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I had renovations done to my kitchen a while ago. I have found several things like this machine screw laying on the carpet in the Livingroom after. There was a couple of wire caps as well. Not to mention a hand full of either thick washers or some kind of spacer. They also did the lights and changed the breakers in the box. The spacers are from the lights. There where two in the kitchen and one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. It's like he dropped one or two every time he changed a light.I'm waiting for them to come and patch the holes in the kitchen wall and I hope paint it. Then I'll inspect the place for things that may mess up my vacuum and give it a good clean. I don't wish to go to the pain of doing it then having it tracked up again. I'm disabled and vacuuming causes me a lot of pain.However I really do love my new kitchen cabinets and counter tops. I just with my microwave would fit in the one corner, but when I open the door it hits the burners on th…


I've been seeing a few strange things on YouTube. It keeps saying I should subscribe to people I am already subscribed to and even myself. There is a random video player bug that just won't let me watch 1 out of 30 videos for no valid reason. Even if I come back days later the same video will not play. Other people are able to view that video, just not me. Now I'm hearing that the "spam box" is missing for comments in YouTube Studio for some people. What a bother that must be, as YT will randomly send a comment there for no valid reason. My favorite so far is vanishing comments. I will comment and it will go away - the person did not delete the comment. As well I've replied to comments and had my replies vanish or the original comment vanish leaving only my reply. For a company worth billions, you would think they would fix the comments at least, they have been constantly broken for over 5 years now. Speaking of comments It just won't let me comment at ti…


I do jigsaw puzzles to try and keep my brain active. I do a few a week normally but some days I'll do 3 or 4 in one day. Normally I take about 30 minutes for one like these two, so I was slow that day. I use Jigsaw Galore to do them and I enjoy the program a lot. I have 1300+ puzzles on the hard drive and saved in my backups, so I'll be doing them for years to come. The program came with some and there where a bunch of free ones on the site, but most are my own photos or ones I got from the internet (most my own). You can set it to rotate pieces as well to make it more of a challenge. The program does 4 to 64,000 pieces per image. It is available for Windows and Mac.


14" Extravaganzza (Domino's)Pizza Sauce, Double Cheese, Jalapeno Peppers, Banana Peppers, Pepperoni, Ham, Onions, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Sausage, Beef Crumble, Black OlivesThe cheese was upgraded from "extra" to double and I added added the 2 kinds of hot peppers. I then splattered it with sriracha sauce.This was Thanksgiving dinner for me. In Canada we have the holiday in October, in fact it was on the 12 this year. I also got a free one on points and upgraded it to a large. That one had Brooklyn Peperoni and Bacon on it. The entire thing delivers was about $21. So I had pizza for 3 days.Was kind of interesting that I was down a bit on weigh-in day. Maybe there will be a delayed reaction and this week I'll be up, we will see. In any event, it was a good Thanksgiving and I watched a bunch of horror films that day and stuffed myself with pizza. I enjoyed it a lot.

My Kichly French Press (7/10)

2 scoops of coffee and pour in boiling water. (It comes with a scoop) Put the top on to hold the heat in but do not press down plunger it yet. Wait 5 to 10 minutes (depends on how strong you want it) then press down plunger. Pour into your mug and enjoy. This model makes 2 larger mugs of coffee. It does not stay hot for long as it's plastic. If you pay more and get a stainless steel one, they tend to hold heat longer. Remember the longer you let the second mug of coffee sit, the stronger it gets.
I'm going to rate it a 7/10 for price VS how well it holds the heat. It was $21.99 on Amazon and was sent to me from my wish list by a person who remained anonymous. Cleaning is easy enough, just take the plunger out and unscrew it from the base then take the 3 layers apart and wash. Flush out the grounds with some water and pour it in the toilet as it may clog the sink. Some people let it dry a bit and then toss it in the trash. Others keep the coffee grounds for gardening.


About You 1. Name? 2. Nickname(s)? 3. Birthday? 4. What makes you? 5. Where were you born? 6. Location right now? 7. Shoe size? 8. How many piercings? 9. Tattoos? 10. When you wake up, you are? 11. When you are about to sleep, you are? 12. Zodiac sign? 13. Chinese sign? 14. Righty or Lefty? 15. Innie or Outie? 16. School?
Looks 17. Nationality? 18. Hair colour? 20. Weight? 21. Height? 22. Braces? 23. Glasses?
Private Life 24. Do you have a boy/girlfriend? 25. If so, who? 26. If not, do you have a crush on someone? 27. Who has a crush on you? 28. Ever cheated on your bf/gf? 29. Who was your first kiss? 30. Who was your last kiss? 31. Are you a virgin? 32. Ever had a threesome before? 33. Every been swarmed by ladybugs? 34. Have you ever been in love? 35. Broken any hearts? 36. Got your heart broken? 37. Ever liked a friend? 38. What happened?
Past Relationships 39. How many relationships have you been in? 40. How many were serious enough to count? 41. Who were those serious ones? 42. Who used to be your best friend? 43. What made…

My Not So Safe Bench in The Dark (Poem)

My Not So Safe Bench in The Dark
David S Nicholson
Oct 05, 2020

Sitting, in a not so safe place, watching the shadows created by streetlights dance.

The never-ending sound of cars moving, often to quickly into the night.

The wind ever moving like a memory that just will not come to the front of your mind.

A vague glimpse of the just past full moon as the clouds render it invisible once again.

I can hear my heart thumping, as the people of the night moving about, all too loudly for 1 am.

Why have I ever come to be in this spot, on a bench, in a park, where no one will see what happens if it does.

A face moves toward me and motions his dead toward the bushes, “No thanks I say”, and he melts into the dark.

A glint of light catches me eye, just on the edge of vision is a small glass pipe that has been well used, and perhaps a shoe.

It is not fear of the night, nor its people that makes my heart race; it is the fear of tomorrow and the days after it.

The cold air is starting to make my joints stiff a…


Has anyone else used their penis to launch underwear into the laundry basket?Why are hotdogs better from a truck than a restaurant?If I drink 76 cups of coffee will I die, or just not sleep for 3 days?Why the HELL does Norman think dogs can't look up?Is there a market for cum stain art?Is there a market for blood stain art?How will an Italian sausage wrapped in back and beer battered, then deep fried taste?If I eat an entire pound of Habanero Jack Cheese, will I get plugged up or the shits?How many women have lost a ring inside when wanking?How can I get free pizza and beer for life?


I opened a 2nd profile under the same email on Instagram. It was exclusively for LGBTQ content, mostly muscle men half naked who happen to have beards. I swear to GOD all the ads in the month or so I've had the profile up, have been for a local church who is very not into LGBTQ people and think they are all going to hell. I have no idea how this works, it's under the same Facebook account, so I don't get it. All I get on my main profile is restaurant ads. LOL. I am quite amused over this.However, I have stopped using that profile (it still exists), seems when you switch from the one to the other it loses your connection to Facebook and Twitter (at least it does for me) and you have to log into them again each time to share to them. That means using the code generator each time and a big pain in the butt. So just skip it. I may install it on my tablet and just leave the one on the tablet on the LGBTQ one.The only question left, is do I make a 3rd profile for my furry content…


OK I upload to YouTube on my phone 99% of the time. All the sudden it wants to know if I want to restrict the audience and if it's for kids. Well if I wanted to restrict I'd have used the advanced settings in Studio and not had to bother with this the MANY times I don't restrict. Also, I have my account set to not for kids as a default, so this dang thing should know that and fill in the blank for me, but it wastes time asking me each time. I find this completely pointless. Both where options before in the advanced settings and should have stayed there for the very rare times I needed them.


My naked witch self sitting here listening to podcasts. Something I full on believe to be true. You set your own worth.


This is one of those things you might want to try just one bite of the hotdog like this to see if you spit it out or like it. So I got hotdogs and slathered Ranch Chip Dip on them then hit it with sriracha. It was over the top tasty and I enjoyed ever bite of it.I'm also kind of sure someone reading this just barfed in their mouth a little, but I tried it and it was good in my mind. Seriously not a healthy dinner, but yum.


So if you set Bing as your default search engine in Chrome, it come sup in a blank tab with the 3 dots thing. You can click that, then Office and launch the Office 365 online apps in the browser. I'm told this is free to use. I subscribe to Office 365 to get the 1TB of cloud storage with it, and have the apps on my PC and Tablet - so I don't have first hand experience with the web versions. I fired up Word in the browser and it had my files from the cloud handy to use, but had less features than the installed version of them. Still it's enough to do most things you want with a document. Did not try the other apps, I assume they are also scaled down a bit. As for subscribing to Office 365, I love it for the storage I will never use unless I live to be 90 and lets face it, I'll be a pile of ashes before then. You can also go to sign in and use the apps from there. Even with the free version of OneDrive, you can have a pile of files to edit and sha…


So this was the PC Express app and the Superstore webpage for several days. I just wanted to log in and put things in my cart for next week when I do a pickup order. I had no idea at all why it would not work, but they fixed it as you see in the 2nd screencap. It took 2 hours of talking with them in a DM on Twitter to get to this point, but it happened and I'm grateful. Interestingly enough I was told (what they always say), to clear browser data and the app data - neither worked at all. But the browser data then broke my credit card login and I had to phone them to fix that. Good thing it's a 24/7 service. So all in all the nice people who are there to help fixed things for me and relived my stress. P.S. I'm not the only one being helped on Twitter by the person replying at the same time, so this is normal - just relax, they will get to it.


+1.2 lbs to 400.6 lbs (181.7 kg)
+5.3 lbs to 405.9 lbs (184.1 kg)
This term: +13.1 lbs - All time: -92.1 lbs
18 Weeks up
2 Weeks no change
20 Weeks down


OK I don't tend to bother looking at how many dislikes a video has for the simple reason I'm not a sheep and want to make my own mind up. This screen cap was sent to me from a friend noting the 3 dislikes. So I had to have fun with it. Just remember when people use sock accounts to do this, they are reacting like a toddler who was just told no. There is also an extremely high chance they are jealous as hell of you. Only a person mental problems becomes abscessed with some random person on the internet like this. You're not the fucktard whisperer, so don't bother to try and fix someone else's mental illness. Just know, it's not you causing this, it's their inability to deal with reality and control their own urges.


Been getting a lot of this on Prime Video here in Canada the last while. I'll ad something then a week later it will say "This video is currently unavailable". I don't have any idea if it's a licensing issue or what, all I know is it's annoying as hell. 20% of my watch list (movies) ended up having to be removed. The same movies are still very much available in the USA. Unlike Netflix a VPN does nothing to help on Prime, you pay for your country only and would have to pay for the USA as well to get their shows with a VPN. When you search for them after this comes up they are no longer in the search results, so they have been removed from the server. It's still a fabulous deal for the money and there are still a great deal of shows and movies to watch.


So 8-28-2020-a1 was featured in the Daily Deviations on Deviantart the other day. It got 72 Favorites so far and 910 views. This is well beyond my normal view rate for anything on my art page. Given the vast number of people posting on the site and the vast amount of art other than mine, this is a great happening in my mind. I'm not in it to be popular on the site or to get a lot of favorites, I just enjoy making the art I make (mostly fractals) and sharing them with anyone who happens to see. However, it did feel good to be in the spotlight for a day. Click the link to go see or even download the image for free.


Sigh. I wanted to put this night light in the bathroom. It also is an emergency light that lasts about 5 hours when the power is out. It's called "Blackout Buddy". They work fine, however when I turn the light out in the bathroom, the power goes off to the plugin in there. So it's either try and hit the toilet in the dark or turn a light on and be blinded for my trip back to bed at 4am. Obviously this is an issue because it takes hours to charge and won't last all night. So unless I turn on the light in there for 4 or 5 hours to charge it before bed, it is of no use in there. So it's back in the kitchen.

District Brewing Co, Variety Pack Review

District Brewing Co, Wheat Lager. This is the first wheat beer I enjoyed. Most of them where so light tasting there was nothing to it. This one has a lot of taste to it but still not great in my mind. Score is skewed to the slightly lower price than other brands. About $31.00 after taxes for a 12 pack (variety pack). District Brewing Co, Pilsner. These all came in the same 12 pack BTW. It was OK but only just OK. I'm not a total fan of Pilsner style beers in the first place, but it's good and would have it again.
District Brewing Co, Märzen. This is a Bavarian style lager. It's strong and robust. It's also quite filling. Completely enjoyed this and for the price of it, it's outstanding. Note: I screwed up the name in a Vlog the other day.
District Brewing Co, Dark Lager. Speaking of outstanding for the price, this is it. This was a great tasting beer with a lot of body. The taste is very dark and I would like to be able to get just a 12 of this one. At the place I got…


Sweet Child O' Mine • Guns N' Roses Livin' on a Prayer • Bon Jovi Kickstart My Heart • Mötley Crüe Pour Some Sugar On Me • Def Leppard The Final Countdown • Europe Shot in the Dark • Ozzy Osbourne Welcome To The Jungle • Guns N' Roses You Give Love a Bad Name • Bon Jovi Home Sweet Home • Mötley Crüe Every Rose Has Its Thorn • Poison 18 and Life • Skid Row Rock Of Ages • Def Leppard Paradise City • Guns N' Roses Cum on Feel the Noize • Quiet Riot Girls, Girls, Girls • Mötley Crüe Nothin' But A Good Time • Poison Poison • Alice Cooper Bark at the Moon • Ozzy Osbourne Patience • Guns N' Roses Cherry Pie • Warrant Dr. Feelgood • Mötley Crüe Animal • Def Leppard Runaway • Bon Jovi No One Like You • Scorpions Jump • Van Halen Metal Health (Bang Your Head) • Quiet Riot Wild Side • Mötley Crüe Nobody's Fool • Cinderella Bad Medicine • Bon Jovi Rock You Like A Hurricane • Scorpions Turbo Lover • Judas Priest Flying High Again • Ozzy Osbourne Live Wire • Mötley Crüe I Remember You • Skid Row Turn…



20 Music Related Questions Tag (With Links)

1. Favourite sax solo?
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band – On The Dark Side
2. Favourite guitar solo?
Cream Crossroads
3. Most underrated or unappreciated vocal voices (male or female or one of each)?
Male: Chris de Burgh Female: Elissa (in the same video as Chris de Burgh)
4. Song or songs that remind you of people or a moment in time?
Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light Linked to a particularly romantic evening with a girl I met at a bush party.
5. Song or songs you love to sing?
Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz (also best drum into)
6. Favourite charity song?
Candle in the Wind - Elton John
7. Favourite duet?
Ebony And Ivory. Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder
8. Favourite bass player?
Bootsy Collins (Parliament-Funkadelic
9. Favourite guitarist?
Joe Bonamassa
10. Favourite drummer?
Paul Charles Caravello (sorry crappy audio and shit video)

11. Favourite sax player?
Sonny Rollins
12. Favourite movie song?
From the movie "Buster" Phil Collins - Two Hearts
13. Favourite cheesy song you wou…


I don't know what the hell item for item, but I seem to have gotten myself in a lot of debt. Yeah, I realize a lot of people right now are in the same boat and I wish I could help a few of them I know, but I can't. This is just about how I got in the hole. The worst part is I was in debt before and paid it all off, but then it all hit me again. To start with I had several things fail that I need in my live and I had to replace them - a computer was one - to top it off the computer I replaced it with needed repairing to work later on. That got me big in the hole on my credit card.The a bunch of bad choices when I was given money by friends and kind people I spent it on "fun" and items I would enjoy, and not on clearing my credit card debt. I full on realize this was 100% the wrong thing to do. I should have put every penny on the card and been off of it and back to paying as I go instead of being a month behind in payments.Well this added up after a while and to clear …

Dave's Mix Tape Playlist (includes YouTube link)

Dave's Mix Tape
Rock and Roll • Led Zeppelin
Victim of Circumstance • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Detroit Rock City • Kiss
Seven Nation Army • The White Stripes
Yesterdays • Guns N' Roses
Layla • Derek & The Dominos
Call Me • Blondie
Bad To The Bone • George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Eleanor Rigby • The Beatles
Ace Of Spades • Motörhead
Whole Lotta Love • Led Zeppelin
Lick It Up • Kiss
Kashmir • Led Zeppelin
Burninl for You • Blue Oyster Cult
Black Dog • Led Zeppelin
Atomic • Blondie
What Do You Do for Money Honey • AC/DC
Blinded By The Light • Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Panama • Van Halen
For Whom The Bell Tolls • Metallica
The Trooper • Iron Maiden
It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) • AC/DC
Black Velvet • Alannah Myles
Juke Box Hero • Foreigner
We're An American Band • Grand Funk Railroad
Stray Cat Strut • Stray Cats
I Love It Loud • Kiss
I Want To Break Free • Queen
You Give Love a Bad Name • Bon Jovi
The Boys Are Back In Town • Thin Lizzy
Rock And Rol…


Watched Korean Horror Films.
Drank way too much coffee and eat super hot veggie chili.
Listened to podcasts and music for 6 or 7 hours, and never put any clothing on.