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Fuel bins that hit the bridge at the trans Canada highway and Main Street North on June 28, 2013. The bins are a right off but the trailer can be fixed I think. Frame is OK so the deck can be rebuilt. Hit the overhanging signs before the bridge. It seems the east bound lane is the one that gets hit most of the time and not the west bound one. There must be a height difference.

A Boost To Spark A Memory

So there was this add for "Boost" and it sparked the memory of Mom spilling hers at the dinner table in the care home. It cut threw me like a knife. The pain just as bad as the first day. It does not seem to get better. When my brother is gone there will be no one left. The rest of the people I am related to I don't care for and they don't give a shit that I even exist. Not one of them has called or sent a card since Mom died. In fact out of all of them only 2 sent a card after her death. They know my number, they know where I live. Some are in town even. Yet people I have never met care more about me than they ever did or will. Makes me wonder how they sleep at night. I hope they enjoy all the money they have and I hope they enjoy looking down at people like me. As for me, I can only pity them. They don't know what wonders this world holds. The best things are free and they ignore them; they always have.

Top Dog

Got this at "Top Dog" at the corner of Main and Fairford St. Just on the corner of the city hall here in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. It was $5 for a smokie and down right good. I put Thai hot sauce and peppers on it as well as a bit of cheese. They also sell chips, popcorn and drinks. They are open in the summer months and set up about 10:30am or so. Well worth the stop in for a munch while walking the historic streets of Moose Jaw.

35 Tiles To Use

This work by David S. Nicholson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License .

Now they gots to be anil probate'n us...

OK out to Wally World and guess what it's piddling on us again... Oh wait I mean still - Day 4 of drizzle with a smattering of torrential downpours. So anyways... We gets there and have to drive around the carts. Seems someone had way too much time. All the other cart corrals are empty, laving this one willed to overflowing. Ah the endless energy of youth. At least I hope that is what it is. Otherwise it's them UFO people come'n to mess wit us again. We don't want no more anil probates... It's not enough they engenered us from them their monkey folk. Now they gots to be anil probate'n us... OH GOD! Not again! I just channeled an internet whack job again!

What is going on here?

OK above is a scan (redacted) of the notice I was given of the rent increase. It will be in effect as of August 1, 2013 as stated above. So until then the rent is still at the current rate of $575. You will notice that in 2 places it states this. One in the proper spot and again in the owners writing (Lease is up July 31, 2013 he put down). The form is dated May 24, 2013 so two months notice and a little bit more. But it clearly states that it ends on July 31, 2013. As we are all under a lease it is legal to give 2 months notice and this is Form 15 as it should be for this instance. So I hand in my rent cheque for $575. This was on the 1st. Today the 3rd the manager comes up with this piece of paper with all our rents on it. It has been changed by hand to $650 for this month. I have to call bullshit on this. This is a legal contract people. So is the one I signed last year that is not up until July 31, 2013. So For this month (June 2013) and next month (July 2013) I am obligated to p