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Yellow Playlist (Thanks Susan)

John Denver - Yellow Cat

Bobby Darin and Marty Robbins - 18 Yellow Roses

Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter

Steely Dan - Yellow Peril

Louis Armstrong - Yellow Dog Blues

Frank Zappa - Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

Tony Orlando - Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ol' Oak Tree

Coldplay - Yellow

Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

The Yellow Rose of Texas

Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

Donovan Mellow - Yellow…

11 Good Skillex Tunes


My Dec 28, 2017 In Photos


3 Slices of a Sunset


Bryce 7.1 Abstracts - 4 Variations


Weight Loss Chart Dec 29, 2017

Mar 24, 2017 Mar 31, 2017 Apr 7, 2017 Apr 14, 2017 Apr 21, 2017 Apr 28, 2017 May 5, 2017 May 12, 2017 May 19, 2017 May 26, 2017 Jun 2, 2017 Jun 9, 2017 Jun 16, 2017 Jun 23, 2017 Jun 30, 2017 Jul 7, 2017 Jul 14, 2017 Jul 21, 2017 Jul 28, 2017 Aug 4, 2017 Aug 11, 2017 Aug 18, 2017 Aug 25, 2017 Sep 1, 2017 Sep 8, 2017 Sep 15, 2017 Sep 22, 2017 Sep 29, 2017 Oct 6, 2017 Oct 13, 2017 Oct 20, 2017 Oct 27, 2017 Nov 3, 2017 Nov 10, 2017 Nov 17, 2017 Nov 24, 2017 Dec 1, 2017 Dec 8, 2017 Dec 15, 2017 Dec 22, 2017 Dec 29, 2017 KG
178.0 178.8 180.1 179.2 176.3 174.9

12 Songs My Dad Loved

Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water

John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe

The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin

Kansas - Dust in the Wind

Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord

Earl Scruggs And Friends - Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Osborne Brothers - Rocky Top

CCR - Midnight Special

Johnny Cash - Wabash Cannonball

The Mamas & The Papas - Monday Monday

Mega Mix Playlist

1. Iron Maiden - Die With Your Boots On
2. Iron Maiden - The Trooper
3. Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
4. Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
5. Iron Maiden - Children Of The Damned
6. Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
7. Iron Maiden - Wrathchild
8. Iron Maiden - Killers
9. Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Midnight
10. Iron Maiden - Back In The Village
11. Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness
12. Ozzy Osbourne - Suicide Solution
13. Ozzy Osbourne - No Bone Movies
14. Ozzy Osbourne - Steal Away (The Night)
15. Ozzy Osbourne - Goodbye to Romance
16. Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
17. Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon
18. Ozzy Osbourne - Rock 'n' Roll Rebel
19. Black Sabbath - God Is Dead
20. Black Sabbath - Dear Father
21. Black Sabbath - End of the Beginning
22. Black Sabbath - Damaged Soul

Christmas Dinner

Alright then, this was Christmas Dinner. I cooked up some ham in the slow cooker with tomatoes (and tomato juice) and topped it with some luxury hot sauce (forget the name) and tomatoes from the slow cooker. There was also cabbage rolls and corn to feed on.
The 2nd helping was way more corn and another cabbage roll. They are the beef and rice kind (mostly beef). There was 3 left over for the 26th and a pile of ham left.
There was also 4 kinds of pickles to be eaten.
This was the first year in my entire life there was no candy, chocolates or nuts out to be munched on over the holidays. I tried to offset the large amount of food I eat this last week by doing that.
Now I'm back to the bean mix for the most part until I go shopping. I will then be back to bean mix only 2 times a day and chicken the main meal (with veggies).

Spicy Bean Mix Today

The beans I used are supposed to be 5 different kinds but I can only ever see 4 LOL. There is also a canned of diced tomatoes in the mix. Topped with a heap of pickled Jalapenos and the fancy hot sauce my friend gave me. It was very good. Oh yes and corn, can't forget the corn. Only added the peppers to today's, tomorrows won't have that. I generally cook 2 days worth at a time in the slow cooker.

New YT Interface But Still Broken

OK there it is - STILL got 22 phantom things in the "held for review" box. There has never been any filters set so this should not happen. As you see there is nothing in the  actual box, so I got no clue. It's like all the times I had people set to ALWAYS APPROVE show up in the spam box.
Not to mention the nicest person on YouTube just got booted off for commenting too much. Sigh - I did not know this could happen. Yet there are people who ONLY post spam trying to get you to their channel to give them a view or 2 and nothing ever happens to them. Sigh.
Another friend got booted because of "violation of community guidelines". They never explained what the hell he did and being that he was completely family friendly, I don't get it at all. I know he had a music strike a while ago, but what the hell?
Then we get people who contently post attack videos and do things like make threats and nothing ever happens to them at all. Not to mention I just ran into a 10 year…

10 Facts About Me

1. I read the bible cover to cover more than once.
2. I can read upside down and/or backwards.
3. I used to leg press 800 lbs.
4. I drove a care over 150 mph.
5. I’m afraid of heights.
6. I’m afraid of spiders (badly).
7. I fractured my spine when I was 9 and have been overweight since.
8. In a work-related mishap, I compressed 3 discs and misaligned 2 vertebra in my spine, yet it does not hurt that badly most of the time.
9. I donated blood over 100 times in my life but now because of medication I can’t any more.

10. I used to work in a grave yard.

33 Kaleidoscope Art Images