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Health Issues AKA My Body Hates Me

So Fibromyalgia flair time. My head hurts like hell, my joints hurt, my muscles ache and my skin is super sensitive to the touch.
That last one does not happen for me that often, but here it is. As well my testicles are in pain. That one is common for men who have Fibromyalgia.
I think it was triggered by my exposure to the laundry soap I mentioned in my previous blog. It started about 30 minutes after I started washing out the clothing again to get the soup out of them all the way.
To top it off I'm having a lot of pain in my bowels right now - this is another thing that happens to me from time to time.
Then there is the kidney that had a cyst on it - yup it hurts. It's not a great day to be me.
The skin thing is like when you get smacked and there is that sting - like that. It's not the burning sensation that came with the soap. It's bad enough that having clothing on bothers it and it's painful. Unfortunately, I can't stand up all day - so it hurts a lot when I s…

Hypoallergenic Soup My Foot

So I get this hypoallergenic laundry soap from Amazon and do the wash. Well I am pulling it out to put in the dryer and it starts to burn my arms and hands. So much for hypoallergenic.
There where no bad reviews and no one saying they had a reaction but it was obvious that it's giving me one as it burned where I touched the clothing.
So I toss it in the washer again and give it 2 more goes with no soap at all. I figure this is fine and I bring it home.
Well today after my shower I put on clean clothing and do my daily Vlog. Well a but later my skin starts to burn where I have the clothing on. So I give it a sniff and still smell the soap. I had to go back down and give it 2 more washes to get the soap out.
This is just not good at all. Now I have maybe 1 more wash of the old soap left and I'll have to get more, but I don't have money for it. I'm almost $30 in the hole for next month as it is after I pay bills.
To top it off it may have triggered a fibromyalgia flair on me. …


I went to a school that was known in my city to be a bit rough. Not like anyone was getting stabbed or shot, but there where a lot of bullies in it. At the time they ignored the hell out of it and publicly said there was nothing going on. They just covered it up.
The best thing is, if you kicked the ass of the kick trying to pick on you, you got in trouble for it and not them. This happened time and time again to people I know.
There was this one fellow however who to this day claims he was picked on by literally everyone including the teachers. He spent his time not talking to interacting with anyone and no one paid any attention to him including the bullies, so I doubt his story.
However I know for a fact many people where picked on as I saw it happening. Friends of mine where bullied day after day.
To this day the school still has a reputation of bullies running free. To the public they claim zero tolerance but the reality is no one listens or does anything when a child reports an inci…


Well you have to be dumb as a potato to fall for this one. Honestly, I think Netflix Canada is going to know how to form a sentence for example. Not to mention that URL. Seriously look at it. Not too many companies spell "Support" with a zero, not to mention all them random numbers and letters. I'm kind of sure someone thought the text they got in the middle of the night was real and clicked it and filled in the blanks and gave them credit card information just to make sure they don't lost their Netflix - you know, instead of firing up the app and seeing if a movie starts to play to check if they are locked out. That being said, this is so obvious you don't need to check. Sigh.
I also got an email yesterday about a "logon attempt" for a site I am literally not a member of. Not to mention again, the URL is some random generated garbage ending with .cz.
Did actually get one recently that "someone logged in with your password" and a site I do belon…


I recently got a call to come into my doctors office. I was told that my PSA level (Prostate Specific Antigen) was very high. This can mean you have cancer. It most of the time is caused by something else however and you find out from tests give by a urologist.
I was referred to the urologist and it was marked urgent. I'm still waiting to hear from them for an appointment. I am worried about this for obvious reasons. It's something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible in the case that is is cancer so that you can be treated in time to save your life.
It's been a year since I had my last PSA test so GOD knows how long it's been high. This needs to be looked at soon as in now like. However if experience has told me one thing, people who are on assistance get sent to the back of the line when it comes to medical things in Saskatchewan. They will tell you otherwise, but others in my position have gotten the call the same week - not me.
This is not the first time at …


It's very interesting to me that some of the people I have seen scream and rant that their child is being picked on for the politics of the parents, are also putting out all kinds of crap on social media about a child they don't agree with. To say the least this is hypocrisy and aberrant behaviour.
I have seen a great deal of people now posting on social media with the greatest depths of hate and venom for a child who spoke out on climate change. These are people who have no vested interest in the great deal of wealth generated by a small amount of people who want oil to keep flowing and don't care about anyone but themselves. Instead these are average people who baffling enough to me, will defend the interests of the rich and powerful because they are programmed by social media to follow a political camp mindlessly.
 It is no less than the fall of human reason it's self. To think that there is an entire industry of people who want some how to destroy democracy by having…




So I got an email with a duplicate bill from Shaw the other day. I contacted them on Twitter and they told me it was because I paid "after" the due date. Well the due date has not arrived yet. You see you have to the end of the billing month to pay the dang thing before you get dinged for being late. Being I had paid in full on September 30th, this was kind of astonishing to me. I have been with Shaw for a very long time now and have always paid the bill at the end of the month and always get the bill on the 28th. Not once have I received a duplicate bill from the system.
I've talked to people who have been double billed by Shaw before and I find that interesting. I for a time did not have their service and ended it at the end of my contract term. Being that I had already paid for that months service before the cable was cut off on the last day, I was kind of astonished to get a bill for a months service. I had to go back and forth with them for almost an hour on the phon…


Now this anyone in Canada would be silly to pick up as they do not work for the Canadian version of Amazon, just the USA store. So unless you are sending it to a person in the USA it's pointless almost as a great deal of stuff will not ship to Canada. Then there is the fact you are paying $24.99 more than the face value - You can put money on your account on Amazon for nothing ($0) and put money on other peoples accounts if needed (A friend has his brother put money on his account). Then that shipping - wowsers.  This is a $25 gift card, so you are paying them $5.89 cents to not go to a store and get one. You can also put money on your account online and not even have a freaking card. So this is a complete rip off. I'm kind of wondering if this is not some kind of money laundering scheme (not my thought at first - thanks Chuck). There would be almost no profit in this and the buy in value is enormous. This was the worst of them in my mind. You pay $3.80 for a BLANK card with no…


Morning shower. I don't think I'll get more than 2 more showers out of my body wash, but there is another in my storage room.  Took a walk. This is me in the +3C weather just crossing over the 6 inch tall wall between the Moose Jaw Church of God and the Rexall parking lot. Behind me is the church and towering over it, my building, you can't see my window - it's too low to be seen over the roof of the church from this angle.  4th mug of coffee and the last of the pot. You see one of my beloved Pusheen stuffed toys - they are all over the apartment.  Stormy cat is reminding me it's her birthday this week - not to mention mine next month. The ghost in my apartment (kind of sure it's a nurse from back in the older days) plays only with Stormy cat. I'll often find her turned around facing the other way. In fact it rotated when I was on the computer the one time, but could not fire up the phone in time. This was the only time I saw it happen. Almost every day she i…

Conversation With Booze LOL

Just because of the "conversation with booze" LOL. It amuses me every time. Yes I'm going to drink too much tonight and sit in the dark naked and drunk and listen to music on YouTube Music. It's my all time favourite streaming service for music and I've tried them all. I hope you are having an awesome day - peace.

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