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Just saying...

Why do I have so many head aches? Ya know the doctors here say it's nothing. The also told Mom it was nothing so many times and it was something very bad. They kept telling my friends dad it's nothing, he now has had a pacemaker put in. So how long till "nothing" kills me? Other thing is, I went to coffee last night and got the hell bit out of me. I have these 3 very large bug bites on my lower back - just where my undies sit at the top of them. They burn like hell and itch like mad. They are also the size of a robins egg. Dang I hope no critters came home with me from there. I don't need that stuff in my life right now.

Crescent Park Moose Jaw


4 unrelated things

Don't ya just love when someone you just know is a hater subscribes to you? Yep key one is when all their activity is in the last 3 months or less and they signed up 4 years ago. Key two is the name sounds just like something the mind of a 9 year old would come up with. Sign three all the channels they pimp on their front page are just like theirs. My friend was devastated when he learned his parents where Santa. It literally messed him up for life. But this I am sure is not a normal reaction. So I am taking photos out the window. Car comes flying past, must be going 80mph at least. The police station is right down the block! Shows how much people think about the cops in this city. Best thing is, if one lights him up they will get pissy about it. The world is a song we sing together.

Sasktel service gone wrong.

So here I sit waiting for Sasktel tech to come back and finish the job he should have done hours ago. He left me with no HD when it was his tack to give me HD. I phoned and the woman checked the box and the programming is correct. She told me she was sending the guy back to fix it. 5 hours later I am still sitting here waiting for him to call me! This is such poor service. I sure hope I won’t be paying for a service I am not getting. Why the hell is it every time I need a service tech from them it gets messed over? The situation finally resolved by another call and someone who knew what to do. Making me wonder why the first person could not have this done. As well if it was a sometime today job to send the programming (after I was told it's in place) then why tell me it's going to happen at noon? Sigh...