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25 Things About Me

1. I've been a nudist my entire life but only from age 19 to 44 did I go to nudist venues. 2. I have a very high IQ but it's never helped me any in life. 3. When I was in grade 7 I won an award for reading 100 books in the school year. 4. I got hit by a bus when I was 6 years old, but it only twisted my ankle. 5. I was hit by a truck (clipped) when riding my bike to the mall when I was 13. 6. I hit my head and got knocked out trying to put dirty clothing in the hamper. 7. I have not had a drivers license in over 13 years. 8. I drove a car 150mph once. 9. My father died in the car beside me while I was driving him home from the hospital. 10. I was with my mother when she died as well. 11. My brother died of a drug overdose. 12. I got spanked with a belt by my friends sister and it was consensual (I was 18). 13. From age 14 to 32 I got a birthday spanking from my friends. 14. I've only seen the pacific ocean. 15. I've been to 6 provinces here in Canada. 16. When I was 17

Some Good Songs (Playlist)

Maggie May - Rod Stewart Reason To Believe - Rod Stewart Superstar - Carpenters Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves - Cher Yo-Yo - Osmond's The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - Joan Baez Do You Know What I Mean - Lee Michaels Go Away Little Girl - Donny Osmond Sweet City Woman - Stampeders Theme From "Shaft" - Isaac Hayes If You Really Love Me - Stevie Wonder I've Found Someone Of My Own - The Free Movement Tired Of Being Alone - Al Green Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey - Paul & Linda McCartney Trapped By A Thing Called Love - Denise LaSalle Peace Train - Cat Stevens So Far Away - Carole King Smackwater Jack - Carole King Thin Line Between Love & Hate - The Persuaders Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers Never My Love - The 5th Dimension Imagine - John Lennon .: LINK :.

First Snow of the Year in Moose Jaw (10-23-2022 Storm)

First snow of the year was a bad one. It stormed for many hours, from the early morning to late in the night. Being it was around the freezing point, the snow left ice all over the city before it accumulated. This left people with no power for hours on end, no internet or land-lines. It also left people stuck in the snow all over the city and the highway was even worse, with trucks and cars in the ditch all over. Many accidents where also reported. A friend was with no power for around 10 hours, this means his furnace was not on, leaving him and his cat in the cold. I only had the power blink a few times, and my internet went down, so I was lucky.  

The Government of Canada is not Giving You $25,000

It's all over Facebook yet again. Every few months it comes in waves of fake ads on Facebook. They say you can get a bunch of money from the government to help you with your disability. The most you can get is a tax exemption and that is only if you qualify and have a doctor who will fill out the forms for you. Very few people qualify for that BTW. This scam tells you different amounts, the one I just say was $25K another was $44K. It's all bullshit. If you click these (and I'm not stupid enough too), I read you end up giving them information like your social insurance number and so on. This is a great way to end up sharing your identity with a criminal. Others may want banking information for "direct deposit" and then you're screwed for sure, as you account will be emptied. Face it, the government is not interested in helping the disabled in Canada, if they where there would be a minimum standard of living imposed and if you could not work, you would not be h

Life is for Living

Last week was good, I lost 10 lbs. This coming weigh in is going to be not so good. I had 3 pizzas and 2 750ml bottles of vodka in 6 days. So when Tuesday rolls around I will more than likely be up a bunch. Not to mention the candy I was given and scarfed down in one sitting. So yeah, I'm screwed. But hay, it was a hell of a fun time. I got this idea that I should enjoy life when I can and to hell with the consequences. We are all going to die one day, so to hell with it. People I know how never eat pizza or burgers and worked out all the time, ended up dead before me, so what is the motivation to not enjoy life when you can? Sure I'd be in less pain and be able to walk better if I was not the size I am, but DANG life has been good to this point in general, so screw it. Have fun and leave a big fat corpse for them to hall away when you die. Oh, and be naked at any time you can, clothing is a prison LOL.  

My Three YouTube Channels

So I have 3 channels. One of them I only  ever post unlisted videos, then toss a link for a person to watch, then remove them after they see it. I think it's hilarious that that channel has 10 subscribers (OK 2 of them are dead people). One in the middle is my Tag video channel and no one really liked the tags on the main channel, so I made a different channel for them. The audience there is about the same every time. They same people interact with every last tag video. BTW a "tag video" is a question and answer video. You answer a list of questions basically. It's called a tag video because we used to tag others to do the same questions. I only really know of one person in my group of friends who tags anymore, but we still call them tags. The top one is my daily vlogging channel. I typically get around 50 views after a week or two of the video being up, then no more views. I've literally not looked at my statistics in almost 2 years, so I have no idea if the demo

People You Don't Know May Be Seeing Your Facebook Posts

OK this is a Facebook post that was NOT generated by myself. The audience is set to custom, and I have never done that once. The thing is, I keep seeing there moments after I post to friends only or to public, and there will always be a like from a person I'm not friends with and appears to not be friends with anyone I know. So WTF Facebook. I mentioned this on my wall one time and got a reply from a friend who has the same thing happen to his posts. Got to love how secure your posts are on this platform LOL. The thing is, nothing is ever 100% private on the internet. Try as you will to limit audience, there is always some way for someone to see thigs you don't care to let them see. Not that it's a total shock or that I seriously care, I just find it interesting that not only do they see my posts that I set to friends only, they instantly like every one of them LOL.  

Two Scams and Some Spam

What can I say, the government is literally not doing this, and if you click it, you will be faced with the need to insert your financial information, and promptly have your bank account drained. The reason these just keep popping us is two fold, first Facebook sucks badly at stopping scams and will let anyone advertise without checking it first, second people are falling for it all the time. You are just not going to be handed out up to $88,000 from the government. Hell they doubled the GST rebate for 6 months and it caused a hissy fit from the opposition. Can you imagine if they literally just tossed out many billions to people. Just think people, just think first. And AGAIN with this shit. This has been popping up every month for over a year now. It will be posted as an ad from a bunch of shinny new accounts on Facebook. Again, all you need to do to scam the shit out of people is to give Facebook money and instantly your scam ad pointing to a fake news site that will infect the peop

Remembering Those Magical Days at the Drive-In

 I don't have a photo I can use but I can link you to one HERE . Long ago at a place in town called The Golden West Drive-In, there was this merry-go-round that had a pump on either side. Two kids could sit on both pumps, then with hands and feet, you would make it go around very fast. It's amazing no one got hurt in the day. There was also swings and a slide, but honestly I never saw anyone use them. The only think people used was the marry-go-round. There was always two features playing at the drive in, and between then, the lights came on and the kids would play on this death machine LOL. There was also a place to get popcorn or other snacks and soft drinks. Many times we ended up asleep before the end of the final feature, but it was time with Dad and my  Brother. I honestly don't remember any of the movies that played there. Later after it closed, there was a two screen drive-in that opened. I do remember seeing Heavy Metal the movie there in 1981. I honestly don't

Shaw Has Me Ticked Off

WTF? I tried to go to a site I've been on with the PC, but this time on my TV. My ISP popps up that the security is blocking it. Well, I know it's safe, so fuck off. There is no ho there anyway button. Do I Google how to turn this shit off. It tells me to ho to a URL, and all that has is a link to an app for Android or IOS. So I look in the help forum and Illiterate need to install a fucking app on my phone. So I just all the shit app. The help file tells me how to do it. Well, it's fucking wrong. There is no feature it says to tap. So I go looking all over and find the setting and turn it the fuck off. And try the site. It's the same fucking blocked content shit in my face. So I findcwhere to reset the gateway. This literally takes 15 minutes to reset. But at least now I can go to the site on my TV. The bitch is, I've green to it on the PC, using the same fucking gateway many times. My security on the PC blocks bad sites, and it has never once cared. So why the fuc

New Graphic, and Let's Get Drunk

New graphic for my vlog thumbnails and so on. Just because I get bored of the old ones after a time. Also it represents me being a constant ray of freaking sunshine HA. LOL I wanted to walk over and get some vodka from a place near me (4 blocks away). I was as usual broke until Friday (Sep. 14, 2022) because I don't have much money to start with. I had GST this month, but it almost all went to things I needed to order in. This was the Carbon Tax Rebate, and it was $137.50 - I had to go get a few things with my bank card in hand, so that left about $90 for me. I messed up and put it all on my credit card. But anyways, when it processes on Monday (Sep 17, 2022) I will have the ability to order in some vodka to get all liquored up with. I want to go get snacks at the store as well, if it is still open when it processes, as it might not me. If not, I'll have fun on Tuesday. I go out of Thursday, but don't want to wait until them to get blasted LOL. Next Thursday I'll pick s

Jigsaw Puzzle List Update

I've been using Jigsaws Galore for many years. I started with version 6 and am now using version 7. I have made many thousands of puzzles over the years. But it's only been a few years since I decided to keep track of them for no valid reason. But anyways, below is a list of the puzzles up to date as of the time I am typing this for you. Recently, there was another free set put out by the creator of the app. If you are wondering it works on Windows and Mac (two different versions of course). You can use your own images, and I love that about it. A lot of others, leave you with just the puzzles in the app, or you need to pay for more of them. I found it to be well worth the price of the app. It has given me hundreds of hours of fun over many years. In the past there was a group for sharing the puzzles, but no longer. But there is no end of fun making your own then putting them together. Here is my list: