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It was not until I moved out on my own that I knew I was poor. When I was a kid - it never mattered to me one bit. I made my own toys and now I look back on that and would not change it. For a time I made good money and I was a drinker (but not a drunk) and wanted to fight the world. Then I became disabled and I was taught what life was all about once more. Now I find it hard to make the money last, but the good times with good friends are always here. I see the rich and I think, "do they know who they are"?

I tip my hat to you :)

Well most people that know me or read this blog know I don't like the union thing much. But I have to say that the folks that look after Mom are top notch. The one did not know how to put on her regulator and I thought that odd... But I then realized that most people don't think like me and it is not obvious to say the least. There are a lot of things I tend to find easy that most people don't. Then again there are things that others do I don't get at all. We are all different after all. They are so friendly there and they are so caring. It's so much not like the one ward mom was on in the hospital... But that too seemed to get fixed after I did a vlog and a blog post on it and someone sent it to the hospital :) Ya know, I know it's hard when your busy some days to show the love - but it is important. These people where Mom is do show the love :) People see them standing there (and I was one of them) at the nurses station and say, "why don't they go

Can you forgive?

Most of the time a bully will forget who they hurt. It is so unimportant to them that it vanishes from their mind. But your right - if we dwell on things then it's just us we hurt. A few people in our circle got into that chain of thought and it split us. Now most have moved on and made up and are friends once more. But a few still harbor that pain and they won't let it go. It's sad to me that we do bad things to each other, but it is more sad when we can't move past it and just live free of that bad moment in time. A person will hurt us once and we will hurt ourselves many times holding on to the anger.

Defender Of Human Rights

Welcome to Canada, land of the free and defender of human rights all over the world. You can see how we stand for the rights of all people just by looking around. But wait, do not look at the First Nations peoples communities, for if you do you will see an atrocity in the making. Many of them have no or little education facilities. Many of them live in hosing that rivals the third world in lack of safety. Many of them do not have enough money to feed their children proper food. The gangs are out of control and taking the futures of youth away on mass. What does our great leader Stephen Harper do when he hears about this? He starts to condemn the same people that his government and many other governments before it have failed in so many ways. Yes I am a white person and can’t fully understand the problem as I am removed from it. But I have to speak up and be heard as we all have to be. This is important and there needs to be changes for the sake of a people who are becoming lost. Spea

Mom Update.

So have not done a blog in ages. I have done a tone of videos over on YouTube, but not a blog. So here it is. Well Mom is not in a care home here in town. She is settled in and as happy as she is going to be. She does not seem to want to get to know some of the others there or to go to the activities room. I wish she would go do things; she would have a much better time that way. They did crafts from what I saw yesterday – I could be wrong. I love crafts myself and I know she would enjoy herself if she just got over this need of hers to be alone. It started when Dad died 19 years ago and she never got over it. There are lots of nice people her age in my building and she used to live here as well. She never really got to be friends with any of them. She missed out. But she is well and I know for a fact she would have been in the hospital again or worse if she was not in the care home. She did not take care of her meds well when she was home. I tried to do it for her but she wo

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