left for fun, but some will. Some also gets put away in case I need cash...
Almost forgot, I also want to order a 3 months’ supply of a supplement that I want to try for the fibro pain. See how it works. So being I’m not getting other things there will be shipping so maybe $20 for that. Thing is the 3 months of it in town (exact same product) is $38 and tax – so...

Instead Of Getting Wings

Well I wanted chicken wings so since I'm broke and I don't need the fat content of chicken wings, I had this. Boneless skinless chicken breast with hot sauce on them. It was good enough. It was also enough to make me full and I did not have veggies with it (shame). The thing is I'll be making some veggies later to eat for my 10 pm feed. I don't keep normal hours after all.
Next week when I get paid I'm going to get spaghetti and mushroom pasta sauce for it. Just a small thing of pasta - enough for 2 feeds maybe. That will be a treat as I have not had much pasta in a while - months actually.

Hats Off To Those Who Care & Share

You spend all your time building people up and for the most part, they give their attention to all but you. They grab for the easy and the superficial. But now and then there are a few who are above the crowed and it is to them that I will raise my glass for they are as I am. We understand each others need to help even if for the most part we are used for it. So hats off to those who care and share.

Random Thoughts

I don't have a 110 inch TV and my own house or a car or a boat or even am able to afford steak dinner every day... I'm oppressed!
I mean the laughable situation of someone who can hardly string words together impersonating a professional wrighter.
If I ever reach my target weight, I'm going to be a dick to all the fat people for not losing weight - ya know just like that friend that stopped smoking going after all the smokers.
Friday at 7pm on a long weekend I managed to fuck up and get my account locked by fucking the password 3 times. That sucked goat balls. I should never bank dunk...

Dirty Old Man?

That moment when you realize you have a dirty mind... The strange thing is I have literally no desire for sex at all in any form with anyone. Yet my mind always seems to go to the perverted side when there is even a hint of sexuality in a situation.
The other kind of strange thing is, my brain never did this when I was sexually active. In the old days of my 20's and 30's when anyone who wanted to and I was in there, no dirty thoughts for common situations.
Maybe it's just part of being an old person. Not that 50 is all that old yet. Still the older I am the more it comes to mind when people do or say things. Oh well...

You Are Loved

I don't care if you wronged me. I don't care if you hate me. I don't care who you are. I don't care what you are. I don't care what you have done. I feel love for you. It is a blessing bestowed on me from God to love all people.
This does not mean I will trust or be willingly around all people. But I will love them and those who need it the most I will pray for. The people who hate and lie and cheat I pray for. I also have a long list of people I pray for every day when I go to bed. People who have become like family to me.
My entire life has led me to be where and how I am right now. I know it is Gods will and I will do as I am told and spread love. So good will and peace to you, for you are loved.

I'm A tired Fellow AKA Awesome Day Today

Well it's been a long day. I was up more early than normal for me and I am up at almost 3 am. So I need to go to bed I think.
It was kind of a great day mood wise. I mean as in one of the better days in the last 5 years of my life. The pain level was low and my brain was working well. I also got a LOT of amusement from several unexpected sources.
I did however not leave my apartment at all but to get mail. I should have I think.I should have walked in the baement a bit like I been doing.
Anyways I lost 6.4 lbs this week so it's all good. I seem to be back on track and it's going well. In a week I get paid and there is always a bib in the system when I get money as I treat myself.
But I have a lot of things to pay for next month, so not much treating will happen. One thing is I need to get the cleaners in here for a couple of rooms to be done and the windows. I can't get to the places I need done so I will have to pay for it to be done. I can't be on my knees or I end u…

Free Apples Woot

So dude - a big old box of these showed up in the common aria on the 1st floor. So I grabbed 4 of them. I first noticed it when I got the mail and the "Free" sign on it. I took the mail to my place, came back and it was already 1/2 empty. I imagine someone took a pile of them not just a few. But all I wanted was 4 - so It's all good.

Why Did I Keep All This?

So I have like 10 or 12 of each thing. I don't have the desire to thin out the herd at all. Thing is I have 3 of the plates, toast places, bowls and so on - just 3 of each... Some how I seem to keep thinking "they where moms".
Here is the thing. I had no problem despising of the rest of her stuff when she was in the care home and never coming back. I also had no problems with donating all the nice new clothing I got for her when she went in the home (she had dropped a lot of weight at that point).
Even had no problems letting her wedding ring get planted with her ashes. So why do I have a problem 5 years later with this mess of cutlery? I really don't have any idea. But it needs to be thinned out.
So here is the plan, I am putting some in a box and tossing it in the closet. So when I drop dead the people who come to clean it all out think "why the fuck is this in here"?
They are all old things and not really worth donating, so this is the best way of doing it -…

Chargers, Power Banks, Batteries and Books

Loving these retro looking cords - they look like phone cords from the 1940's, it's cool. Not to mention they are 10 foot long and work like a dream.
I have a pile of these chargers so I decided to plug one into the wall by my chair so I can charge while watching TV or a movie. There is a multi-charger by the TV that I charge everything but my phone on. So there are options.
I also have the same cord and charger at my bedside. This way I can actually be sitting on the opposite side of my bed and looking at a text while I am charging.
I've got a Galaxy S7. Friend has an S5 and it runs hot when charging so she has to turn it off to do it at night. Mine does not have that issue at all. She also can't put it in a case or it will actually shut down.
Mine is happy in it's otterbox and I have cranked it up to prominence mode, while charging and rendering a video and the temp never got past the danger zone. In fact it never got close.
I did however disable rabid charging in the…

Up At 3am Listening To Ram Jam

So this is my last night at 3am. Yup rocking some Ram Jam. See I tend to as soon as I lay down and start falling asleep, have a lot of pain some times.
Not all Fibro people have this happen, but it's common enough. So when this happens, I get up and sit in the chair with my feet up and rock out for a couple of hours. It tends to pass for me after that.
I have no idea what causes this to happen but there it is some nights. Mostly it will be the feeling of muscle pain in my arms and legs and lots of it. It actually feels like cramps but with no actual cramping going on. Yeah that sounds strange but there it is.
I would love to watch a movie on the TV at that time but I don't want to make noise at 3am and I'm a bit hard of hearing so the sound is up a bit and that could be a problem for sleeping people. Even though I'm 90% sure that the people on either side of me would not hear it, the fact the might makes me not do it.
I have on the other hand fired up the tablet and watche…

Alone In Evacuating

My view the other day as I sat outside. I found it strange I was the only one who took the fire alarm as a warning to NOT be in the building. Most of the people sat inside playing cards or never left their apartments. I was literally the only one outside.
Fortunately it was just some twatt being a twatt. Someone had pulled gone out the fire door in the south stairs and that set off the alarm (it's on the circuit). So it was just some asshat trying to cause a fuss or something.
It did get me outside though and I'm sure I would not have done that if it was not for the fact the alarm went off. Frankly I was not that worried as no one else seemed to be. It was more a matter of the loud sound bothering the hell out of me that made me go out.
BTW I'm reminded of the last time I called 911. For some reason the operator did not take me serious when I gave the address. Well the GPS on my phone is the worst I have ever seen and it had me in a house 2 blocks north of me LOL. I also forg…

Maple Bugs On My Window

These freaking things are Boxelder Bugs also known as Maple Bugs (city is filled with maple trees). The live almost entirely on Boxelder or Maple trees as far as food goes.
The like the warmth of the building and even if it's 102F outside they will be all over the building for more heat. That's what triggers their hatching - heat cycles.
They will die off in the cooler days then come back in plenty when it gets hot again. So they come out more than once a year.
They also get into the house no matter what you do. They come in threw the cracks and crannies. When I took this photo there where about 30 of them on the window.
Iv'e seen the baby ones look like a moving carpet around the base of the tree outside. Being it's neither kind of tree - well I'm lead to believe they eat more kinds of trees than Wiki tells me they do LOL.
They get in and will end up on the ceiling and drop on you or in the coffee on rare occasions. I have to say, I only had to kill about 9 of them thi…

No Sleep, Cluster Headache And Lots Of Drainage

So not been sleeping well at all. I mean it's getting to be bad. Yeah I know, I've not slept well since I was 9 and I'm 50 3/4 now.
But this is worse than normal. I even resorted to not having coffee for 3 days. All that managed to do is give me a constant coffee headache.
Speaking of headaches, I've had a cluster headache for days now. In fact 5 days. The ticket with these for me is they ease up then get worse over and over until they go away for a while. I had them when I was a little kid and at the age of 13 they vanished until I was 48 then poof back they where.
So I'm kind of punchy right now. Brain is in a bit of a fog and not the normal fog that I get with the CFS and Fibro, but a tired fog. Two days ago I slept well enough, but the majority of the time this last month it's been hell.
Maybe I actually need to see a doctor. I been peeing all night like crazy this last couple of days as well. Being I have not had anything salty or processed in weeks now I got …

And Suddenly It's Fall

So sunny and upper 90's for weeks on end in September has been replaces with mostly cloudy and mid 50's here in Moose Jaw. I've not seen this in my life, then again in recorded history we never been so close to being a sand dune. That is to say it's the driest year we have had on record.
So for a week now it's been cool and so on. The other night I had to actually turn the heat up for the 2nd time since last winter. That reminds me I forget when they take the A.C. units out of the window - I think it's October. I never though I would need it in September but it was on for a week solid.
That's it, that's all - just a blurb about the weather change. Oh just noticed in my photo - almost looks like words on the side of the one cloud - never mind though, I'm too lazy to circle it...

YouTube AKA Begging For Spare Change

What one of these is not like the others? Can you tell who watched the video and who just wants to draw traffic to their channel over there on YouTube? Seems now about 5% to 10% of my comments are like this and literally just want to draw me over to their content so they can stack up the views and make $0.02 more each week on their videos.
In the first place I have never monetized or wanted to. I am in it for the fun of the hobby and don't think I need to be gives some token amount of change for my task. I also have no desire to ever big a big name on the tubes. That would mess it all up for me I think. After all, I just want to talk to people and have them talk to me.
Yup I'm cool with some other person wanting to make spare change off the vlogs or whatever, but I run adblock plus so I don't have to put up with the advertising. Honestly I get enough of that shit on Facebook and they have less than 5% of the advertising YouTube puts on stuff. Kind of makes me wonder how the …

2 Examples Of Bad Advertising In My Way Of Thinking

This puppy was on Twitter. It for a time will blink brightly at you at a rapid speed. I mean hello Apple... Have you not heard of Photosensitive Epilepsy? Can you imagine someone with this disorder scrolling along and hitting this flashing light on their phone? Or mom is scrolling on the sofa and the kid is looking at the phone and POOF seizure. I can NOT possibly be the only one to have this concern. There is a reason this is avoided in visual media these days.

OK this one is slightly misleading, yes there is a free version of Spotify. The thing is, it's like a radio station - you get what you get and that is all not to mention there are adverts in the stream. The quality is low and you get nagged to upgrade to a service that is $9.99 a month. So really how free is this thing? Anything with advertising in it is how you pay for the service (exposure to ads) it's not actually "free" for that reason. Not to mention after the 100th time it tells you to upgrade for more f…

How I Eat Chicken

Eat the chicken and veggies... Lick the sauce off the plate... Leave the mutated bit of deformed carrot.

Trump AD&D Monster Sheet


Addressing A Right Wing Lie About Welfare

This is what happens when right wing nut jobs have an internet connection. You can actually look up on government web sites how much people on welfare actually make and see for your self how absurd this actually is. I know a great deal of people on the system either on welfare of on disability. There is just no thread of truth to this image.

The following image is a screen cap from the Sask Social Services Web Page - I will include some information after that about other than shelter needs.

On top of this you get $255 a month for living expenses – food, clothing, personal care items and so on. Power and water will be paid direct for you if needed and you can get $30 for a phone. This is all you get for welfare in Saskatchewan so tell me, who has the full fridge?
Compared to the economic reality of living in Saskatchewan, one is actually better off on the dole here than in several other provinces. Tell me this Mr. or Mrs. Middle class - do you pay more than $328 a moth in rent (if you are…

Complaining About Doctors In Saskatchewan

Average ER wait time where I live is 5 hours. I have only been to the doctor and gone in on time 2 times in my life - most of the time I wait 2 hours or more. I also hate to HELL the idea that I can't just call the doctor and get refills, NO I have to go see the doctor in person to get them. So every 6 months I have to waste government money for a visit because they want that extra $40...?
Gone are the days when I could just call in and the doctor would fax it in so I did not have to get there and take time out of my day. Think about having to take time off work to get a refill on your prescription.
Then again gone are the days where I used to be able to get pain medication. Seems because there are drug addicts in the world, we all have to do without pain meds so the dope heads don't harm themselves with them. Oh well, it's worth tens of thousands being in unreasonable pain to keep a few low life's alive.

Tales From Moose Jaw 1

When I lived in a different building there was a gas station across the road. It was closed on all holidays so we would sit out front and watch people all day long come and try to get gas. They would sit there for up to 10 minutes and realize no one was coming out. Then they would go to the door with this 2 foot wide closed sign and try the door then they would look in the window to see if someone was there. Then they would finally get it and go home.

Now and Then Playlist

Lenny Kravitz - American Woman

The Guess Who - American Woman

Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love

Gloria Jones - Tainted Love

Ace of Base - Don't Turn Around

Tina Turner - Don't Turn Around

Joan jett The Blackhearts - I love Rock n roll

Arrows - I Love Rock N Roll

Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel the Noize

Slade - Cum on feel the noize

The Makeup App I Like To Play With

So this is my 50 year old male but looking all drag queened up. I have this app on my phone that I use to make these photos. I get a lot of fun out of it.
Personally I am what is known as fluid gender and how I feel gender wise is in flux. So from time to time I play with my app.
It seems to entertain the hell out of my Facebook and Instagram friends as the majority of the time I am like this - not shaved LOL. But I find it fun and it lets me explore how I might look.
The reality is I have no desire to actually ever present as a woman or even do drag for fun (well I did it one time). So it's virtual fun for me.
I'm just glad that they keep this app going - for a while it stopped working and I was kind of put out by it then they fixed it. I have the pro version and I think it was a buck or something at the time. I have no idea how much it is now. Seems all the $0.99 stuff in the USA is now $1.49 in Canada - so...
It also lets you actually see what the makeup is that would make you l…

2 Days Of Chicken Dinners

2 Days of chicken dinner. Yesterday was this mix of veggies, beans, chicken and sweet chili sauce. Today was roast chicken with Chalet sauce that had some chili pepper added to it. Both sauces are generic and came in the box of chicken breasts. With no chili in it, the Chalet sauce is less than stellar... I eat chicken most every day. For breakfast I literally eat baked beans almost every day. It's the same as having a protein shake in the morning instead of eggs and bacon. It sounds silly that this works, but I lost a pile of weight when I ACTUALLY stick to the bean diet. But like every diet, what works for me may not work for you and so on...

More Laundry To Do

This was on a washer when I went to the laundry room. Seems the actually out of order signs go missing after a while. I have no idea how this happens. Do people just toss them out thinking it's never going to be needed again?
I know the last one ended up a source of amusement. First it was on a blanket for days then it ended up on a wire hanger on the clothing wrack. LOL I'm sure it was a few other places before it vanished.
I actually was going to make one up with a bit of paper and a marker, but I forgot. I'm sure by now it's been replaced with an out of order sign that is more readable as the manager will have been threw there. But when I go to do the towels I will check just in case. If this is still there, I will come up and make a proper one.
The building is filled with tired older eyes and they might not be able to read this. So it would be best to have a more readable one.
Speaking of the wash, I do it after 9PM when no one is around down there most of the time. I …

4 3D IFS Fractals