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3 Months of Tags (May, June, July)

May 1, 2024 1. When was the last time you tried something new? 2. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to? 3. What’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever heard someone say? 4. What gets you excited about life? 5. What life lesson did you learn the hard way? May 2, 2024 1. What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago? 2. Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know? 3. Who do you love and what are you doing about it? 4. What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree? 5. What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago? May 3, 2023 1. Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength? 2. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? 3. Do you celebrate the things you do have? 4. What is the difference between living and existing? 5. If not now, then when? May 4, 2024 1. Have you done anything lately worth remembering? 2. What does your joy look like today? 3. Is it possible to lie without saying a word? 4.

R100 (2013) A Quick Review

R100 (2013 ) IMDB 5.9 ME 9 On Tubi A rather dull and ordinary man decides to take a one year contract with a club. He is not allowed to quit for any reason. All rules must be abided by. The club sends out women to randomly assault him in public. He becomes addicted to the crazy and wild action of this bizarre BDSM experience. The thing is, you don’t really know if this is reality or fantasy, and it is left to you to decide. This is a very unique movie I have to say.

Border (2018) A Quick Review

Border 2018 IMDB 7.0 ME 8 Only for rent A female customs officer who has the unique ability to smell fear in people, starts a short relationship with an unusual stranger traveling into her area. She is also helping the police with an investigation at the time. The two make for a bizarre love drama with their beast-like appearances. The officer learns just what she really is.

10 Drama Films Rated

Out of the blue (1980) IMDB 7.2 ME 6 Love Liza (2002) IMDB 6.6 ME 6 The painted bird (2019) IMDB 7.3 ME 6 Clean, shaven (1993) IMDB 7.0 ME 8 Rosetta (1999) IMDB 7.4 ME 6 Gardens Of The Night (2008) IMDB 6.6 ME 6 Savage streets (1984) IMDB 6.2 ME 8 Savage Island (1985) IMDB 3.3 ME 5 The Unseen (1980) IMDB 5.2 ME 5 Primal Rage (1988) IMDB 5.4 ME 5

10 Disturbing Films Rated

X (2022) IMDB 6.5 ME 8 American Assassin (2017) IMDB 6.2 ME 7 No hard feelings (2023) IMDB 6.4 ME 6 Blond (2022) IMDB 5.5 ME 7 Believer (2018) IMDB 6.6 ME 7 Seraphim Falls (2009) IMDB 6.6 ME 8 Joker (2019) IMDB 8.4 ME 9 The Impossible (2012) IMDB 7.5 ME 6 Brawl in cell block 99 (2017) IMDB 7.1 ME 7 Society of the snow (2023) IMDB 7.8 ME 7

10 Sexy Films Rated

Nurse (2013) IMDB 4.5 ME 6 Deep Water (2022) IMDB 5.5 ME 6 Hustlers (2019) IMDB 6.3 ME 8 Benedetta (2021) IMDB 6.7 ME 6 The Escort (2015) IMDB 6.0 ME 8 The Beta Test (2021) IMDB 6.1 ME 6 Don Jon (2013) IMDB 6.5 ME 5 The Worst Person in the World (2021) IMDB 7.0 ME 9 Shame (2011) IMDB 7.2 ME 7 True Lies (1994) IMDB 7.3 ME 8

Question A Day In May

Two prompts are provided per day. You can pick one or do both. Answer the question or questions on a YouTube Vlog or in a Blog Post on your favorite blogging site.   1. Your biggest dream? 1. What is something that has made you smile recently? 2. What place do you consider your home? 2. Would you like to be famous? In what way? 3. What are you most grateful for? 3. What would your perfect Sunday night dinner look like? 4. The most important qualities in a friend? 4. If you could only have 3 mobile apps for the rest of your life, which ones would you keep? 5. One thing you need to stop doing? 5. When was the last time you've had a meaningful conversation with someone? 6. One thing you need to start doing? 6. What is your personal affirmation? 7. How are you feeling today? 7. Do you believe everything happens for a reason, or do we make up a meaning for things after they happen? 8. Three things you and your best friend have in common? 8. What would your ideal birthday be like? 9. You

WTF Google - Wasting My Time AGAIN

Google, you can be a severe pain in my ass, and often. Today was one of those days. So for like 20 years I've been using Outlook on the PC to check my emails. I've had 3 Gmail accounts on it for many years now. Today I fire it up and it turns on my browser and want's me to authorize the use of my Gmail by the Outlook app. WTAF? I've had not one issue in many years, and not only do I need the password and so on, I had to use my phone to make it work already in the past, so why the HELL am I now having to tell it, it's OK to do, yet again. Here is the hint, if someone on MY PC was using it, this would have been pointless, as all it does is come up with a box to check the account and a yes/no for allowing it. No entry of passwords or authentication of many kind needed at all. Just a pointless waste of my time for 3 different accounts.  

A trip to the ER for my back Made me think

I knew the doctor the hospital is named after and I rather think he would have been unhappy at the state of it. There are not even close to enough beds, and the staff or worked to the bloody bone, as there are not enough of them. The ER has experienced a lot more traffic since 2020 than ever before, and it's not letting up any time soon. The aging population of our city and province in general, is an issue for the health case system. Us old folks are sick and injured more often that the younger more healthy folks. So we end up in the ER more often and end up staying in hospital more often. I have to say that I think I needed to stay a day or two to be safe. I could not move at all without level 10 pain for 2 days. Every time I did walk, or stand up, or get into bed, I experienced light headedness from being in too much pain. It did NOT help that the doctor who last saw me in there, looked at the X-Rays and saw there where no broke bones and told me to go home. I wanted a prescripti

Health of my feet and so on

My feet have looked better than the last few years I have to say. The edema is not as bad as it was yesterday, but it's rather bad. You can see the leg and foot are puffed up a lot with water retention (Edema). You can also see my heals are in rough shape. Yes, I've seen much worse, but I am not able to deal with them before they get even worse, I just can't physically get at them to do it. The heals peal off and there is dead skin all over my apartment because of it. They also hurt when I have them flat on the floor to watch TV or be at the computer. I put stuff on them sometimes when I can, but not always. As for the Edema, I have compression stockings, but they don't fit correctly and cut into my legs, and that can cause even more problems I don't need in my life. The Edema being ever present is not a good sign at all I've read. I have heart failure and it might be getting worse. I see the heart doctor next week and will see what he has to say. I was recently

Psychedelic Fractal Art To Use

AI generated Psychedelic Fractal Art. There are 45 images and you may use them in any way you like. BTW, this is nice to make Jigsaw puzzles with, but It's not real art. Next time you see someone post art they spent time, effort, and resources creating, give them a complement.