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+18.1 lbs (12.1 lbs difference between old scale and the new scale so BIG jump from that) 413.3 lbs (187.5 KG) Up 17.5 lbs this term Down 83.7 lbs all time

Yes or No Tag

You can ONLY answer Yes or No. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING on this video. If someone comments you and asks it's OK to answer.
Been arrested? Kissed someone you didn't like? Slept in until 5 PM? Ran a red light? Been suspended from school? Experienced love at first sight? Totaled your car in an accident? Been fired from a job? Fired somebody? Sang karaoke? Pointed a gun at someone? Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Kissed in the rain? Had a close brush with death (your own)? Seen someone die? Played spin-the-bottle? Smoked a cigar? Sat on a rooftop? Smuggled something into another country? Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? Broken a bone? Skipped school? Eaten a bug?  Sleepwalked? Walked a moonlit beach? Rode a motorcycle? Dumped someone? Lied to avoid a ticket? Ridden in a helicopter? Shaved your head? Made your boyfriend/girlfriend cry? Eaten snake? Marched/Protested? Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? Puked on amusement ride? Seriously…

The Small Flame

The Small Flame David S Nicholson Nov 6, 2010
Looking into the naked candle light I start to see things future and past. I hear the sound of people long gone whispering quiet joys. I know that all is as it is going to be, we are only a moment in eternity. Somewhere water will always flow clean and life will always follow mother earth. We are one with the flame, we are one with the drift of eternal time. Sit and listen and watch with me. The quiet is our door to the spirit world.

I Am Grateful For

. I am grateful to have a roof over my head as many do not. . I am grateful to live Canada where my health needs are taken care of for no cast to me. . I am grateful for people who love me for who I am. . I am grateful for the ability to love art and create it. . I am grateful for the ability to make other smile and make them happy even if it is for a short time. . I am grateful that I have all I need and just a little more. . I am grateful to have safe drinking water as many do not. . I am grateful I was raised by great parents who taught me to love others and myself. . I am grateful for many things, too many to list here. . But most of all I am grateful to live in a country that does not think it is OK to kill people for who the love or what the believe.

12 Days of Kink Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a single tailed whip.
On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me two nipple clamps.
On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me a three point harness.
On the forth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four rubber slappers
On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four wooden paddles.
On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five cock rings.
On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me seven erotic piercings.
On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me an eight fall flogger.
On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a nine inch but plug.
On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me ten rubber dildos.
On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me an eleven attachment violet wand.
On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a twelve restraint latex bondage suit.

Top 10 Drinks For Men

10: Bulleit Neat (Personal rating 10/10)
Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz Bulleit Bourbon
How to prepare it: Pour the Bourbon in a rock glass. 9: Billionaire’s Margarita (Personal rating 8/10)
Ingredients: 5 oz crushed ice 1 oz Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia 1/2 oz Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire 2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice 1 lime wedge
How to prepare it: Fill a shaker with ice and add the Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire and lime juice. Shake it well, pour it into a glass with ice and garnish it with a lime wedge. 8: A Hole in One (Personal rating 8/10)
Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz Johnnie Walker Red Label 1 tbsp honey 3 oz unsweetened tea 1 lemon wedge
How to prepare it: Add the Johnnie Walker Red Label, honey and unsweetened tea in a glass; stir it and serve over ice. Garnish the drink with a lemon wedge. 7: Kamikaze (Personal rating 8/10)
Ingredients: 1 1/4 oz Smirnoff Red Label Vodka 1/4 oz triple sec 1/4 oz lime juice or sour mix
How to prepare it: Shake the vodka, triple s…

Gay Jokes

~ A guy walks into a bar and orders 6 shots of whiskey. The bartender asks "whats wrong" and the guys says "I found out my brother is gay and is marrying my best friend". The next day he comes in and orders 8 shots of whiskey. "Whats wrong?" the bartender asks. He says "I found out my son is gay. The next day he comes in and orders 10 shots of whiskey. "Doesn't anyone in your family like women"? the bartender asks. The man replies "apparently my wife does".
~ How does a gay guy fake an orgasm? he throws hot yogurt on your back.
~ "What do you call a gay milkman? A dairy queen.
~ A gay man goes to a Catholic Church for the first time. He sits in the isle. As the priest comes down with the incense, he taps the priest on the arm and says, “I love your dress, but your purse is on fire”.
I hope it does not offend anyone, literally all the LGBTQIA+ folks I know thought they where very funny.


So the only option for whisky from their app is literally more than I pay after delivery for what I normally get. BTW the prices here are before taxes and delivery. My normal option is $31.04 after delivery and taxes. Their lest expensive option is $42.53 after tax and delivery. $11.49 difference - have a cab take me and wait is $12 return. That's $43.04 to go in a cab and get it. I'm just not paying them almost $12 more to use an app to get something I don't actually like in the first place.
The thing is, it's pay more for something I know I'm not going to like as much or rely on someone who is not open most of the time or their debit is not working that day. If you are going to have a Facebook page saying "this is our hours" and you close 4 hours sooner or start several hours later, what's the point? I have literally know idea when I'm supposed to call you. Sure I get what I want, but only when your machine decides to work and you are actually on…


It seems to be the way of most people in our society to want things they can't have and to resent people who have those things. I think this derives from being in such a consumerist society. We are programmed from birth to want things and the idea that these things will make us happy is always in our mind. The fact that it is rare for a thing to make us happy for long never pushes out the idea that we need to consume to be happy.
I've seen many people say "it's not fare they have something and I have nothing". All of the time they nothing part is not true. Most people in our society that are considered poor have at least some things to hold onto and a roof over their head. The idea that someone just as poor as you has a better home for example makes people think "why don't I have that".
Well everyone has a different situation. Some people live in an aria where social housing is in a nice place to live and others it's in a place that is crime ridde…


+5.6 lbs
395.2 lbs (179.3 kg)
-0.6 lbs on the year
-102.8 lbs for all time.


So a pervert is someone who has desires out of the norm. That is fitting for me. I find humiliation, spanking, bondage and the like to be sexual in nature. It started at an early age. I may have been 12 when I found out I enjoyed the sensation of being spanked. I literally acted up so that I would be spanked by my parents. Yes I realize how dysfunctional that is. It did not last long as the one time I got aroused in a rather visible manner and my Dad was creeped out so bad he never spanked me again. to this day I feel bad for him. But anyways. The point is, I found it sexually stimulating to be spanked. The idea of discipline changed in my mind and all the sudden it was enjoyable. It was in the late teens that I realized the same thing happened when someone denigrated me. I spent a good many years going from scene to scene where I was tied up and spanked and humiliated. There was a couple of relationships where it was the norm as well. The one woman I was with at the time would get a …



Weight Loss Blog Weeks 18 - 26

Week 18 +2.0 to 390.8 lbs (177.2 kg) Week 19 +6.2 to 397.0 lbs (180.1 kg) Week 20 -2.0 to 395.0 lbs (179.1 kg) Week 21 -3.0 to 392.0 lbs (177.8 kg) Week 22 -6.2 to 385.8 lbs (174.9 kg) Week 23 +10.2 to 396.0 lbs (179.6 kg) Week 24 +4.0 to 400.0 lbs (181.4 kg) Week 25 -5.0 to 395.0 lbs (179.1 kg) Week 26 -5.4 to 389.6 lbs (176.7 kg)
This term: -3.2 lbs Total: -108.4 lbs


So you get this stuff and you get Fireball Whisky and you mix them 50/50 in a shot glass. A nice shot of fire to go along with your evening. Both are a cinnamon drink. If you want to tone it down a bit, mix in an equal part of Vodka as well.
I recently tried Minhas Peanut Butter Whisky Flavored Grain Spirits. I'd give it a 9/10. The price was rather low and it tasted GREAT. However it's got a massive amount of sugar in it, so be warned about that. I got pissed up off my ass with it the other night, and I ended up pouring some in the cup holder instead of my glass - sigh. I'm kind of sure it would be nice to cook with as well. But yeah it was VERY good. $17.99 for a 750ml bottle is not bad even if it's only 34.9% ABV. I'm kind of sure after consuming a 26 of it in 2 days my weight loss program has been derailed and I'll be up tomorrow when I hit the scales. Oh well, going to die someday anyway, so lets live a little now and then.


Mass tag upload on my tag channel over on YouTube. I'll be set for my Saturday tags coming out until the end of 2021. They are set to release to the public once a week for that time. I do have the questions for 2022 already and may just do them soon as well.




So... you say millions should die because they voted for someone you don't like. I say it's wrong and you say I should die and I block you. Then like 7 or 8 new profiles later (all blocked), you send a friend request? Did you forget what the fuck you said? Or maybe you where hoping I forgot your a psychopath? I just have to say, your past is still there when you delete a profile and make a new one after you run out of people willing to take your bullshit. I have no idea why the people who keep adding your crazy ass keep doing it. Seriously, it's multiple times a year you do this. Time to get on some meds and stop seeking the bad kind of attention. So there is this thing called a GST rebate in Canada. It's a rebate of sails tax to people who don't make a great deal of money. I normally get $180.00 (about). I am hoping I am reading this page correct and I'll be getting over $400 more. Hell that would fix a LOT of things. I could get the $120 worth of stuff I need …

MB3D Fractal and Parameter (6-21-2020-1)

Mandelbulb3Dv18{ g......2....A...w....2....kt28nVXdo2.zsRgwrYV4zjPaf8qDbuxw9ddo8yndSDzun8uLIK07/k ................................h.hgUJi0j.2........Y./..................y.2...wD ...Uz6....U50.../M.0/.....UI/...s0....E3.....s2IPp7GO4kD/.......zIJJ1dkpXm1.OW60 //....kD12..02.........wz.................................U0.....y1...sD...../.. .z1...sD/dBSNDflmw1..........KOkimGH1vZj1Hr8f7rA7qPEOXLqnOgAzEB6OcGH1vZjM1W4eook StHe/v89BBgLyclcZTxg49nDU.....2G1.............sD.6....sD..G..................... .............oAnAt1...sD....zEQeH.......................................I....k1. ..E02KRvoPOvhrC.8MV92EH34/6.0QozQSdY..UAZRBEi7yD6QwRAgHzmzX..........oE.j2Ewl9B. .ga3OKqyM.w.VWRZtB3D.1UYB0T2341k/.k6zzzga/..0PJWp1Puzk/0.p4HE3zD..........E.0c.. zzzzo/.U........z16..........0.......2U.8.kzzzD............6.................... /6U0.wzzz1...................................oSvh1koHDRkYE/QU0D.W7aM2z45k/8w.6aM WxPskoSvh1…


Butterscotch Milkshake Cocktail
2 oz butterscotch schnapps1 oz Kahlua liqueur2 scoops vanilla ice creamButterscotch ice cream topping, optionalMaraschino cherry, optional garnish
Place all of the cocktail ingredients in a blender and puree until you reach your desired consistency.
Drizzle some butterscotch ice cream topping inside of the glass before pouring the milkshake into it. Drizzle the top of the cocktail with even more butterscotch before garnishing with a bright red cherry.
A Rum Lava Flow is a cocktail
Recipe (serves 4):
6 oz Spiced Rum10 oz frozen strawberries8 oz pineapple juice8 oz cream of coconut2 cups crushed iceFresh pineapple wedges for garnish
To make, blend together 6 oz Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum & 10 oz of strawberries Blend to a puree. Transfer to a pitcher. Clean & wash out blender. Add 8 oz pineapple juice, 8 oz cream of coconut, & 2 cups crushed ice. Blend until smooth. Divide strawberry rum puree among 4 serving glasses. Pour remaining mixture i…

Fibromyalgia: Some of the Symptoms

Fibromyalgia: Some of the Symptoms
Joint pain * Irritability Cramps * Hypermobility * Anxiety * Nerve Pain * Nausea * Gluten & Yeast Intolerance Unregulated Body Temperature * Pins and Needles * Hypotension * Sensitive to Light & Noise * Dizziness * Sciatica * Confusion * Poor Concentration * Muscle Knots, Spasms, Twitches & Stiffness * Morning Stiffness * Chemical Sensitivity * Shortness of Breath * Fatigue * Aphasia * Neck & shoulder Pain * Sensory Overload * Thyroid Disorder Nose Bleeds Aching Bones * Night Sweats * Depression * Non-Refreshing Sleep & Insomnia * Tender Lymph Nodes Plantar Fasciitis * P.M.S. (worsened or prolonged) Non-Allergic Rhinitis * Migraines * Arm Pain * Irritable Bowel * Spinal Burring Irritable Bladder * Hand Pain * Foot Pain * Brain Fog * Dysphasia * Myofascial Pain * Lower Back Pain * Menstrual Problems Knee Pain * Restless Legs * Numbness / Tingling in Hands & Feet (Paresthesia) * Widespread Muscle Pain * Mitral Valve Prolapse Dry Skin * Dry Eyes * Dry Mouth * Jaw Pain & TMJ * Itch…


Do a coloring page. Do puzzles. Drink booze. Color more coloring pages.


We can't know reality so we create a simulated reality based on our limited understanding. The more we learn the more complex the simulation, but still we can never truly know reality. Our form is too limited by imposed limitations while spending a lifetime building. Even if we seek to banish the limitations we are limited by our form. Reality exists and we are a small part of it. Everything we can preserve changes, but reality is a fixed point. We are part of it but not aware of it. We are only aware of our construct. We can however change that construct if we desire. Life and death have no meaning and that one moment in perceived time, we become one again with reality until we venture out again as a limited being for the purpose of exploring existence from an infinite variation of experience. With this endless cycle of birth and death the hole expands and new forms of existence are created. Yet the reality we momentarily are one with endlessly, is unobtainable in these variation…


It's interesting to me how many times I've seen this on a YouTube video and the content originated in Canada. The best thing is, if I search and find a bootleg upload of the song it will not be blocked in Canada. So tell me you are not literally encouraging people to illegally upload music videos so people in the country of origin can actually watch them. This is very much what I have come to expect from YouTube.

Slightly Heavy Party Mix Playlist

I Sit on Acid • Lords of Acid Let's Get High • Lords of Acid (Can't You) Trip Like I Do (feat. The Crystal Method) • Filter Blue Monday • orgy The Most Wonderful Girl • Lords of Acid Professional Killer • KMFDM Beers, Steers & Queers • Revolting Cocks Tin Omen • Skinny Puppy Rough Sex • Lords of Acid Juke-Joint Jezebel • KMFDM Stripper • Lords of Acid Worlock • Skinny Puppy Finger Lickin' Good • Lords of Acid Looking For Strange • KMFDM The Crablouse • Lords of Acid Keep Hope Alive • Crystal Method Scrood bi U • Lords of Acid Anarchy • KMFDM Out Comes the Evil • Lords of Acid Mindphaser • Front Line Assembly You Know What You Are • Ministry Vapor Trail • Crystal Method Electric Head, Pt.2 (Sexational After Dark Mix) • White Zombie Closer • Nine Inch Nails Sex Bomb • Lords of Acid

Not So Common Rock Songs Playlist

Dust My Broom • Elmore James Ice Pick • Albert Collins Big Road Blues • Colin James Hound Dog - Big Mama Thornton • Marc Shaiman Old Black Mattie • R.L. Burnside Lord, Have Mercy on Me • Junior Kimbrough Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy • Howlin' Wolf Well I Done Got over It • Guitar Slim Fannie Mae • The Holmes Brothers I'm Ready • Muddy Waters I Got A Problem • Albert Collins Hoochie Coochie Gal • Etta James Do The Do (feat. Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bill Wyman & Charlie Watts) • Howlin' Wolf First Time I Met The Blues • Buddy Guy Our Only Child • Guitar Slim Get Rich Quick • Little Richard Sail On Boogie • T-Bone Walker Black Bottom • Robert Ward If You Live • Mose Allison I Got a Woman • Snooks Eaglin Shake 'Em On Down • Bukka White Take Me For A Buggy Ride • Bessie Smith It Must Have Been The Devil • Otis Spann Built For Comfort • Howlin' Wolf Juke • Little Walter Big Mama Jump • Lightning Hopkins Mama Don't You Tear My Clothes • Snooks Eaglin Down On Bending Knees • Johnny Copela…

Classic Rock Weekend Playlist

You Shook Me All Night Long • AC/DC Start Me Up • The Rolling Stones Ballroom Blitz • Sweet Crocodile Rock • Elton John China Grove • The Doobie Brothers Magic Carpet Ride • Steppenwolf Centerfold • The J. Geils Band Twist And Shout • The Beatles Reelin' In The Years • Steely Dan Fat Bottomed Girls • Queen Dancing In the Dark • Bruce Springsteen Old Time Rock & Roll • Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band I Love Rock 'N Roll • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) • The Hollies Barracuda • Heart Gimme Shelter • The Rolling Stones Sultans of Swing • Dire Straits Sweet Home Alabama • Lynyrd Skynyrd Bohemian Rhapsody • Queen Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap • AC/DC Come Together • The Beatles Carry on Wayward Son • Kansas Don't Stop Believin' • Journey White Room • Cream (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction • The Rolling Stones Bad Moon Rising • Creedence Clearwater Revival Low Rider • War Black Betty • Ram Jam Brown Eyed Girl • Van Morrison More Than a Feeling • Boston Anoth…

When I Drink Alone Playlist

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) • The Beatles California Dreamin' • The Mamas And The Papas Julia • The Beatles Reelin' In The Years • Steely Dan A Horse with No Name • America Stairway to Heaven • Led Zeppelin Michelle • The Beatles Rocket Man (l Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) • Elton John While My Guitar Gently Weeps • The Beatles Carry on Wayward Son • Kansas (Don't Fear) The Reaper • Blue Öyster Cult A Day In The Life • The Beatles My Sweet Lord • George Harrison Wish You Were Here • Pink Floyd Submarine Ladies • America I Am The Walrus • The Beatles Golden Slumbers • Richie Castellano If You See Her, Say Hello • Bob Dylan I Need You • The Beatles Got My Mind Set On You • George Harrison Under Pressure • Queen & David Bowie Maxwell's Silver Hammer • The Beatles Something • Abbey Road Fourth Time Around • Bob Dylan Working Class Hero • John Lennon

Dad's Playlist

Magic Carpet Ride • Steppenwolf Fat Bottomed Girls • Queen California Dreamin' • The Mamas And The Papas Mississippi Queen • Mountain Jet Airliner • Steve Miller Band Radar Love • Golden Earring Reelin' In The Years • Steely Dan Juke Box Hero • Foreigner Low Rider • War Come Sail Away • Styx Free Bird • Lynyrd Skynyrd Born To Be Wild • Steppenwolf Can't You See • The Marshall Tucker Band Slow Ride • Foghat Sweet Emotion • Aerosmith Sweet Home Alabama • Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Fallin' • Tom Petty The Ballad Of Curtis Loew • Lynyrd Skynyrd Black Betty • Ram Jam Runnin' Down A Dream • Tom Petty Some Kind Of Wonderful • Grand Funk Railroad Fly Like An Eagle • Steve Miller Band Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo • Rick Derringer Midnight Special • Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Company • Bad Company

Jazz and Orchestra Theme Music

Theme From Hill Street Blues • The Daniel Caine Orchestra Theme From The Waltons • The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Brian's Song (Theme) • Henry Mancini My Way • Ameritz Karaoke Entertainment Theme From St. Elsewhere • Dave Grusin Welcome Back • John Sebastian Theme From Hawaii Five-0 (feat. Mike Townend) • The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra Taxi • Daniel Caine Orchestra Whenever You're on My Mind • Marshall Crenshaw Magic • Olivia Newton-John Theme From Perry Mason (feat. Mike Townend) • The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra More • Kai Winding Banana Splits • Bg Studios Les jours heureux • The Hollywood's Graffitis Publisher Summer Madness • Kool & The Gang Across 1 1 0th Street • Bobby Womack Theme from Hill Street Blues (feat. Larry Carlton) • Mike Post Moonlighting (Theme) • A1 Jarreau Theme From The A-Team • The Daniel Caine Orchestra Theme From Batman: The TV Series • London Music Works Glory of Love • Peter Cetera Theme from Cheers (Where Everybody Knows Your Name)…

Taxi Cab Jazz Playlist

Peter Gunn • The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra A Fifth of Beethoven • Walter Murphy Green Onions • Booker T. & The MG's Sing, Sing, Sing • Louis Prima and His Orchestra Livin' On A Prayer • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Soul Bossa Nova • Quincy Jones And His Orchestra The Pink Panther Theme • Henry Mancini The Good, The Bad and The Ugly • The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Theme From Hawaii Five-0 (feat. Mike Townend) • The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra Tuxedo Junction • Glenn Miller Orchestra Telstar • The Tornadoes Green Hornet • Al Hirt Fanfare for the Common Man • Emerson, Lake & Palmer Shifting Gears • Lalo Schifrin Last Night • The Mar-Keys Puttin' On The Ritz (feat. Lani Hall) • Herb Alpert James Bond Theme • John Barry Orchestra The Streets of San Francisco • Henry Mancini Theme From Perry Mason (feat. Mike Townend) • The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra The Name's Bond... James Bond • David Arnold Wipe Out • The Surfaris Tijuana Taxi • Herb Alpert A…

1980's Playing The Radio in my Car Playlist

Dust in the Wind • Kansas Carry on Wayward Son • Kansas Tiny Dancer • Elton John Have You Ever Seen The Rain • Creedence Clearwater Revival A Horse with No Name • America (Don't Fear) The Reaper • Blue Öyster Cult More Than a Feeling • Boston Baker Street • Gerry Rafferty Foreplay / Long Time • Boston Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) • Elton John Hold the Line • Toto Piano Man • Billy Joel Simple Man • Lynyrd Skynyrd Don't Stop Believin' • Journey Free Bird • Lynyrd Skynyrd Take Me Home, Country Roads • John Denver California Dreamin' • The Mamas And The Papas Still Loving You • Scorpions More Than Words • Extreme I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues • Elton John Wish You Were Here • Pink Floyd Stairway to Heaven • Led Zeppelin Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) • Pink Floyd All Out of Love • Air Supply Comfortably Numb • Pink Floyd


OK, simple logic here. It's NOT a give away if you have to send someone money to get money. This should be an extremely obvious scam, however when I saw this fake live feed giveaway, there where 36,000 people watching it. I'm willing to be at least 10% of them sent in bit coins to the scammers that set this up in hopes of having their money doubled in return. I'm always amazed at how many people fall for this crap.


So it was half price Monday and I got extra stupid and ordered this. I'm really not off to a good start to this "only eat healthy" thing. I'm torn between "Life is short enjoy what you can" and "I need to fix my life or die early". After all, you are going to die anyway, so ya know, why not enjoy the ride. But the other half of my brain wants me to lose a lot more weight and be more healthy. This is a large pizza (14 Inch): Pepperoni, Ham, Italian Sausage, Beef Crumble, Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms and Black Olives and Extra Cheese. Came out to about $18 after delivery and taxes.


Truck is not legally parked. You need to be 1 meter (3 feet) from a driveway. No idea who they where, but 39 years later their mark is still there.


Well this was a tasty treat. Normally it causes me to flair a bit if I drink it, but I got away with it this time. I've got to get back in the groove and eat right and NOT drink booze for some time to come. I've gained 50 lbs in the last 4 or 5 months and this needs to be fixed. So way less junk food, no pizza and no booze for a while. Maybe once a month I'll get into a small bottle of something or have a pizza, but other then that I need to have resolve.
I'm almost at 400 lbs again and this just CAN'T happen. My scale only goes to 400, so if I get bigger then that I literally won't know how heavy I am until I drop a few. The last jump was 10.2 lbs. This is just not good at all.
I know I'm carrying some water weight - when I walk my knees feel a certain way when I'm full of fluid, so I can tell. That being said, It's by far not all water weight - I have been terrible last week with the crap I been eating.
The other thing is I will have maxed out my dan…


Carry on Wayward Son • Kansas California Dreamin' • The Mamas And The Papas A Horse with No Name • America Baker Street • Gerry Rafferty More Than a Feeling • Boston Have You Ever Seen The Rain • Creedence Clearwater Revival Take Me Home, Country Roads • John Denver Tiny Dancer • Elton John Don't Stop Believinl • Journey Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) • Elton John Waiting for a Girl like You • Foreigner What's Up? • 4 Non Blondes Sweet Home Alabama • Lynyrd Skynyrd Foreplay / Long Time • Boston Piano Man • Billy Joel More Than Words • Extreme Still Loving You • Scorpions Simple Man • Lynyrd Skynyrd I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues • Elton John Cat's In The Cradle • Harry Chapin Wish You Were Here • Pink Floyd All Out of Love • Air Supply Nothing Compares 2 U • Sinéad O'Connor Hold the Line • Toto


Solar System • Sub Focus Griztronics • Griz Lord & Master • Apashe Flatline • Sullivan King  Maniac • PEEKABOO Doomsday (feat. Macntaj) • Black Tiger Sex Machine AGEN WIDA • JOYRYDE & Skrillex Quiet Storm • DJ Snake Insane (feat. Tech N9ne) • a Jewel • Flume Gunslinga • Pegboard Nerds & MC Mota Stress • REZZ & EDDIE Demigod • Kai Wachi Archangel • a 1M GONE • JOYRYDE Battle Drums • a RAMPAGE • GRAVEDGR Dead (feat. Yizzy) • Apashe PRIMAL • KLOUD Run • Kai Wachi Lullaby • NERO Babatunde • PEEKABOO, G-REX Solid • SLUMBERJACK & TroyBoi Kiss of Death • REZZ & Deathpact Heavyweight Sound (feat. RD) • Bassnectar and Jantsen All My Demons • Kai Wachi Show Me • Habstrakt Sound Of The Underground • Zeds Dead & Urbandawn Tiger Kingdom Space Camp • GRiZ Wake Up • Panda Eyes REDLIGHT (VIP) • NGHTMRE & A$AP Ferg The One • Tha Trickaz Free • Habstrakt Hades • SLUMBERJACK & FOMO Zero • KNYD KILLZONE • Black Tiger Sex Machine Consequences (feat. RUNN) • Kompany Feel Free • RL Grime ASMODEUS • Kai Wachi H…


Drawer Full of Porn • The Bob Gordons Snuff Film • Dislocated Boner Your Blood, My Chalice • Kill the Spirit Smack My Bitch Up • Prodigy Cake And Sodomy • Marilyn Manson Meathook Sodomy • Cannibal Corpse Slave • bobaflex Winged Hussars • Sabaton Theft of the Hammer • Brothers of Metal Beast in Black • Beast In Black Kaunaz Dagaz • Brothers of Metal The Chosen Ones • Dream Evil Bismarck • Sabaton Cry out for a Hero • Beast In Black Emblas Saga • Brothers of Metal From Hell with Love • Beast In Black Defenders of Valhalla • Brothers of Metal Heart of Steel • Beast In Black Njord • Brothers of Metal Sweet True Lies • Beast In Black To the Skies and Beyond • Brothers of Metal No Surrender • Beast In Black