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Would be nice

If my worker called me to let me know if they are covering the rent hike or not. After all he had lots of time to phone and be a jerk the other day. Now something this important is ignored of course. My mental state means nothing to them I am sure. As well as the need to know if I need to find a rat hole to move to. Sigh people just don't give a crap about us lowly disabled folks. Government is the worst of it and its little workers who play God over us. 

Product Review - International Delight Iced Coffee

It was much better after I got the ice made and let it sit for a little while to cool down. Vanilla 8/10 Mocha 9/10 Smooth taste to both. Mocha had more of a coffee taste to it. Make sure you shake the container well before you use them. Website I got the free coupons from was: Note the Audio is messed up. The video works fine on my end but on YouTube after 3 uploads it's still not functioning correctly...

SAID is killing me

I have recently needed to provide proof that the rent is going up for SAID . I gave them a letter after I was given a verbal notice that the rent is going up. For this I got a phone call that was to say the least degrading and demoralizing. I am a human being and deserve a basic level of respect. The government workers who are paid to help people like me always seem to act in a superior manor and try to push us down. The sarcastic overtones and overt innuendo that I am trying to pull a fast one on them is not welcome. The greatest source of stress in my life and will continue to be the social workers at SAID , until it is too much and I drop dead. I am just so tired of being treated like shit all of the time when I have to deal with them. It's amazing as hell to me how they think they can just fuck with us... Until this is resolved I will be in true hell. The massive pain I feel most days is nothing in comparison to the mental pain they put me through. I just don't know wh

Elijah Harper Dead.

There are only 8 or 10 politicians I ever had a deep respect for. This man was second from the top in my mind. He stood for what he thought was right and let no one stand in his way. He changed the way a lot of people thought about first nations people as well, me being one of them. He overcame a lot in his lifetime and became a leader among leaders. His impact was not only on the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan but on the entire political and social landscape of Canada. Canada has lost of of it's most outstanding people I must say.

In Moose Jaw you say...

In Moose Jaw you say... A city with crumbling streets at best. Must be hard to plan how to get across town with no potholes and what not... Besides I don't want to burst a bubble but I always LOL at a tricked out truck. I do NOT see the point. Trucks to me are utility and off road fun. I mean really - where do you even put the speakers in this thing? Not a fan of blue as well, never have been. I am also reminded of the upcoming latest version of Fast and Stupid - or what ever... See if you got yourself a hot car and you can't out run a TANK then your are doing it wrong... To say the least... How many of you have seen a 9 second tank out there in your life? A smart car can out run the fastest tanks out there with a little work on em... Think about that...

Smitty's on the the North Service Road

The Petro Burger from Smitty's on the the North Service Road in Moose Jaw. This is only made when it is the special of the day. 8oz Beef patty, mushrooms, bacon, a slice of ham and a slice of back bacon (Canadian Bacon for people not in Canada). Topped with onions, tomato and lettuce. You can have fries or salad with it. The gravy is extra just like most places. Would be better with a bit of cheddar in it but it is well worth the price. At the time I got this one it was $9.95. With coffee and tax it's still under $13. So I would call it a value item. Some days the cooking can be a bit slow and the till some times has a wait time as well. But the vast majority of the time I have had outstanding service. This is also a petro-pass card lock fuel stop for the truckers. There is a well appointed lounge in the back I am told although I have never seen it. It is also down the road from the Flying-J and a truck wash. This is the spot in town for truckers to say the least. It is als

iPhone Internet FTW

 Tip on Four Square about the Moose Jaw Co-op... LOL  Yet another person clicked a link they should not have clicked... Can we say virus boys and girls? Hmm someone else seems to have clicked the wrong thing as well... What do you know...