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Ordered Stuff On Amazon

Got a lot of extras this month and will be getting a few more on next Friday. Have to wait for my GST rebate to come in. I got new power bars for the computer and TV. I also got tissue as it's less money than it would be in the store. The hand soup refill is literally half the price of in the store - so I got it. The movie is a want I have had for a while. Pip is Pusheens brother and I just have to have it. I just hope Pip is not a knock off - it happens some times as the sellers are not all honest.
I figured last week I'd have like $200 left over for other things, but I got some extra fun in as well and it will be around $150 I figure. There may or may not be tax on the one item I'm ordering next week, and if not I'll have a bit more left over.
If I do end up with more left over I might get some extra items in - if it shows there will be no tax, I'll go back and ad in some deodorant. I really don't need any for 2 months I figure, but it's a good price and if…

Got The Shopping Done

Did my load of shopping today. Got an entire months worth of the beans and veggies and tomatoes. I did NOT get what I normally get as the fancy ones where only $0.20 more a can than the other ones. This added about $20 to the list, but it will be worth it I hope.
I also got a load of more fancy food for tomorrow and a few treats over the next few days. So it came out to about $191 and change. I budget $200 for a month normally. I been a lot more lucky other months with prices I have to say - but I did NOT wait for the sale as I wanted to just get it over with.
But all in all it's still slightly less than normal. But did not get the hot sauce I like - I got the pussy stuff, so it won't be as hot. Normally if there is no sale at all, I would get in around $200 and NOT have any fancy food. On a GREAT day I can ring in at around $140.


Took 2 goes, but I eat it all. I crammed about half of this in my mouth and put the rest in the fridge, then for a midnight snack the rest of it went into my face hole. It was very good. I had the raw stuff first - did not want to chance it. It was more money than I should have spent, but have to go crazy now and then. The rolls you see at the bottom and in the middle where slightly stale though - still liked it though. Don't think for the price I'll be getting more if it's going to not be all fresh like.

Weight Loss For The Week

Well here it is - I went off the rails in the last days of this week and today I fell full off the cliff. I had this double cheese burger I literally could not get in my mouth. OMFG it was good, but yeah it was 2 days of calories.
Yesterday I had a big ass thing of sushi and well, that is mostly carbs. I also had a large pulled pork sub in the last couple days. Then there was the 26 of whiskey I drank in 3 days. So yeah. Next week might not be great either.
That being said, I'm impressed it was only up 1 lb.
Right now I'm cooking a mess of sausage chili for tomorrow. This won't be great for me and I'm sure come Sunday I'll be about ready to die. Might just end up missing coffee over it. We all know what happens when we eat a tone of spice now don't we?
Oh well I plan to do my best the rest of them month, but yeah - said that before. I'm hoping I got it out of my system.


Honestly I was messing around with my phone on the first one - should have been half the time but yeah - distracted.

J.P. Wiser's Deluxe Review

OK I got into this stuff last light kind of hard LOL. But here is what I thought of it.
The nose was mostly chard oak and had a hint of clover to it and the old familiar scent of rye.
The taste starts out with a hit of chard oak then rolls to the rye, corn and barley taste. There was a strong hit of honey after that and a finish of toffee on the end.
It was smooth but more like a bourbon for taste than a rye. I enjoyed the hell out of it BTW.
It was on sale for $20.99 and ended up after the absurd amount of tax we pay on booze to be $24 and change (forget the exact amount and tossed the bag). I used $10 in air miles on it so it was $14 and change for me to bring it home. The sale price was $6 off if you are interested but it's over today, so good luck with that LOL. Got it at Sobeys Liquor store in Moose Jaw.
I give it a 7.5/10 I've had better for the price but it was very good. I have no idea why my Dad hated Wiser's in his day, but he drank Bacardi white rum - so obviously he…


First off I forgot to get a photo of the food, so here is my awesome face to look at.
The cabbage roll dinner consists of  a good share of perogies, 2 cabbage roll of average size and 2 smokes sausages (smokies).
The sausage was a bit on the over done side, so was the cabbage rolls. I'm kind of sure they where sitting in a warmer all day until I got there later in the evening to eat. That being said, they tasted great and well almost every time I've had cabbage rolls out and about, they where over cooked. The perogies where perfect, boiled then fried - just like they should be and NOT too long in the pan. The onions where cooked just right as well but there could have been twice as many of them if you ask me.
The size of the meal is a bit large for my average feed these days, but it's average for an on the town meal.
The price was a bit more than most things on the menu though. You can literally eat there for half the price I paid, but I wanted a meal that made me think of hom…



McD's Filet-O-Fish Review

The double Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's is not what it used to be when I was a kid it seems. It's literally been decades since I had one of these things. I remember it being the only thing I liked from McDonald's when I was a child.
So I eat it and it was crisp and had way too much sauce on it, some of it ended up on my shirt. The taste was a bit bland but acceptable. The bun was not soft, in fact it seemed to be a bit hard to me. The cheese is like plastic but tastes like any other processed cheese slice.
In all I give it a 3/5 - it's passable but it's not great. I honestly think they where more moist when I was a kid and tasted stronger of fish. I also don't remember the buns being stiff like this. It was not a stale taste but yeah - stiff.
As a kid it was the only thing I would eat from them. I hated the burgers. They seem to have changed the fries a number of years back and I stopped liking them as well. The hot apple pie seems to be way to hot inside to eat w…


A lot of people complained about the old hospital being torn down. Some wanted it fixed up and still used and others wanted it to be turned into a care home. To be honest, the building was past it's time to say the least. The price to fix it up would have actually been greater than to build the new hospital. I do agree with almost everyone that the hockey arena should have been built in the place the hospital was and the hospital down town. That is a given. The sad thing is, there are a couple of rental properties in town where the building is in no better shape than the old hospital was. I was in one a while back and it was like walking into the third world. The smell of cat shit and stale booze mixed in with filth everywhere I looked, all topped off with the fact the paint was pealing and the walls where cracked. No one should have to live like that and I often wonder how in the world it passes inspection. I kind of am to the point I wonder if they even bother to inspect these pl…


Very early this morning in photos. Actually about 3:30 am. Strangely it's when I did the dishes. Been piddling rain for days. This is the parking lot. Mixing bowel ready to be washed. The empty sink after the dishes are done. My scrubby sponge.


I used to use the diced ones, but now I use the hole ones. There seems to be a vast difference in taste. The diced ones don't taste that good at all compared to these ones. There also is a bit less salt for some reason.

I been using the no salt added beans as well with these when I do the bean mix. Sometimes it's more money for them, but they are better for me in the long run.



ME X11



Been using Amazon for years now and have had almost no issues with things I got. Only 3 times have I had to return anything or ask for a refund. The first time was a blind I ordered and it did not have all the hardware in it. Instead of sending the mounting brackets, they had me send in the unit and sent a new one. The second time was "fortune cookie Pusheen" a bootleg stuffed toy from China that was an obvious knock off. The last time was a $1.85 item that never got here in the mail.
So I've noticed that now and then there will be a review like this one shown in the screen capture. They refer to the wrong item and I have to wonder how this happens. You see when you have a list of items to review, it shows an actual photo of the item and the name of the item. So how they clicked the wrong thing I don't know but - yeah I'm sure it happens now and then. LOL.
The best 1 star review I ever seen though was on the "6 inch Pusheen plush". That was LITERALLY the …

Weight Loss Term 3 Week 26

Term 3 Week 26: -1.4 lbs

Cheated a little bit this last week. Won't be doing that this week as I don't get paid until after I weigh in the next time. Well I do the day before, but I think I can hold off 1 day before I hit some chips or something.
Legs where bothering me so I did not get my walking in. Next week I should get my walking in just fine I think. Interesting side note, when I have a fibromyalgia flair my legs are almost never effected.


OK Got these at the dollar tree. Now up here in Canada everything in there is $1.25. There are 6 of them in a pack. The only last 1/3 the time of the energizer ones. So adjusting for needing 3X as many of them in the same time they are about $0.62 per unit. The energizer ones do last 3 times as long but at the best price I have seen they are $0.83 per unit to put in my remote. So it actually does pay to get them at the dollar tree, but only just. If you put in the value of changing them 3 times as much, then you are more than likely better off with the energizer ones. In the USA where it's actually only $1 for them, the unit price is $0.50 BTW (still adjusting for 3X as many of them). But on a side note, "super heavy duty" my ass.


A group of us online have been the focus of a rather unbalanced person this last year. This person has turned on a lot of their friends and pushed them away with outright abuse. The worst part of it, this person also sees them self as the one who is the victim. The reality of course is plain to see that her anger and aggressive nature has caused people to turn from her.
For most people (balanced people) when someone chooses to walk out of your life they are gone and you might think of them now and then but there is no obsession over them. For people like the one I'm talking about however, they can't get it go. They need to play the victim and that means attacking the person over and over again in hopes they will say something back in reaction so they can say to themselves, "look they are hurting me, I'm justified in all this needless anger".
Reality never sets in that they caused the split in the first place as they need to be a victim. They also need to keep addin…


This is Chico. He was my dog for the most part. He would want to be picked up as soon as I got home and held for a while. He was a suck to say the least LOL.
I would take him for a walk and knew his turn around point. The thing is, he would demand that we keep going instead of turning around. This would end up with him eventually wanting to be picked up and carried home.
There was a dog next door to us there named Tiko. They would run up and down the fence line then stop and touch noses and wag their tails at each other. Now and then Tiko would end up at our place for a couple days as the owners went away. This was heaven for both the dogs.
He loved the car. It did not have to be my car, any car would do LOL. Thus you had to watch him as he would go with anyone who offered.
He had back issues in his older days and would step down a step on the deck and stretch his back and it would pop all the way down. Mom hated that sound, but it made him feel better in the mornings.
In the end he ended …


It's looking a lot better today and not nearly as painful, but a bit of an ouch if I move it too much. I'm rather glad it was just dislocated and not broken as that always ends in pain for weeks on end. The swelling has gone down as well.
Them feet need some attending too though. Maybe in January when there is extra money from the GST rebate I'll have them done. I don't even have a clue how much money it is to have someone clean them up.


I don't seem to have any photos of us in Fernie at all, so here is one in the crows nest pass.
We would spend every other summer for a long time in Fernie B.C. staying in a crowded trailer with family. They had a lot of kids you see and it was rather fun to be with a large group.
There was one time I remember when we had some fireworks. My brother shot one off from a rock and it fell over before it went off. It flew straight for the road and just as it blew up over the road a RCMP car came around the bend. The dang thing went off right in front of the car. Well they hit the breaks and we took off into the bush.
We never did get caught thank God and even though it was hard for me to keep a secret when I was that age, I never did tell Mom and Dad. I don't know if they found out but nothing was said. After all there was a hoard of other kids with us that may of spilled it to their parents.
There was for most of the time we went there a mountain with smoke coming out of it in several …


So I see this big spider sitting there on the heating rad. I go get some paper to kill it with and toss it in the toilet and when I get back the spider is gone. Sigh.
See I really dislike spiders. I'm not to the point where just seeing one makes me lose it, but now that I know it's in here and I can't find it I'm nervous. I will however lose my mind if one gets on me or I wake up and see one on the ceiling over top of me.
I can trace it back to a moment when I was a very young boy (maybe 5 or 6) and I saw this white thing on a leaf. So I scratched it open with my finder and all the sudden my tinny hand was covered in baby spiders. Well, I lost it and was literally running in a circle screaming. The fact all the spiders where off me by this point was not helping me, I had lost control of my senses.
This was at a farm near Yourkton Saskatchewan, then owned by my Uncle and Aunt. The same next day in my short pants I decided to kick that big pile of dirt sitting by the tree l…


There are 6 patterns with both a light and dark background on each of them.